The Drop (2014), Gone Baby Gone (2007), and Mystic River (2003) would be a good excuse to get together with friends, and a bottle or two or three of Irish whiskey, and some unhealthy potato-derived food-products, and get depressed together while laughing at the antics of 'white-trash' Paddies.

The Drop, starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini, and based on a Dennis Lehane story, is the only good mainstream English-language movie I can recall seeing over the past few years. I won't discuss the story, except to note that it could easily be adopted to a Dublin 2014 setting, or maybe Limerick.

Lehane also wrote Gone, Baby, Gone, which was made into a good movie (Gone Baby Gone) because of Casey Affleck's acting, though heavy-handed in its Southieness, and flawed because of the presence of Magic Negro Morgan Freeman. Though, interestingly, in Gone Baby Gone he plays a -- wait, I don't want to give away the ending. Let's just say he yet again plays a sort of magicy nigger who thinks he knows what's best for Whitey, but this time things don't turn out as planned.

And Lehane wrote Mystic River, the movie version of which would have been great, if it didn't have Sean Penn emoting all over it (in his laughable "scary Paddy gangster" mode) and that mook whatizname's ugly mug on the screen (the "tall drink of water" who starred with The Magic Negro in The Shawshank Redemption).

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