Just some random silly-list I came across online, but interesting in terms of racial demography:

The 10 Fattest Countries In 2014

September 23, 2014
Via: Imgur

These statistics will surprise you. It is always said the United States is one of the most obese countries in the world. Guess again! Turns out the USA is only #8 on the list. So, who is at the top? The results may shock you…

10. Trinidad and Tobago: 30% of population

9. Venezuela: 30.8% of population: This number, as reported in 2014′s Social Progress Imperative report, falls pretty shy of the Venezuelan government’s own much higher estimate of 38%.

8. United States: 31.8% of population: Well damn. So much for “USA #1″! At least I know I am personally doing something to contribute to that number. Well, I WAS. I’ve joined a gym. Sorry ‘Merica :(

7. Mexico: 32.8% of population:Last year’s reigning champs looking a bit thin this year as well…

6. South Africa: 33.5% of population: “With thinness historically associated with disease and fatness with wealth and success, South African culture is a prime example of how this model is being turned on its head.”

5. United Arab Emirates: 33.7% of population: “Last year, in a bizarre campaign only fitting of a city as opulent as Dubai, its government launched a 30-day weight challenge which rewarded weight loss with gold – literally. Qualifying contestants stood to win two grams of solid gold — worth about $90 — for every two kilograms they managed to lose in the name of fighting obesity”.

4. Jordan: 34.3% of population: “A 2010 report by the University of Jordan pit the obesity rate of Jordanian adult women near 60%, almost double the rate of men”.

3. Egypt: 34.6% of population: 10% of Egyptians drink five or more cans of soda daily.

2. Saudi Arabia: 35.2% of population: With around 72% of the country’s over-40 demographic qualifying as clinically obese, the Saudi Kingdom will likely face enormous health challenges in coming years.

1. Kuwait: 42.8% of population: When American troops arrived in Kuwait during the first Gulf War, so did American fast food.

Who would have thought Kuwait?! Strange results!

Typical that even though the "top" five are all majority Arab-popualted, the writer blames "American fast food" (by which I guess the writer means "WHITEY!") for Kuwait's obese victory.

The other five countries are: two majority Beaner countries, two majority-Negro countries, and the heavily Beaner-Negro KOGUSA, which is also the still-majority-White jurisdiction that has the highest rate of kiked Whites.

Canada has the second highest rate of kiked Whites, but has less Beaners and Negroes than KOGUSA has. About 90% of immigrants to Canada are Asian (almost half Chinese (from PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and half "Indian" (from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), with high numbers of little Filipinos), which certainly helps to keep obesity rates down.

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