Good memory for a 68-year-old guy. (Now 71, and still touring.) Interesting how he knew, at age 18, not to sign his life over to The Kike, no matter how desperate they were for fame. After the band's experience touring in the US under the control of The Kike Cantor, and having been hit up for payola by The Kike Solomon in London, they learned very quickly what The Biz was all about.

I would love to hear the non-censored version of his life. Not "uncensored" as in, all about sex and drugs. I mean I'd love know how the band members actually spoke, what they said. For example, in the scene when they had almost just got kiked/enslaved in London, was it, "Come on, man, no way we went through all this hard work just to sign our lives over to some hook-nosed Hebe shyster gangster, just because we're broke, and hungry, and homeless!" ?

Just kidding. I can't imagine him talking like that. He has nice things to say about the Kikes he inevitable ended up working with in Toronto, Jew York, LA.

Actually, he does mention a hook-nosed Hebe here (2014), but says how beautiful her nose is...oh well:

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