Kikess Nancy Snyderman has stated that she supports selective abortion, proclaiming it to be "the science of today" and "I believe that this is a great way to prevent diseases."

This Kikess expert on disease prevention violated an Ebola quarantine after returning from Liberia, where she worked with an African cameraman who is infected with Ebola. The quarantine was "voluntary", but that was only because she's a doctor, and was trusted to observe protocols, and was therefore not originally forced into quarantine.

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The Kike's NBC's Kikess Snyderman

NBC medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman admits violating Ebola quarantine in New Jersey

[The Kike's] Associated Press, October 14, 2014

NEW YORK – NBC News medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman has admitted that some members of her crew violated a voluntary quarantine to protect against Ebola, a misstep that caused New Jersey health officials to make that quarantine mandatory.

NBC said Tuesday that Snyderman and her crew are taking their temperatures regularly and remain healthy. The team was reporting in Liberia alongside cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, who tested positive for the deadly disease and is now being treated in Nebraska.

Snyderman confirmed the violation, but neither she nor NBC representatives would give details.

The local news website Planet Princeton reported that Snyderman and others drove for takeout food last week.

After the report, New Jersey health authorities ordered Snyderman and her crew to remain quarantined until after 21 days had passed since their potential exposure to the virus.

"As a health professional I know that we have no symptoms and pose no risk to the public, but I am deeply sorry for the concerns this episode caused," Snyderman said. She would not say whether or not she had violated the voluntary quarantine.

NBC, citing privacy concerns, also would not say how many of its employees are being quarantined.


NBC is controlled by Comcast Corp. [which was founded by Kikes (Roberts, Aaron & Brodsky), is owned by Kikes, and is run by Kike Chairman, President, and CEO Brian L. Roberts and Kike Vice-President David L. Cohen].

The Kikess Snyderman (who claims she is a Christian) doesn't like "the religious part" of the celebration of our Lord and Saviour's Nativity, because, according to her, Christianity messes up Christmas.

The Kike's "Today Show", December 2012:
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