I can't stand Rush, but Alex Lifeson (guitarist) gave the best acceptance speech ever at The Kike's "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". Keep in mind that the big Kike at the Hall of Shame is Kike Jann Wenner, who's also the big Kike at Rolling Stone, which constantly trashed Rush -- one of the few times they were right, but still, if I were him I'd tell "The Hall" to fuck off. I guess he showed up for the sake of his bandmates, but wouldn't lower himself to thanking the assembled Muzik Biz parasites.

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  • i love how the speech takes a deadly serious and heartfelt tone when he points to the fans places his hands to his heart and says....
  • This is exactly how I feel about the Rock and Roll HOF. It's a joke.
  • I will translate for you all: We are musicians. We don't give a fuck about this petty shit.
  • He was actually having a stroke and was asking for help
  • Alex lifeson is the rock'n'roll spirit in Rush, and this is easily THE BEST ACCEPTANCE speech ever...period
  • Fuck the RRHOF and the Grammys as well. Alex Lifeson's speech was brilliant, from the rejection to "the call" to the thanking of the fans. It is brilliant on many levels, aside from being an underhanded "F You" to the powers that be.
  • oh Neil,... and then Geddy.... holding up the trophy and acting like you're gonna hit Alex with it. 
  • Hands down (The Best) acceptance speech in the history of acceptance speeches.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Alex was being a wee bit disrespectful? It seems to me that being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be a pretty high honor and maybe you should have shown a little bit more humility and gratitude.
  • I agree with everything he said.
  • I couldn't have said it better myself!
  • HAHAHAHAHA! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame represents the opinions of ONE RICH GUY no more, no less.

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