アヴリル・ラヴィーン 「ハローキティ」

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Avril Lavigne has always been a big star in Japan. Her Japanese CD's have always had exclusive special bonus tracks. Her last album only sold 650,000 copies, but 120,000 of them were sold in Japan. So she made "Hello Kitty" to show her appreciation for her Japanese fans.

For months I've been hearing about how "RACIST" the song and video are, and how awful the song is. I finally succumbed, and watched it, expecting it to be suicide-inducing bad.

As I expected, it isn't in the least bit racist. On the contrary, it's obviously a sincere celebration of certain aspects of Japanese pop culture.

It's not a bad song. I mean it's annoying trash that would be useful as the background music to a torure session, but it's not as crappy as the average hit pop/rock song these days.

I expected it to be a really bad attempt at J-Pop, but she really caught the spirit of J-Pop without descending into parody, while maintaining her own character. It's a lot cleaner and direct than most J-Pop, which is becoming increasingly cluttered aestethically -- no doubt to disguise the decreasing talent levels as the market becomes increasingly over-saturated.

Regarding the whole wayssizzm factor: It's really amazing what passes as "offensive"/"scandalous" in today's kike-media. Lavigne is, of course, demented, obviously, having married Nickelback "singer" Chad Kroeger. What a joke that was -- she rocks harder than he does, sounds better, sings better. As bad as she has become, she could never be as bad as Nickelback, who are prime contenders for the "Most Boring Band EVER" award. The guy's a moron anyway. most Canadian chicks are bitches, so who in their right mind would think that an immature, arrogant, mega-rich Candain chick would make a good wife? Anyway, they're getting a divorce, but who would want Chad Bloody Kroeger's sloppy seconds. The thought of t is more disgusting than watching Garret chewing on Bob's leg-meat. Oh, the poor multimillionaire chick! Is she destined to be alone and immature?

Between the annoying single "Sk8er Boi" and the kike dreck of "Girlfriend" (co-written with "Dr Luke" (Kike Lukasz Gottwald )), Lavigne wrote and made some good pop songs, and showed promise of becoming a very good songwriter, especially when working with Chantal Kreviazuk -- the two of them lack qualities that the other had, and so complemented each other very well. Since then she's just descended into self-parody and corruption. But "Hello Kitty" is a great comeback, in a way. Clearly she suffers from some sort of arrested development, but don't we all, these days?

Avril reminds me a lot of Adolf Hitler, in her commitment to having just the right image and costumes for her mission.

(I note that her album "The Best Damn Thing' has sold 6,000,000 copies -- 6,000,000...best damn thing? A profound cohencidence...)

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The best line:

"Let's all slumber party, like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties -- someone chuck a cupcake at me!"

The best audio touch is the ending, which is the sound of a Japanese railroad-crossing -- a ubiquitous sounds in urban Japan.

"Influential" Kike Twits

BuzzFeed editor Kike Rachel Zarrell @rachelzarrell: "Oh Avril, this is literally the worst music I have ever heard. And then you had to go and make it kinda racist. Why. UPDATE: Avril claims the video wasn't racist because she's been to Japan before. "

Podcaster Kike Desus Nice @desusnice: "Not sure if this Avril Lavigne video is terrible, racist, or terribly racist."

From Kikepedia:

"Hello Kitty" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne.

Musically, "Hello Kitty" is a technopop song, featuring a dubstep-influenced drop. The song was influenced by her obsession with all things related to the Japanese brand Hello Kitty, and has slight sexual content. It was released as a single on 23 May 2014, only in Japan, by Epic Records.

The song received negative reviews from music critics, who criticized its sound and called it immature, while a few named it unique and playful. Lavigne shot a music video for the track in Japan and was released on 21 April 2014. It was met with negative reviews by critics, with Billboard labeling it "abhorrent" and "lazy". The video's depiction of Japanese culture was accused of being racist, however Lavigne denied these allegations.

In 2011, Lavigne explained, "I already have a song that I know is going to be a single, I just need to re-record it!." In an interview, Lavigne said about her collaboration with Kroeger: "I have a song called [Hello Kitty], which I wrote about [Hello Kitty] because I'm obsessed, and it's a really fun thing that I've never done before. It kind of has a kind of glitchy, electronic feel to it and it's... the only one on the record that sounds like that. It's really different and a lot of my friends I've played it for really like it. I'm having a lot of fun with that one."

Lavigne described the lyrics while talking to Digital Spy, "'Hello Kitty' was such an interesting topic and subject [...] It was really exciting for me. I didn't want it to sound like anything I'd done before. I wanted it to sound over the top so I ended up hiring a new producer to help me with it." The opening line of the song "Min'na saikō arigatō, K-k-k-kawaii, k-k-k-kawaii" is a reference to the Japanese Kawaii culture. "Kawai" is Japanese for "cute", and the word is popularly used to describe endearing physical characterizations in Manga and Japanese video games.

She was asked about the double meaning of the song, on account of the interchangeability of the sexual euphemisms 'kitty' and 'pussy', to which she responded, "Obviously it's flirtatious and somewhat sexual, but it's genuinely about my love for Hello Kitty as well." Additionally, she said at MuchMusic Awards, "It's really fun [and] it's about a slumber party and loving the kitty."

After initially receiving polarized reviews prior to its release, the song received negative reviews from music critics.

While labeling it "weird", Nick Catucci from Entertainment Weekly called it "a dubstep track that seems to acknowledge its own tokenism by adopting a 'J-Pop American Funtime Now!' sheen." Despite praising her "techno-pop" influence, [Kike] Jason Lipshutz of Billboard felt that "it's a bold stab at a genre outside of Lavigne's oeuvre, but it never comes together. By the 20th time 'Hello Kitty, you're so pretty' is declared, the listener's attention is already on the next track." [It's Bubblegum Pop, you stupid, pretentious Kike!]

[Kike] Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic wrote that the song "bypasses bubblegum so it can settle into the embarrassing".

Robert Corpsey from Digital Spy was favorable, writing that "the juddering electro-pop beats of 'Hello Kitty' serve as an ode to her you-know-what as well as her sizeable Japanese fanbase. As a curveball, it works brilliantly; but as an attempt to make her sound current in today's EDM-pop dominated charts, it falls considerably short."

[Kike] Bradley Stern of MuuMuse named it "an off-the-walls EDM-infused stomper, where Lavigne conjures Gwen Stefani's bouncy, Japanese-minded Love. Angel. Music. Baby." [Stefani's prawdakt was garbage, pastiche, insincere, a cash-grab, timed to promote her clothes and shoes lines. It's a stupid insult to one's intelligence to compare  "Hello Kitty" to "Harajuku Girls".]

A reviewer from Sputnikmusic remarked that "Hello Kitty" is "laughably bad" and "insipid", and criticized Lavigne's attempt at trying to draw in a younger crowd. [Right, 'cause pop stars never want to attract young fans...]


The music video for "Hello Kitty" was filmed in Tokyo, Japan, and premiered on Lavigne's official website on 21 April 2014. It was removed from her YouTube channel, amid criticism that it was culturally insensitive and lacked energy. It was reuploaded to her official Vevo and YouTube channels on April 23.


The majority of the "Hello Kitty" music video finds Avril Lavigne parading around with four identical Japanese women behind her, performing dance moves, in locales like a bedroom, a candy store and a street. The video also shows Lavigne playing guitar, wearing glasses, eating sushi, waving at admirers and fans and taking a single photograph, wearing gloves that are paired with pastel hair extensions and a pink tutu covered in three-dimensional cupcakes.

Reception and criticism

The video was heavily derided by critics.

[Kike] Jason Lipshutz of Billboard panned it as "even more abhorrent than the song." He pointed out that the "Hello Kitty" video "tries to do nothing. Its laziness is demonstrated in the first 21 seconds, during which Lavigne holds a plush stack of cupcakes, shakes her hips, stares at the cupcakes, bounces her shoulders, and then, when she sings the line 'Someone chuck a cupcake at me'... tosses the fake cupcakes at the camera, her lip movement not matching up to the backing track whatsoever." [WOW! No way!? So it's not Citizen Kane II ?]

Alexa Camp of Slant Magazine called it "truly eyebrow-raising, taking cultural mis-appropriation to cringe-inducing levels." [Hey, isn't "Slant" a racist name for a magazine?]

The Independent suggested that "'Hello Kitty' will make your eyes and ears bleed", while Jezebel wrote: "It looks like what would happen if someone scraped off the diseased underbelly of American pop culture from 2004-2010 and sprinkled it generously over a festering pile of garbage." [So Japanese pop culture is a festering pile of garbage?]

Its depiction of Japanese culture was met with widespread criticism, which has included suggestions of racism, with Lavigne stating: "I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video...specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan." [A mistake. She shouldn't have even responded to such stupid criticism. The "offended" parties don't care about facts. Everything she said was just used to criticize her further. -- "Oh yeah, Avril, so some of your best friends are Japanese? Racists always say that! And your paid staff supported you? They were exploited by you! and we can be sure they only expressed their hurt and digust at your racism behind your back, out of fear of getting fired! Your White Privilege blinds you to how offensive even your self-justifications are! Oy vey! Yadda yadda yadda..."]

Nobuyuki Hayashi, also a well-known Tokyo-based tech and social media expert, commented that most of the reactions on Twitter were favorable, adding that people who blamed Lavigne for racism are non-Japanese, but society from Japan did not take it seriously.

Avril Lavigne camo

"No one could lick his own balls quite like he could."




BARKS Japan Music Network, 2014-04-22




「「ハローキティ」のビデオはずっと日本で撮影したいと思っていたの!今回ようやくその夢が叶ったわ!日本に行くたび、ファンからハローキティのプレゼントをもらって、それでハローキティが大好きになって、この「Hello Kitty」っていう曲を作ったの。曲の中では覚えた日本語もちょっと使って歌っているのよ、ミンナサイコー!アリガトー!カワイイ!って」──アヴリル・ラヴィーン


写真:Yoshika Horita



GQ JAPAN | Text: Masako Iwasaki

アヴリル・ラヴィーンが4月23日にリリースした新曲「Hello Kitty」と、そのミュージックビデオが物議を醸している。



撮影はカラフルなキャンディショップや原宿の遊歩道などで行われ、日本のポップカルチャーを体現する狙いがあったようだ。しかし、その派手すぎる表現方法や、寿司屋で焼酎を手酌するシーンなど、外国人が日本の文化に対して抱くステレオタイプなイメージを安易に、かつ唐突に挿入したことで、人種差別的な思想が透けて見える、とNY Daily Newsをはじめとした複数のメディアで指摘されている。

Twitterでも、著名なPodcast配信者のDesusは「このアヴリルのビデオは、ヒドイのか、人種差別的なのか、ヒドく人種差別的なのか、はっきりしないね」と皮肉たっぷりに批評。BuzzFeed編集記者のRachel Zarrellも「ああ、アヴリル、これって私が今まで聴いてきた中でいちばんヒドイ曲だわ。それにしてもなんでこんな人種差別風味にしちゃったのよ」と差別的表現のみならず、曲自体も最悪だとストレートに言ってのけている。

ラヴィーンはこの批判を受け、「レイシスト??? 超ウケる!!! だって私、日本の文化が大好きだし、人生の半分くらいは日本で過ごしてるんだよ。このビデオを撮るために東京にも飛んだし」とTwitterで笑い飛ばした。その後もビデオのメイキング動画や写真をポストして宣伝活動に勤しんでいる。

批判の矛先は、この「Hello Kitty」を共作したラヴィーンの夫でNickelbackのフロントマン、チャド・クルーガーにも向けられ、「やっぱりセンスがない」「作詞能力が低すぎる」と散々な言われようだ。さらには地元であるカナダ版ハフィントンポストにも「アヴリルの最大の失敗はこの男と結婚したこと」とまで断じられており、目下最大の被害者はこの憐れな夫君であるかもしれない。

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