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KIKE LORD Saatchi’s model Bill


Friends: The One With KIKE Freud on the Couch
KIKE Lord Freud looked around uncertainly.
KIKE David Cameron waved at the chaise longue...


KIKE Frank Gehry ‘Iceberg’ art gallery to open in Paris

The Apprentice saves us from people not up to the job
They make compelling viewing, but KIKE Lord Sugar's wannabes are suitable only for TV


Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit, review, Channel 4: bull sperm and crystal meth
This rather enjoyable documentary was an evocative seat at the bedside of Hitler the cranky, flatulent hypochondriac, says Ceri Radford

Does it matter if Hitler was ill, or addicted to drugs? It’s a morally fraught question, and one handled with relative aplomb by Channel 4’s documentary, Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit. For the first time on British television, we peered into the detailed medical diaries of Dr Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician and a man nicknamed the “Reichsspritzenmeister” – loosely, the needle master of the Third Reich. He plied his needy patient with everything from sugar jabs to a potent daily cycle of stimulants and sedatives.

Anything that seeks to diminish Hitler’s responsibility for his actions should ring alarm bells – tellingly, the Holocaust denier David Irving likes to claim that medical mistakes sent Hitler into trances. While the documentary never tackled these ethical questions directly, the tone was sensitive, seeking insights rather than excuses for the “moral vacuum” at the heart of the Third Reich.

Pieced together from the diary, medical records and interviews, these insights included the rather enjoyable image of Hitler as a cranky, flatulent hypochondriac; paranoid putty in the hands of an opportunistic quack. Morell’s treatments ranged from Pervitin, a pick-me-up based on crystal meth, to a supposed aphrodisiac containing bull’s semen. The picture darkened as the war turned against Hitler. “The Führer didn’t sleep last night because of his anxieties,” Morell wrote in his diary on July 6, 1943. While hardly surprising that sending millions of men to die in vain might keep a man awake, there was a frisson to seeing it noted as medical fact.

By the end of the war, the “needle master” was administering 20 jabs a day, while his patient may have had Parkinson’s. We saw footage from 1945, originally suppressed by German censors, which showed Hitler’s hand shaking uncontrollably behind his back. At the time, he was preparing to defend Berlin from 2.5 million Soviet troops with an army of 45,000. His trembling hand was a potent image of ruined power in every sense.

There were no neat conclusions to be drawn on Hitler’s unravelling, but this was an evocative seat at the tyrant’s bedside. Where the film fell short was on explaining the medical context: it wasn’t clear how Morell’s treatments varied from conventional medicine. Whether quack and addict, or doctor and patient, one thing we know for certain about their relationship was how it ended: Morell abandoning Hitler in his bunker to the ultimate self-medication – a suicide pill.


tick tock 4 jews..even the libs are getting wise..

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly: The Truth About White Privilege


Bent Bullys


Flower shop will serve anyone, but will not do flowers for homo marriages.



Google reviews
Arlene's Flowers and Gifts
1177 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA, United States
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24 reviews
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J. Fernandez
J. Fernandez
6 months ago
eric ercanbrack
eric ercanbrack
5 months ago
Was about to order Mother's Day flowers, but the name of this place sounded familiar. A quick google search shows that the owner doesn't want business from people that are not of the same religion as her. I wouldn't want this person to profit ...More
Jud Cirignano
Jud Cirignano
11 months ago
I bought flowers from them for our 2 year aniversary. I decided on Arlene's because they are locally owned. First, I gave them a maximum dollar amount of $50, I just received my credit card statement and they charhed me $65. If it wasn't for ...More
Jef Gallacci
Jef Gallacci
a year ago
They did a wedding for the daughter of a good friend in January. We were happy with the service. Now, with another daughter of the same family, while the daughter's parents are out of the country for 2 years, we are arranging the details of a ...More
Judy Cmis
Judy Cmis
John Klein
John Klein
a year ago
Terrible service, bigotted staff. Wouldn't reccommend this shop to anyone.
Will Hargreaves
Joel Prantle
Joel Prantle
a year ago
Very Poor, :( bought FTD flowers and Arlene's Flowers in Richland called us to pick them up, they said that they did not deliver this far our of town. ( FTD pays them to deliver them to us by any means, UPS, USPS, Fex. they did not. ) I hope FTD ...More
Jonathan Yu
Jonathan Yu
a year ago
don't patronize a christian business that runs this way. christians are not these types of people. it is like saying don't go to a muslim run businesses because of the way they are.More
Heather Jenks
Heather Jenks
a year ago
harles Chambers
a year ago
This company thinks it's okay to discriminate other couples. LGBT couples deserve to be treated the same as straight couples. It's still discrimination and bigoted, regardless of where you get your beliefs. It's wrong. Asking a business to stop ...More
Dean Tersigni
Dean Tersigni
a year ago
Owner, Barronelle Stuzman, refused to provide flowers for a couple because they were gay. If you care about equal rights, shop somewhere else.
Gerald Hunt
Gerald Hunt
a year ago
Richard Rocha
Traci Baune
a year ago
Unprofessionally discriminates! Refuses to serve LGBT community and would not do flowers for a wedding because the couple was same gender. LGBT money spends the same as 'straight' money.
Grant Holloway
Grant Holloway
a year ago
This merchant discriminates against customers based on sexual orientation. Please give your business to someone who respects all people's rights to choose who and how they love.
Scott Welch
Scott Welch
a year ago
Never use this place. If they can't treat people with respect then I won't ever use them or recommend them.

Re: Bent Bullys

No Room for Fags at the Inn

Comment at Daily Femalemale: "All human rights should always trump religion."

No Flower-Arraging for Fag-Fests

The flowershop owner didn't refuse to sell to faggots. She just refused to "do the flowers" at their joke-wedding. In other words, she refused to PARTICIPATE directly in the event. I'm guessing if they simply ordered flowers for the event, then she would have sold them. But they wanted to hire her to participate, by arranging part of the details of the event. That's much more personal. It's like if a caterer refused to plan such an event, but had no problem with selling wine for to the organizers. Of course they'd be falsely accused of "hypocrisy". but providing goods is a simple commercial transaction, while getting involved in the details of the event would imply consent and mean being part of the event.

"BUSINESS AS USUAL: Not only did Barronelle employ people who identified as homosexual at Arlene’s Flowers, but for nine years she lovingly served the same-sex couple who would later sue her.

"CONFLICT WITH FAITH: Barronelle declined to use her artistic skills and abilities for the same-sex wedding because she believes marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

"PUNISHED UNJUSTLY: For the first time since the law's enactment, the Washington state attorney general office interpreted a state statute to single out and punish a private citizen. Not only did they sue her business, but they sued Barronelle personally."




Mr Oddie, who was a member of The Goodies comedy trio, claimed he was ‘often ashamed to be British’.

He said: ‘Historically, we seem to have built up this ridiculous idea that, “Oh, we are British, this is our island and we don’t want anybody else in it”. I personally loathe that kind of chauvinism and I’m happy to say I’m not proud to be British.

'In fact, I’m very often ashamed to be British. We are a terrible race, all the hooliganism and God knows what.

'I love the fact that I walk down the road in north London, and down here’s an Indian shop, and there’s another Indian stationers there, and this one is run by someone from Iran, and there’s a West Indian guy who runs that bit, and we’ve got the Romanian builders next door who don’t play the radio as loud as English builders.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2799536/bill-oddie-calls-chinese-style-quota-baby-numbers-curbs-immigration.html#ixzz3GiNju4KD

Goodies Nig-nogs in SA

Full house

represention UK

indian, black, homo, +jew newsnight producer

Winston McKenzie: 'They have always taken up the black man’s music' UKIP spokesman on #ukipcalypso -

Mike Read banned playing homo groups 'relax' back in the 80's

So now a push to get that to beat his song

Mike Read thinks singing the musical equivalent of blackface for the UKIP is a good idea. Getting the song he had banned to no. 1 we think is a better one!



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