Brian May's mission: to "counteract traditional sexual mores in certain aparts of the world"

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Never heard of him

I never heard of his dude, but checked he had two records, one was 159 in Billboard and the other failed to chart, but seems to have been talented, and so must have died penniless of the AIDS because of homophobia

Van Hopeless Induction @ Hall of Kike

What a sick KIKE joke this is: Ted Templemen, Mo Ostin, Warner Bros, Paul Schaeffer, R'n'R Hall of Shame, & the pathetic, rich, elite audience representing kike business interests; gathered to honor dumb, boring ugly-sounding band of prima donna hacks:


"Slash watching YouTube Videos about Axl Rose and his famous Band called Guns N' Roses"

"Rock Biz" : Random Kike-Spotting

More from The Crypt:

"Tabitha Soren (born Tabitha Lee Sornberger; August 19, 1967), married name Tabitha Soren Lewis, is a photographer and former reporter for MTV News. She is perhaps best known as the public face for MTV's "Choose or Lose" campaign designed to inspire young people to vote. As a 19-year-old college student at New York University, she appeared in a 1987 video for "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)" by the Beastie Boys. At the age of 23, Soren was the face of MTV's Choose or Lose campaign, which focused on encouraging young adults to vote. Soren is mentioned in the 1998 film American History X."

"[Husband] Michael Lewis was born in New Orleans, to corporate lawyer J. Thomas Lewis and community activist Diana Monroe Lewis. He attended the college preparatory Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. He then attended Princeton University where he received a BA degree (cum laude) in Art History in 1982 and was a member of the Ivy Club. He went on to work with New York art dealer Daniel Wildenstein. He enrolled in the London School of Economics, and received his MA degree in Economics in 1985. Lewis was hired by Salomon Brothers and moved to New York for their training program. He worked at their London office as a bond salesman. He resigned to write Liar's Poker and become a financial journalist."

Kike Geffen & G'n'R

Clear the cobwebs, Volks, we are back in The Rock Crypt:

"Alan Niven Takes Us Into the Guns N' Roses Geffen Records Contract Renegotiation: Episode 44, March 11, 2013, of the Dropping The Needle podcast. In this episode Michael Brandvold and Mitch Lafon return to speak with former Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven. Alan takes us inside the contract renegotiation with Geffen Records and so much more."

Brian May, but Freddie definitely would.

to "counteract traditional sexual mores in certain aparts of the world"

and save badgers. Dont forget the badgers.

With AIDS.

Ontario Liberals to introduce updated version of sex education curriculum pulled in 2010 over religious objections

TORONTO — The Liberal government will reintroduce an updated version of the sex education curriculum for Ontario schools that it withdrew in 2010 because of objections from religious leaders, Education Minister Liz Sandals said Thursday.

An “age-appropriate” health and physical education curriculum will be ready for the start of classes next fall, based in part on consultations carried out after the past one was withdrawn, Ms. Sandals said.

“In our increasingly interconnected world, students often get information from unreliable and inaccurate sources,” she said. “That is why an up-to-date, relevant and appropriate health and physical education curriculum is needed now more than ever, and is why we are committed to having one in place for the 2015 school year.”

The reintroduced sex ed curriculum will teach children about homosexuality and same-sex marriages in Grade 3, encourage discussions about puberty, including masturbation, in Grade 6, and talk about preventing sexually transmitted diseases in Grade 7, which could include information about oral and anal sex.

to "counteract traditional sexual mores in certain aparts of the world"

Coon-mutiny Channel, 9.10 pm:

"Secrets of Sex: Roma Boys":

Gypsy,Roma, Traveller season: A film exploring the rtaboo subject of homosexuality within the Roma coonmutiny through the personal story of a Roma activist '

followed by

'Secrets of Sex: Global Gay'

'A contemporary and pan-continental saga, chronicling the battle for the decriminalisation of homosexuality worldwide through the lives and work of some of its fearless pioneers '

Re: Brian May, but Freddie definitely would.

"to 'counteract traditional sexual mores in certain aparts of the world' and save badgers. Dont forget the badgers." -- Both part of the same campaign.



27:08 - 29:22

"National Geographic | Freddie Mercury - Documentaries - History channel"

(Then: "Nobody remembers Adam Ant...")


I KNEW there was a reason only half of Queen's records sales were in the USA!

Certified Album Sales:

USA: 49,700,000
UK : 23,300,000
GER: 11,500,000
FRA: 05,500,000
JPN: 02,800,000
AUS: 02,000,000
CAN: 01.900,000
SPA: 01,700,000
SWI: 01,300,000
ARG: 01,100,000
BRA: 01,000,000
AUT: 00,900,000
POL: 00,750,000
FIN: 00,400,000
SWE: 00,200,000
NZ : 00.200,000
ITA: 00,100,000
BEL: 00.100,000


In that video they have a photo of "9-year old Freddy" wearing a Queen tour t-shirt. Spooky...


Re: Re: Re: Kike Geffen & G'n'R

Right after that part about kike Goldstein there's a funny bit about the photo-chakra analysis, and the witch doctor business, and the $75.000 exorcism, with the Maynards (?), who Nevin implies could have been hired by Goldstein to scam Axel Rose, and to set him up to make him psychologically weak and easier to manipulate:

After that they mention Paul Stanley's psychologist, and the pattern of similar scams.

Of course Brian Wilson is the worst example I know of of a musician getting scammed by a kike witch doctor.

Nevin: "Use Your Illusion was Axel wanting to have his Physical Graffiti before Led Zeppelin had their double album in their career."

Good quote:

"He who does not know himself will be defined by his fame."

Sociopathic Puppy

Niven describes this guy as "a clinical sociopath":

Great White's Jack Russell Is a Hair-Metal Survivor

Despite an ungodly-long list of problems

By Jason Roche Thursday, Jun 5 2014

In the late 1980s, Great White were all over the radio and MTV, led by charismatic frontman Jack Russell. Spurred by hits such as "Rock Me" and "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," they toured alongside giants including Bon Jovi.
While Russell had long battled addiction, the Rhode Island tragedy certainly didn’t help him.

Nowadays, however, the band is torn apart and Russell lives on a houseboat in Redondo Beach. Meeting a reporter at the entrance gate to the marina, the 53-year-old singer wears a Bret Michaels–style bandana but looks like a war veteran fallen on hard times — hobbled by various leg and back maladies, hunched over and using a cane for support. Post-surgery, his left leg is now 2½ inches shorter than his right.

In conversation, however, he still has a spark, telling stories about catching red snappers and mako sharks. "I've lived on boats for years, on and off," Russell says, noting how much he enjoys "looking out at Catalina on one end and seeing snow in the mountains the other way."

He shares the modest-sized, well-maintained boat with his wife, Heather Russell. A brunette who just turned 40, she's a longtime fan of Great White; they met on a Colorado tour stop six years ago. Working as a nurse, she's been a great help to him in his physical struggles.

But unfortunately that's not all Russell has had to cope with. Great White didn't need to become an aging rock band cliché; unlike a lot of the other so-called hair-metal bands of their era, they could actually play. But as grunge took hold in the '90s and the band members' drug and alcohol excess took their toll, the act suffered a long decline.

A pyrotechnics accident at a 2003 Rhode Island show killed 100 people — including one of the group's guitarists, Ty Longley. Great White's tour manager, Daniel Biechele, pled guilty to 100 counts of involuntary manslaughter and served two years in a Rhode Island prison before being paroled. Lawsuit settlements totaling $176 million were paid out to survivors and victims' families by the manufacturer of the soundproofing foam, which ignited rapidly during the blaze, as well as by radio stations and alcohol brands that sponsored the venue.

While Russell had battled addiction throughout his adult life, the tragedy didn't help him. "After [the accident], I was really down, was taking anything I could take," he told the Boston Globe last year.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2010, when Russell suffered a perforated bowel, which required him to wear a colostomy bag for nine months. Six months earlier, he had shattered his pelvis after a live performance fall. His alcohol and painkiller addictions didn't help, but Russell largely blames these injuries on a drug he was prescribed.

"I would have a bad night on tour, and the next day I would get a steroid shot — Prednisone," Russell says. "Pretty soon I thought I couldn't sing without it. Little did I know that it was destroying my bones and tissue, and making my skin thin and prone to hemorrhage."

That same summer, the other members of Great White decided the group would tour without Russell, giving him time to address his issues. Warrant singer Jani Lane filled in for a few shows — Lane's death from alcohol poisoning in 2011 was unrelated — before the band tapped Terry Ilous, formerly of '80s L.A. hard rockers XYZ.

Unfortunately, time apart would not solve Great White's problems, and in 2012 Russell sued their founding guitarist Mark Kendall, guitarist and keyboardist Michael Lardie and drummer Audie Desbrow. The act now has been split into two versions, each trying to regain its footing for one last attempt at rock glory.

Russell and Kendall first started playing together in Los Angeles in 1978. Russell quickly landed in prison, however, after he and some friends attempted to rob a Whittier drug dealer's home to steal cocaine. Russell was high on PCP at the time, he says; he shot through a door and accidentally hit a live-in maid. She survived, and Russell served 11 months in prison. Kendall took him back when he got out.

As Great White, they released their self-titled debut in 1984; quick-paced, in the metal vein of Judas Priest, it wasn't successful, but their 1987 album, Once Bitten, went platinum on the strength of "Rock Me." Their 1989 double-platinum follow-up, Twice Shy, featured the group's biggest hit, a cover of Ian Hunter's "Once Bitten, Twice Shy." Though they now were playing blues rock, their sartorial style and tresses got them lumped in with the exploding hair-rock genre. Though they managed one more gold album — 1991's Hooked — their fortunes soon declined.

Recently, Kendall reminisced over a chili dog at West Hollywood diner Barney's Beanery, the same spot where, in 1984, Great White manager Alan Niven told the band that EMI had offered them a record deal. Niven no longer manages them but Barney's is still a nostalgic spot for Kendall, who is aging gracefully, with a shaved head and white patch of hair on his chin.

Talk of Russell's struggles brings on a somber mood, however. Kendall is not angry but speaks of his former bandmate like a family member gone astray. Kendall says that by hiring a replacement singer, he hoped Russell would both recover from his physical problems and address the deeper issues of his addictions. "I was thinking it could give him the chance to quit everything and get well."

But Russell's recovery took longer than hoped, and the group began to gel with Ilous.

Being edged out hurt Russell, of course, but he says not hearing from his former bandmates after pelvic surgery three years ago stung the most. "All they had to do was pick up the phone and say, 'Hey Jack, we are so mad at you for screwing up. We don't trust you and don't want to play with you anymore. But are you OK?' " Russell says.

The perceived slight helped fuel Russell's decision to sue for control of the band name in March 2012. In turn, the band countersued him, claiming Russell's self-destructive behavior was damaging the Great White name. (They also alleged he was charging promoters less for his own touring version of Great White.) The parties settled in July 2013 without going to trial; Russell would perform with a new lineup as "Jack Russell's Great White," while the others would continue as Great White.

Russell is at peace with the decision. "I see no problem with [Kendall] using the name and making a living off of it," he says. And despite his ailments, Russell's group began touring immediately, featuring a mostly new lineup that also returns '80s-era Great White member Tony Montana to the fold. A January show at Whisky a Go Go drew a few hundred people; although Russell seemed hobbled and his vocals were rough, his obvious enthusiasm lifted the show.

The Ilous-led Great White, meanwhile, released a new album, Elation, in 2012, and recently headlined the Rainbow Bar & Grill's 42nd-anniversary party. Ilous' workmanlike performance nearly matched those of Russell's glory days, though he lacked flair.

Despite the conflict, Kendall says he would potentially perform with Russell again. "If he stripped everything that was bad for him and just replaced it with nothing but good, he could totally come back," Kendall says. "Even if it was just at 80 percent. We have too much history to just throw it all away."

Russell claims he hasn't had a drink since Jani Lane's death. "My wife woke me up," Russell says. "She said, 'Your friend Jani Lane just died of alcohol poisoning. You might want to think about quitting drinking.' "

But that doesn't mean he's ready to go back to the old Great White. "It's nothing against them," Russell says. "I just love the people I'm playing with now."

Re: Kike Geffen & G'n'R

"Paradise City" video cost a quarter of a million dollars !?

"November Rain" video cost one and a quarter million !?

Re: Kike Geffen & G'n'R

"[Kike] David [Geffen] terrified most people."

Nevin says how Goldstein said that Geffen would give a car as a gift to boys he had finished buggering, and then had the cars burned down a week later as a warning to keep their mouth shut about him being a faggot.

Re: Kike Geffen & G'n'R

"Alan Niven Takes Us Into the Guns N' Roses Geffen Records Contract Renegotiation"

Okay, that's mostly very boring stuff (as I guess you know), with all that stupid G'n'R infighting.

But the way he describes how The Kike Biz works is good, even if he doesn't Name The Kike.

This is a good part, about dealing with the "imperious" Kike Geffen:

Kike Doug Goldstein was only about making shekels:

The Message

I said, "If I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on, as if nothing really mattered." I didn't say, "Have crappy homo 'tribute' concerts for me!"



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