Yet more evil Whites and yet one more decent Negro in "Slabtown", the latest episode (Season 5, Episode 4) of The Walking Dead.

So after the zombipocalypse so far in Georgia, there have been multiple negro heroes, and not a single negro villain.

Every villain has been white. A few negro supporting characters have been henchmen to evil Whites, "just following orders" (from Whitey), and trying to survive.

Negress Michonne showed up with two armless and jawless negro walkers, and there's some back-story about how they had done something to hurt her. Anyway, as far as I am aware we still don't know what they did that was wrong/bad. I suspect they ate her child. Whatever they did, the victims of their nigger crime(s) were Negroes.

So, bottom line: there have been multiple negro heroes and zero negro villains.


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Blade of Heroine

Re: Blade of Heroine

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Worth noting that there are very few black zombies. The average group of zombies depicted always trends heavily white, much more so that the central group of surviving human characters.

I watched the cannibal episode and amongst that entire group there seemed to be only one black. Just an extra, didnt say a word or take part in any real action.



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