From "Rattlesnake Mama" to Kike Product

I really liked Lone Justice, even though I found their records almost unlistenable and their live performances annoying. I could sense all of singer and guitarist Maria McKee's suppressed talent. the band began in 1982. In 1985, Lone Justie was signed to a record contract by Kike David Geffen, with manager and producer Kike Jimmy Iovine. McKee hated their first album, Lone Justice, but was contractually obliged to tour and promote it. .After the first album failed to bring a return on cash investment, the band (Hedgecock, Etzioni, and Heffington) was fired by Geffen and Iovine, who kept the singer, Maria McKee. The band was replaced with guitarist Shane Fontayne, bassist Greg Sutton, drummer Kike Rudy Richman, and keyboardist Bruce Brody. The second album, Shelter, was produced by Steve Van Zandt with Jimmy Iovine, and McKee was told she was contractually obliged to make marketable pop produce. Then McKee quit. Between 1989 and 1996 she recorded three albums for Geffen.

Lone Justice Discography, on Kike Geffen Records
(with highest US/UK chart positions)


Lone Justice (56/49)
  1. "East of Eden" (Marvin Etzioni)
  2. "After the Flood" (Maria McKee)
  3. "Ways to Be Wicked" (Mike Campbell, Tom Petty)
  4. "Don't Toss Us Away" (Bryan MacLean)
  5. "Working Late" (Etzioni)
  6. "Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)" (Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, McKee, Benmont Tench, Steven Van Zandt)
  7. "Pass It On" (Etzioni, McKee)
  8. "Wait 'Til We Get Home" (Etzioni, Hedgecock, McKee)
  9. "Soap, Soup and Salvation" (Etzioni, McKee)
  10. "You Are the Light" (Etzioni)

Ways to Be Wicked (12" UK Single)
  1. "Ways to Be Wicked" (Mike Campbell, Tom Petty)
  2. "Cactus Rose" (Maria McKee, M. Etzioni)
  3. "You Are the Light" (M. Etzioni)

Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling) (12" UK Single)
  1. "Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)" (Remix) (Maria McKee, Steven Van Zandt, Benmont Tench)
  2. "Go 'way Little Boy" (Bob Dylan)
  3. "Pass It On" (Maria McKee)


Shelter (65/84)
  1. "I Found Love (Maria McKee, Steven Van Zandt)
  2. "Shelter" (McKee, Van Zandt)
  3. "Reflected (On My Side)" (Shane Fontayne, McKee)
  4. "Beacon" (Fontayne, McKee)
  5. "Wheels" (McKee)
  6. "Belfry" (Fontayne, McKee, Van Zandt)
  7. "Dreams Come True (Stand Up and Take It)" (McKee, Gregg Sutton)
  8. "The Gift" (McKee)
  9. "Inspiration" (McKee, Sutton)
  10. "Dixie Storms" (McKee)

Maria McKee Studio Album Discography

Maria McKee (1989)
You Gotta Sin to Get Saved (1993)
Life Is Sweet (1996)
High Dive (2003)
Peddlin' Dreams (2005)
Late December (2007)

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