I just used my Remote Brain Scanner to find out what Obongo daydreams about when his Kike handlers tell him he has to "deal with that terrorist, Putin!" The results are shocking....

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Brand vs Faggot Paxman replacement

A while ago I said Brand is one to watch.

He makes mincemeat out of faggot Evan Davies, who barely gets a word in. This is KIKE Ian Katz's "Newsnight".

The establishment media slagged off Brand as a naive idiot for this appearance.

I think he did rather well,and I cant be arsed to write several lines of disclaimers about how he is going out with a Rothschild kike, etc:

'I don't trust politicians & corporations in this country' Russell Brand - Newsnight


Yo Im Effnik,yo, Yiddy Cent

Dont these kikes just love to prove how “down wit de homies” they are?

Here’s the bad actor from ‘Happy Rotter’ rappin’ an shee:

Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics”



As you well know, UK TV is full of kikes on kike written and produced “comedy panel shows” where lib/left marxist wankers get to bask in a warm glow of consensus thinking and basically :

* Bash UKIP and Farage.

* Mock anyone that says mass nigger and paki third-world immigration is in any way detrimental/negative.

* Make juvenile jokes about wanking or porn.

* Use swear words as if it is somehow edgy in 2014

There's an Anglo/Irish comic called Andrew Lawrence who recently committed “Wrongthink”: He told the truth. There are quotas being filled at the behest of KIKE BBC controller Danny Cohen to ensure there are fewer White Heterosexual Males on these shows, even if the boxtickers just sit there being unfunny.

There also is a glut of “effnik” ‘comedians’ who talk about nothing but “race” and “waycissum”.

Its fucking boring and tragic.

A paki called Paul Choudry opens every show with, “Whats happening, White people”, which is also the title of his DVD and tour.

He is , of course, a cnut. An unfunny cnut.

This is very interesting:

Here are a few clarifications of what I meant in my October 25th post- ‘Can’t help but notice increasingly…’.

-A post which has attracted a level of attention I neither wanted, nor courted.

Firstly, here is what I intended by the term ‘ethnic comedian':

A comedian from a minority background who uses their own ethnicity as a foundation for the whole of their act, rather than looking at wider aspects of society and exploring outside of their own personal experience.

Now, here is what I intended by the term

Director of BBC television Danny Cohen’s aggressive diversity politics are well documented.

Quotas have been introduced, whereby every panel show must book a certain number of female and ethnic comedians, regardless of ability or merit.

Objectively then, there are comedians on panel shows who are there first and foremost because of their gender or ethnicity.

Some of these comedians are very good.

Because there is currently not a sufficiently large enough pool of female comedians with the requisite experience and ability to fill the quota, there are females who’ve been booked for these shows who are either poor comedians, not comedians at all, or aspiring female comedians that are still learning their craft, but have not yet reached a decent professional standard.

These females I have described as ‘women-posing-as-comedians’.

The upshot of all that is that there are still many women coming across incredibly badly on panel shows, which is helping to perpetuate the myth that women aren’t funny.

The hope is that women currently on panel shows, will further legitimise stand-up comedy as a career for women and encourage other women to take up comedy. Which is an admirable aim.

Unfortunately for every female who gets on a panel show, there are very many male comedians with more ability and experience who are not and will never get the opportunity to be on one. I think that’s a great shame for TV audiences.

There are also male comedians who’ve been doing these shows for far too many years and have become incredibly stale, too lazy to move on to other things.


He is now, of course, The Latest Hitler.

I used to like Frankie Boyle. But he’s such a lefty cnut, he’s pathetic. Just another Government Approved comic: make jokes about raping children, cool. But NEVER be wayciss….how edgy..:

Frankie Boyle Calls Nigel Farage A C*** Over Andrew Lawrence Article

The worlds of comedy, politics and profanity collided in spectacular fashion on Tuesday after Frankie Boyle branded Nigel Farage a c*** on Twitter.

It all began when the Ukip leader highlighted an article by Andrew Lawrence in which the comedian condemned the “biased BBC” and the comedy shows it produces.

In particular he criticised ‘Mock the Week’ for its “aging, balding, fat men, ethnic comedians and women-posing-as-comedians, sit congratulating themselves on how enlightened they are about the fact that UKIP are ridiculous and pathetic”.


Vis charming man

Here he charms the knickers off all but the black man with the dreadlocks:

Russell Brand Interview On The View 2014


guilty pleasures

Yours might be X-Factor..mine is UK Battle Rap!


Please dont tell anyone

Remember remember the 1st of November.

Britain is dead

It's over they've won.

After November 1st, even if there is a referendum on EU membership and Brits vote to leave, the other member states will have to vote to approve it.

White British are minority in London and will be a minority in Britain as a whole by 2050.

White European birth-rates are around 1.6 less the 2.4 needed to sustain population.

Africa will grow to 4billion by 2100.

EU and AU you ain't seen nothing yet.

Mass rape of White children in Rotherham under Labour and all across Britain and the dopes still vote Labour PCC.

Labour Rotherham council paid off Joyce Thacker £40,000. The woman who took foster children from UKIP members but helped cover up child rape by muslims.

It's dead the jews have won.

King Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain who drove the moors out would now be in prison as hateful racists, in fact they would have been killed like Germans in Nuremberg for kicking the jews out of Spain today.

King Edward Longshanks would be in prison or killed today.

Jesus was crucified by the same people.

John Mann MP, APPGAA chair, has secured an adjournment debate in Commons for Tuesday on the anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter of Luciana Berger

They're going to stifle all debate and Imprison those who do.

The zombies of Britain who vote for child abusing political parties, the zombies who get more upset about Mike Reads songs then Fiona Wolffs connections to Leon Brittan, will love to see all free speech on the internet killed.


Re: The Jews Have Won

Yes they have. But what have they won?

A pig in a poke.

England is a horrible place. I was listening to the radio the other day, some NIGGER "asylum seeker" who "fled" here from..from..I dunno, other NIGGERS? is taking Westminster Council to the Supreme Court cos she insists that she has a fucking right to have a free 4 bedroom flat in WESTMINSTER, where no working Brit could afford to live...and the majority of the White English CUNTS were phoning in to defend her..,.here's where I stop typing and just bash the keyboard in an impotent simian rage.....

it really is all going to kick off...



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