Daily Mail:

Teenage vandals swarm Brooklyn deli while yelling 'anti-Semitic' slurs and destroy $700 worth of 'candies and cookies'.

Owners at the deli, which is a kosher establishment, say that teenagers have come in before yelling anti-Semitic language.

Police are not investigating the event as a hate crime.


Klien said that the teenagers destroyed between $500 and $700 [or $300, or $30, or...] worth of inventory. They knocked over, 'all the candies and cookies,' he told reporters.

Local leaders, including Borough President Eric L. Adams, are planning to hold a news conference today about the attack.

Now I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes !!!

What have we wrought !?!?!?

Swastika chemically burned into Avon yard, police report says

Tim Rearden, NewsChannel5 and, Oct 13, 2014

AVON, Ohio - A swastika was chemically burned into a Lorain County yard, according to a police report obtained by NewsChannel5 and The report filed with Avon Police says the victim believes weed killer was used to draw the swastika in his yard. The victim has a suspect in mind, a person the victim says he yelled at to slow down while driving through the neighborhood. According to the report, the victim believes the grass should grow back in six months. The report says police will add extra patrol in the area.

Scripps Media, Inc.


See? There ARE chemical weapons in the Middle West.

It's hard to believe this made the news. You'd have thought someone got lynched.

Who inspired the "teens"? This is how things began in 1930s Germany.

Perhaps it's only the ancient Asian good luck symbol. Why is this news?

And even if it was meant negatively, why is this news? Who cares?


It's a fact no "anti-racists" in Africa are telling Africans they have no right to patrol their borders and kick out illegal immigrants. It's a fact no "anti-racists" in Asia are telling Asians that mixed race people are better, and they should all mix together in Asia. "Anti-racists" ONLY do this in White countries. They promote the genocide of my people, White people. That's why anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Obama and his administration supports Palestine and have made it acceptable to be anti-Semitic. This is the new normal. Any American Jew who votes Democrat is welcoming a second Holocaust. Wake up.

Swastikas drawn on Old Campus

By Stephanie Addenbrooke and Rachel Siegel, Staff Reporters, Yale Daily News, October 14, 2014

Three students huddled outside Entryway B of Durfee Hall just before midnight on Monday, dish soap and lemon-scented Lysol in hand. Scanning the pavement, they were there to scrub away the remains of three swastikas drawn in chalk on Old Campus the night before.

On Monday night, Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway sent an email informing the University community about the swastikas found outside the freshman dorm the previous night. Despite attempts to remove the images from the sidewalk, Holloway said their faint impressions remained.

“I condemn this shameful defacement, perpetrated anonymously under cover of night,” Holloway wrote. “There is no room for hate in this house.”

Sunday’s incident comes just over a month after several swastikas were discovered drawn on white boards inside of Vanderbilt Hall.

In an email sent to certain members of the Branford community on Sept. 9, Branford Master Elizabeth Bradley and Dean Hilary Fink called the drawing of swastikas “completely unacceptable.”

Holloway, in his Monday email, said that though the images were particularly offensive to the Jewish community, the insult was felt throughout campus. Holloway said that incidents like these reaffirm Yale’s commitment to protecting and embracing the views of every student.

The email asked for students with information about the perpetrators to contact campus police. It could not be learned whether Yale Police are actively investigating the incident.

Holloway could not be reached for comment Monday night.

Rabbi Leah Cohen, Executive Director of the Slifka Center and Senior Jewish Chaplain, said that Monday night’s news came as a huge shock. Cohen said that she was comforted by the support of the Yale administration and that she was hopeful that this would be the last act of anti-Semitism on college campuses.

“Something as hateful as swastikas on campus — it’s not what Yale stands for, its values or its behaviors,” Cohen said.

Students interviewed said that though the act was hateful in nature, it did not make them feel less safe on campus.

Russell Cohen ’17 said that he was horrified when he first heard the news but was unafraid as a Jewish student on campus.

Hillel President Rebecca Bakal ’16 said that she hoped other Jewish students would not hesitate to express their religious views.

“I believe that everyone at Yale should feel safe and comfortable being who they are, and I will do everything I can to make other Jewish students at Yale feel at home,” Bakal said.

Zach Young ’17 said that Yale is a place where Jews are welcomed by the administration and the student body.

The chalking of swastikas outside of Durfee follows similar incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti at Emory University and Eastern Michigan University.

Michelle Yancich ’17 said that she hopes the incident sparks further dialogue on campus about Judaism, adding that anti-Semitic behavior on college campuses should not be ignored.

“Because as much as it could have been intended as a political statement, it was in fact a hate crime and should be addressed as such,” she said.

In an effort to display student support for Yale’s Jewish community, the three students — Javier Cienfuegos ’15, William Genova ’15 and Sebastian Medina-Tayac ’16, a former staff reporter for the News — started drawing a chalk mural reiterating Holloway’s admonition of hate outside of Durfee Hall.

By 12:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, a group of 15 students had collected outside Durfee. They were passing out chalk to passers-by, inviting them to draw hearts and peace signs under the statement “There is no hate in this house,” a direct quote from Holloway’s email.

A number of different campus groups, ranging from Students Unite Now to the Yale Track and Field Team, affixed their names to the mural.

Cienfuegos said that the email left him hurt, confused and angry.

“I immediately felt like I had to react to this,” he said. “It’s unacceptable to have this on campus.”

Karleh Wilson ’17, one of the other students involved in the mural, said that she heard from Cienfuegos via social media that a group was planning to clean the space on Old Campus.

“Instead of cleaning up, why don’t we draw hearts instead?” Wilson said.

A photograph of the mural appearing on “Overheard at Yale,” a student Facebook group which shares happenings on campus, received over 750 likes within two hours of its posting.


This report fills me with deep dire dread !!!

Was not the swastika worn by the Nazis ? And writing (chalking) on surfaces marring or dirtying same a form of vandalism ? Does not vandalism mean an act unlawful ---mark of a "twisted" mind ?

Drawn in chalk? Yawn!

How long do you suppose it will be before it is discovered that this was done by a left-winger unsatisfied that America isn't as overtly hateful as he "knows" it to be? A few years back a female Jewish professor trashed her own car, claiming it was done by racists. Remember those swastikas on the barracks doors at Fort Bragg during the Clinton years? Remember who was eventually caught doing it? Remember those southern black church burnings and who they caught doing that?

The Jews give the world advances in science and medicine. The Palestinians give the world this.

I'd be more concerned about the emotionally arrested "college students" drawing little hearts on the sidewalk. How old are these people, 6?

This board is crawling with Stormfront trashbags and blame-the-victim rhetoric while any opposing comment to the disgusting hatred exhibited here doesn't get posted. Nice to see where Yale's priorities lie.

Direct result of Israel apartheid week being permitted on campus.

Who inspired the "teens"? This is how things began in 1930s Germany.

American Jews have been playing with fire, supporting the importation of large alien populations inimical to the traditional American population in an effort to weaken the dominant culture enough to ensure their continued control of elite institutions in perpetuity. Problem is, their open borders project is rapidly spiraling out of control, and the hyenas they have released don't seem to know when to stop biting.

Big deal. Everyone pretends to get all worked up so they will appear to be politically correct.

C'mon Yale. You wanted diversity. This is your diversity. When they come to get college professors will anyone notice they are missing.


I wonder what it would have been had it been a Hammer and Sickle.

The only real victims of hate crimes these days are usually white, and their attackers are clueless if they're kosher or not. Trayvon, or Julio can't tell if you attend Temple or not when you wear your NorthFace jacket and look like every other cracker. Swastika on the ground, sounds like someone wants to get some special treatment, and Jewish privilege.

The racist, bigoted statements (and stupid conspiracy theories) in these comments are staggering when you consider this is a university newspaper.

The left's hate of Israel is showing up on American campuses. The left are the new skinheads. It will be interesting to see how aggressive the administration is in finding and punishing these thugs. My guess is they won't go out of there way to spotlight this incident. Now, if the Muslims were attacked on campus, then the leftist administrators would be declaring war. It is rather amusing actually to watch this nonsense

I'm sorry, but, I was one of the lead organizers of the chalking in response to the hate, and I'm a pro-Palestine anti-Likud leftist. That doesn't make me an anti Semite, and true leftists do not support antisemitism.

90% of American Jews voted for Obama. Who, BTW, hates them with a passion. Ask anyone in Israel.

Why is this news? Is the world supposed to be scared by this powerless symbol? In all probability, this unimportant graffiti incident was a hoax perpetrated by a Jewish student.

We know who the real victims of hate crimes are these days, but their pain means nothing because of the color of their skin, plus the fact they aren't gay or Jewish......

If you mean white Americans, you hit the nail on the head.

You don't hide your Antisemitism very well and you double down with your "conspiracy" theory. You don't believe that Jews engineered the Holocaust in order to force the creation of Israel through, do you?

The words, "Racist and Antisemitism" are getting old- very, very old and tired.

These universities keep talking up the Islamic and Muslim line, support of the so called Palestinian people so, what do you expect? They think you love them because this is what they all stand for. The academics are so sheltered, like Obama and his band of professional fools, are so niave in some cases they are accidentally dangerous and so duplicitous in other cases to be intentionally dangerous. It is up to us to know the difference but you people on campus, you listen to these people every day, you know who they are but I think they have you all buffaloed. You are too afraid to point them out and that is a shame. You used your political correctness to enable them and now you haven't got the guts or the integrity to call them on something like this and then yes, just like Obama, you want to run the world "when you grow up", but I tell you what, first before you grow up, you need to "grow a pair".

Many of these universities are controlled by Jewish people so they really did it to themselves once again.

Oh god one of these... is your tinfoil hat loose?

Oh brother.

Yale is a religious school (Congregational). Do the Jewish students attend chapel?

Yale is nondenominational. Only the Div School is religious.

Oh wow chalk on a sidewalk! j3ws insulted!? Sounds like another j3w-scam for sympathy. The world's oldest and most powerful organized crime gang has this down to a science.

nice cut-n-paste, stormfronter.

The Swastika was perverted by the Nazis. It is a peaceful symbol.

Yeah, but it is universally seen as a symbol of evil, now.

The Swastika is not an evil symbol. You'd think that people from Yale would know that.

Ironic that the emblem of the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party would evoke such visceral condemnation while the emblems and the writings of the Socialist International, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao would be so espoused onour NEA controlled campus? Many more millions were cruelly imprisoned, forced into slave labor or just plain executed ( as was my Ukrainian grandfather) by the secret police of the Socialist regimes than those who were executed by the Gestapo and Waffen SS. Further irony, many of Trotsky's ( a Jewish immigrant to Russia from Manhattan) and Felix Durzhinsky ( another Jewish secret police head) murdered multiple millions of kulaks and Slavic Orthodox Christians. But then we should research and discover many luminaries of the left, like those in the NEA were and are affiliated with the Socialist International and, ironically considering the supposed atheism of Marxist, Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society. But I would offer two queries to the Ivy League students : Why the sudden betrayal of the Zionist plutocrats , such as those in the Fed, IMF, World Bank, who have funded socialism since 1913 ? And why is the left turning upon its most prolific supporting ethnic group? examples Emma Goldberg, The Haymarket anarchist, Samuel Gompers? (who, as a union member, I admire immensely), Marx, all the way through to Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and their SDS/Weatherman such as who usurped control of the Democratic Party the way the Jacobins took over the Tennis court Parliament or Trotsky and Lenin's Bolsheviks took over Kerensky's republic? Has the Jewish man , lost his aggrieved, entitled victim status now become an equivalent of a Caucasian? For it is apparent that the demonized enemy of the Democrats, liberals, progressives and communist are the 5C, Conservative, Capitalist, Constitution-loving, Christian, Caucasian males in the private sector.

Palestinian student incitement. Happening at campuses all over the US.

hey rabbi, whatcha doin'?

LOL!.... Oy vey, I'm getting rich!

Thank 0bama's rhetoric toward israel for the rise in hatred.

Too often these "hate crimes" are perpetrated by the "victims" themselves. Some nebulous "white privilege" accusation gets floated then everyone forgets about it even after the video tape shows the rabbi with a can of spray paint marking his own building, garage, sidewalk, etc. or video shows the black professor putting up her own noose to blame on the "klan". Sounds like faux-hate to me.

Oh, G-d, the suffering continues!

God give the Jews a homeland for they mess things up everywhere else.

Says the person who benefits from Jewish discoveries and inventions on a daily basis....

Typical move by the White Party.

Nazis, I hate these guys. -- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Nazis lost WWII because they were barbarians who POed the entire world. Nazism is still a disease. But the Arabs have caught that disease.

How could they have caught something they created?

Is there a Hedge Fund for the "I'm Offended!" industry? If so, I'm betting the ranch.

How soon 'til we learn it was a hoax done by lefties? *yawn*

It was done by lefties, alright, but it's no hoax. The left is where anti-semitism now has its home.

Guess that explains why the left is owned and operated by j3ws? Why Obama has appointed j3ws to virtually ever corner of goverment? Why Obama has been for his entire political career promoted, funded, and herded by j3ws? Why the leftist media is completely dominated by j3ws? Why j3w banking cartels funded the dismantlement of governments opposed to communist revolutionaries? Ya, right. The left is "anti-semitic."

Your cut-n-paste skills are impressive. Stormfront much? *yawn* A hate-filled personality and a broken brain make for a very toxic combination.

So, have we gotten to the point of honesty yet where we can all admit that the likeliest outcome here is that a Jewish student did it to "raise awareness"" (Translation: get attention.)

Could have been skinheads.

There are skinheads?

Anti-Jewish expressions, swastikas, etc., are odious, yet the institutional prevalence of aggressive anti-Christian persecution and the perpetuation of the slur of "white privilege" by government and non-profit employees is infinitely more widespread and clearly influences public response to violence against "whites" that go unreported and excused. The semi-literacy and indoctrination with fraudulent and radically distorted historical narratives that so much of the public has been subjected to will continue to foment violence and therefore must be ended. Any time yo hear the hateful slur "white privilege" you are hearing not only group-guilt beliefs (genocidal beliefs a la Nazis and Communists) but it should be understood that it is also a condemnation of intelligence, work ethic and success of Jews. Political correctness and "social justice" (as opposed to plain justice applied to every individual case) are doctrines of GROUP GUILT and are by definition genocidal in nature.

Was it a Tibetan Buddhist swastika or a Nazi swastika? Maybe is was Buddhist monks protesting Yale's support of the atomic bomb.

Wow. Good for the Yale students. On my campus NOBODY erases the swastikas and Israeli hate graffiti. Seriously. Folks, you have to understand something: Colleges (certainly NE colleges) are so left as to be practically Communist. They are so pro-Socialist it's ridiculous. And you know what National Socialism is, right?

Every time this happens on campus it is fake. Just like 'racist' instances.

Here goes the media and the naive liberal 'activists' with too much time on their hands again... The second they first heard about UCSD's "Compton Cookout" they jumped all over it and attacked UCSD for 'racism'; but then they found out it was created and managed by Jiggaboo Jones (a black comedian) who established the function to UNITE the races, and then the story died away with no apology to their readers... it didn't matter because they had already planted the seed of racial-paranoia into the minds of the citizens where it still lingers today. With the flames now fanned from this unprofessional reporting, some black students and many non-students took to the sidewalks of UCSD holding signs and protesting for 'a cause'. It made them feel important, as if they were changing the world for the better... or getting gratification for playing the 'victim' card. ...Soon later, a young Korean girl with her Korean boyfriend who didn't know any better were playing with a piece of nylon cord in the Library; he showed her how to make a noose out of it and she put it dangling from a sign on the wall... but then they forgot about it before they left. A nice liberal college-student always on the lookout for 'evil racism' in this never-ending 'witch-hunt' found it and immediately reported it. All of the sudden, the liberal-media is throwing gas on the fire again- as if UCSD wasn't ALREADY trying to give up lots of Asian-American students' college-seats for people with black-skin and far-lower HS grades- people who blew off their college-prep years in high school for the sake of partying, clubbing, and chasing white-womens (even though Affirmative Action had been voted as 'racist' in California)... Then, the number of 'justice-seekers' on the sidewalks grew in numbers and got wilder. As soon as word had spread about the noose, the naive Korean girl came forward and admitted that she was the one that put it there, explained that the noose does not symbolize 'racism' in her country, and she did not mean anything by it. It was an honorable thing she did, but she was still EXPELLED. Maybe they gave her seat away to a nice person with black-skin and lower HS grades (and not the 'next-smartest' college-applicant in line). ...A day or two later- someone puts a pillowcase over the head of the statue of Mr. Geisel in front of the Geisel Library. The faculty is then immediately intimidated to give-in to numerous unfair/unequal/racist demands of new black-student organizations popping up all over campus. They receive lots of new funding from an already 'broke' college in a state with a broke economy. They start placing students into positions of power on campus with no qualification other than skin-color. The faculty and the San Diego Sheriff Crime-Lab promises a full-investigation, with press-releases saying DNA has been obtained from the pillowcase and that video-surveillance around the area was being reviewed. They also let everyone know that the act is considered a 'felony'. Soon after, the story immediately COMPLETELY faded, and the crowd dispursed. The California public was never issued an explanation as promised. The only reason 'this could be' was because the DNA and Video evidence revealed a BLACK PERSON (possibly a non-student 'trespassing' on campus for the sake of protesting) had put the pillowcase on the statue as an angry 'statement' but then zipped their lips as soon as they heard about 'evidence' and 'felony'. They did NOT do the honorable thing and come clean like the Korean girl did. Figures... Perhaps they should do more [UNBIASED] research at 'cultures' and 'history' at their own social-studies/ethnic-studies/liberal-studies departments.. ...The financial damage and the social-injustice of racism unfairly/unequally catering to the demands of the black-students who gained BONUS-RIGHTS that would have otherwise not been granted if not for the 'hoax' can never be undone. We can rest assured, though, that this unfairly-expelled Korean girl will still be okay in life even though she lost her college dream; she is Korean... she will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix- like Koreatown Los Angeles did after the black community burned their entire community to the ground in 1992... leaving their uninsured immigrant-businesses destroyed and their families empty-handed. Today, the Koreans are building the largest skyscraper in North America west of the Mississippi River. The black-neighborhoods that burned down Koreatown still look exactly as they did in 1992...

Was it leftists? Leftists murder unborn children like they're Nazis..

Another fake hate crime?

Fake hate crimes on campus are fairly common and extremely well documented. The extremely common and officially sanctioned persecution of target groups through the promotion of the "white privilege" ("social justice" group guilt, a la historical Nazi and Communist varieties) slur is being ignored.

When you have the Faculty teaching and promoting PC Hate in various ways this is what you get. They have waged a "War against Common Sense" for decades now. And their Chickens have come home to roost so to speak.

tomorrow I understand the Yale students will burn the American flag. The administration supports that. Makes you wonder who the Nazi's are, doesn't it?

Obama and his administration supports Palestine and have made it acceptable to be anti-Semitic. This is the new normal. Any American Jew who votes Democrat is welcoming a second Holocaust. Wake up.

in all likelihood, the swastikas were written by cowardly muslims, specifically palestinean sympathists

Charles Mason enjoyed drawing swastika too.

Even though this is most likely another stunt by a brilliant-like-Obama progressive American hating punk, I will never understand Jews voting for radical progressive dems.Liberals and progressive elites hate everything about Jews but their money. Some people are destined to relive history. Sad.

Considering the rash of hate crime hoaxes afflicting colleges--as well as the rash of favorably publicity and the lack of consequences if the perp is caught--my guess is that this vandalism was done by a J*w looking to make Americans look like f*scists.

stormfront alert!

Hitler blamed the Jews for the Reichstag fire, too.

A little over a year ago at Oberlin College, two students conducted a massive series of racist stunts such as putting up a Nazi flag, passing out anti-Islamic fliers, and putting a “whites only” sign above a water fountain. After getting classes cancelled for a “Day of Solidarity,” one of the students said that the entire thing was a “joke” in order to get an “overreaction.”

When this sort of thing occurs during Jewish holidays it is usually done by Jews looking for special protection from law enforcement. In case you don't know, October is heavy in Jewish holidays.

The stormfront commenting army has obviously infested these comments.

Simply because you have no experience in such things does not mean no one else does. You may learn in time.

The comments on this board are disgusting and the most disgusting of them all are the ones that get the most upvotes. If they are in any way representative of the Yale student body then I'm truly disgusted.

Hey Kraut, My grandfather was a colonel and a pilot during World War Two. He and his crew took particular joy in bombing German cities and watching them burn. I hope that your family members enjoyed the show.

My great-grandfather was in a Soviet tank division and helped push the Krauts out of the USSR through Poland. Every time I see fascist comments I just think of that photo of the Red Army raising their flag over the Reichstag in a completely bombed-out Berlin.

Does everyone in your family enjoy killing women and children and destroying cultural treasures?

Zero tears shed for civilian killing nazis

Nice little family tale you tell.

Typical behavior on a liberal elite campus where hatred of Israel and jews is lauded.

"Holloway said that incidents like these reaffirm Yale’s commitment to protecting and embracing the views of every student" Except the studen who drew them! lmao

Considering the frequency of hate crime hoaxes, this swastika was almost certainly done by a liberal if not a Jew. And if recent history is any guide, nothing will be done to that student beyond maybe having them withdraw.

If this were 1964 one would suspect the KKK or some Neo-Nazi organization. This isn't 1964. This was likely the work of Islamists and the New Left, both of which are plentiful on campus.

If you haven't realized that Anti-semetics are on the rise and this government is sympathetic to them, its is time to take your head out of the ground.

Chalk swastika a hate crime? What pathetic cry-babies.

A good time to link to this site:

And remember folks: chalk swastika - hate crime!

Stormfront alert!

Abduction, rape, torture, murder and dismemberment of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom: Not a "hate-crime"

insult to injury: "On July 25, 2014, the Kansas Supreme Court announced it has overturned the death sentences. In overturning their death sentences, the six justice-majority said they did so because the trial judge failed to separate the penalty proceedings against them. According to a release from the Kansas Supreme Court public information officer, the court unanimously reversed three of each defendant’s four capital convictions because jury instructions on sex-crime-based capital murder were “fatally erroneous and three of the multiple-homicide capital murder charges duplicated the first.”

I thought Yale embraced diversity? Guess not...

"Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world - only to serve the People of Israel." "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat... That is why gentiles were created..." - Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel

obvious stormfront cut-n-paste *yawn*

why not look upon it as promoting diversity....

Is there a list of forbidden speech somewhere?

The rise in anti-Semitism in the US is unbelievable. There are at least 100 attacks on Jews each day in this country. Only a fool wouldn't see what is on the horizon.

And once again the eternal victim will cry out in pain as he plunges the knife into your back.

Ivy League universities have become nothing but hate filled failures that produce nothing but insular ignoramuses who haven't a clue about how to do anything other than moan and whine while parroting vacuous ideological slogans.

This was almost certainly the prank by some kids or an instigation by a provocateur. No self-respecting Nazi skinhead walks around drawing chalk swastikas on the sidewalk. That's just too juvenile. It's like the woman somewhere in California who had rocks from her garden arranged in a swastika on her front lawn. Local TV stations actually came out and covered it. Nope. It was either kids messing around, or she did it herself as a cry for attention, and probably mental help.

Look first for culprits wearing yarmulkes...they do this from time to time to keep "Holocaust, Inc." alive and funded.

They should check and see if these were perpetrated by activist students looking to play the 'hate' card to generate drama. There have been so many of these fake acts of hate it should be seriously considered. Look up Morton Downey, Alicia Hardin, or Azalea Cooley (also known as 'the perfect victim').

the most blatant intolerance and hatred on college campuses today is indoctrinated and ingrained hatred against whites of european descent

I sure wish folks would stop using a many-thousand-year-old symbol of life to promote their tiny thinking. Leave the swastika alone; Hindus are tired of being ripped off already.

Yale has always been Anti-Semitic. This is yet another school I refuse to pay for when my kids hit college age.

Not quite after WWII Yale accepted Jewish students under minority status rules meaning they were admitted ahead of others who may have been more qualified.

Maybe they will find the perpetrators of this hateful act, place them against a sound wall, and shoot them. That will stop all acts of hate, won't it? If you want to only believe or be confronted with love, then kill all hate. Kill it with a gun, because that's what you really want and need to do isn't it? 40 years of sticking daisies into gun barrels isn't working, we still have people that know how to draw. Lets cut of the hands of those that learn these drawings. Maybe, pluck out their eyes. If uni-lateral love is left to consume hate it will leave bitterness, not love. The world will lose all balance if love consumes all, because love today means hate for tomorrow. The world needs hate, to combat love and love to combat hate. Positives and negatives make up the foundation of the logic and illogic of the universe. One feeds off of the other. When one dies, the other will and must die. Might want to find out why the person hates, instead of trying to put them in a cage, or up against a wall. But love wants to consume, just like hate. Same coin people.

another hate-crime hoax

I might be inclined to agree, if there weren't so many other anti-Semitic acts going on across the country and around the world. They can't all be hoaxes. Since there are so many such incidents going on, my feeling is that this likely isn't a hoax.

Another hate hoax?

Another false-flag operation.

when a bunch of kids in my town created swastikas with toilet paper and set them on fire in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, eventually they were so shamed they were driven out of town and the parents had to sell their house and move.

And running the kids and their parents out of town taught them what? That hatred is OK for powerful groups, but intolerable for kids who act in ignorance? Your town out hated them. Great job!

what poor reporting. is the ydn just rushing to spread fear and create more drama. how about balance this shameful act by describing the incredible one that followed: an outpour of love and solidarity shown by students who used to chalk to cover up the swastikas

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