Indians have reached Mars. An unmanned mission, and the US, USSR and EU preceded India -- but still, think of the possibilities! Now is the time for Indians to dream, and to act! Indians need to keep breeding, and then flood into the impotent and infertile West, as Chinese, Arabs and Africans have been doing for years. Now is the time to strike, while the borders are open. I know that Indians have almost matched Chinese in invading Canada (though confused by the Muslim/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Sinhalese/Tamil component of migration from the Indian sub-continent), but there's a lot of room for improvement in Australia, Europe, NZ and the US of A. It's important to make a move on Europe before it gets overrun by blacks and Arabs and then it might not be so easy for non-Muslim Indians to get in. Britain has been well-seeded with Indians, but Germany, Italy, Sweden and so on have been neglected. A combination of hi-tech progress, oligarchic domination of trade, and teeming masses of peasants and urban poor living in squalor, combined wit Western self-hate, naivete and weakness -- these factors all combine to provide India with the perfect environment and opportunity to take over the planet, then the solar system! India shall rule the solar system! This is the dawning of the age of Bharatius! Hail India! All glory to the Indian Volk! Free tikka masala for all!

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