For anyone in the USA, Canada, or the British Isles
Especially in urban settings

While it is important not to give in to paranoia, any person, male or female, should be rationally concerned and cautious about anybody approaching them at night, especially in a semi-deserted or empty street.

While anybody could pose a potential threat, it is only sensible to keep in mind that Negroes, Mestizos, Muslims, Arabs and Pakistanis (especially when travelling in packs) are generally more dangerous than Whites, East Asians or Southeast Asians.

There are many White, East Asian and Southeast Asian gangs, but they are certainly -- in comparison to Negro, Mestizo, Muslim, Arab and Pakistani gangs -- much more likely to be minding their own business, and not interfering with strangers on the street.

While men are generally more of a physical threat, of course females can be dangerous because:
  • Women and teen girls are often used as "honeypots" or lures (feigning sexual attraction or pretending to be in need of protection), to lower a male target's guard, or place him in a compromising position that can then be manipulated by the woman's male thug co-conspirators.
  • Women often pose a threat via deception -- especially with the intent of scamming money and/or assets from men.
  • Women and teen girls can be a threat (including without any malicious intent) due to their higher rates of mental illness/psychosis -- getting strangers entangled in their psychodramas, looking for protection from some thug they've gotten involved with, making false rape-claims, etc.
  • Women and teen girls are, increasingly, a physical threat, with assault-rates rising, both for robberies and simple beatings for sexual pleasure. The victims of such attacks seem to be mostly very old women (in the case of robberies) and men over about the age of forty (in the case of beatings for sexual satisfaction). The female attackers generally use knives as their weapon of choice and/or attack in packs. While the phenomenon is increasingly common in the USA and Canada, it has been best-documented in the UK, where urban areas are more widely under video-camera surveillance. There are numerous instances of such attacks being caught on camera, in which one or two girls approach single men in a friendly manner, chat or ask for a light, and then the man is swarmed by a pack of girls (sometimes wielding knives). After being captured (which is, admittedly, rare), the female offenders typically act weak and claim the male victim tried to sexually abuse them and are then proven to be liars when the video evidence is presented.

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