U2 guitarist gets boost in bid for Malibu mansions

Associated Press, Sept 20, 2014

MALIBU, California (AP) — The guitarist for U2 finally has an edge in getting his long-planned compound of mansions built in the mountains above Malibu.

The California Coastal Commission staff reached a settlement agreement Friday with Irish guitarist David Evans, better known as The Edge, that would allow a downsized version of the project that was objected to by neighbors and environmentalists.

Evans has tried since 2006 to build five mansions on 150 acres (60 hectares) overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

"From Day 1, I had told these guys that the one way to get to approval" was to make these changes, said Jack Ainsworth, the commission's senior deputy director. "And here we are back at that same place many years later."

The project still needs approval by the full commission, which is scheduled to vote next month.

"It's not a slam dunk by any means," Ainsworth the Los Angeles Times.

Backers of the project sued the commission after staff rejected plans in February 2011.

Neighbors had complained the project would ruin their views, and environmentalists said it would harm habitat. The commission staff said the homes would mar an undeveloped ridgeline visible from the coast and destroy vegetation.

The staff also asserted that Evans attempted to circumvent environmental rules by submitting five applications under different corporate names.

Lobbyists for Evans unsuccessfully pushed a bill in Sacramento that would have made it easier to develop the parcel. A Senate committee rejected the bill after environmentalists said it was a power grab by developers and special interests

The revised plans are dramatically different, and the homes, including one for the musician, would be built into hillside contours, a project spokeswoman said.

Compared to the original proposal, the agreement calls for less grading, a smaller development, clustering homes on a lower plateau, shortening an access road and devoting more land for conservation.

Jefferson "Jay" Wagner, a former Malibu councilman who criticized the project, said he was surprised to learn it was still on the table.

Wagner said neighbors would be upset if Evans and his partners sold easement rights for access to nearby lots that could be developed


We have the same problem in Northern California with that foreigner transplant who invested in Microsunsystems, then bought Martins Beach off the Half Moon Bay coast and proceeded to kick all the public off it then hire armed guards to make sure folks, who have been going to this beach for generations, understand that it is "his" beach and we California citizens no longer have access to this wonderful beach! Obama opened the doors wide open to our country and this is the thanks we Americans get?

You either live here and live under the control of the tyrannical coastal commission or you likely have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Want to build a modest new home in my hometown of Malibu? Most likely, you just can't. If you're filthy rich like Evans, you might be able to.... And as his case very typically illustrates, it will take you 6-8 years and $300,000.00 to $500,000.00 before you can move your first shovel of dirt. The Nazi pseudo environmentalists are actually bureaucratically entrenched criminals that are aligned with a caustic group of lawyers that as a matter of standard operating procedure, pilfer the hard won savings of people that simply want to build shelter for themselves and their families. I see a number of them have managed to make some posts here today. Just mention the term "coastal commission" to anyone that lives within their reach and watch them wretch. How would you like to face that in the town you grew up in?

I remember the days when U2 was the Irish folkrock equivalent of an angry punk band out to basically say "F___ the English." Now they're pigs who charge two month's rent for a concert ticket and just focus on money and preaching for why those with less than them need to do more for the planet

Go build you damn mansions in Ireland and leave our land alone!

Maybe up in the mountains he can learn to actually play guitar.

Go back to Ireland you stupid rock star dimwit. Go build ugly houses on the Cliffs of Moher. Amazing how a beautiful place like Malibu has got over run by the Hollywood trash and star chasing billionaires. It would be great if on a holiday weekend the whole place fell into the ocean in a massive earth quake. It would be no loss of anything important.

By the time he is done paying all the lobbyists, politicians, and attorneys, those are going to be some very expensive mansions.

Who would've thunk it. I remember a time when U2 was an awesome band, way before they became dirty money trash.

The guy has a lot of money.That is california.He will get what he wants,as long as he greases enough palms.Welcome to america boyo.

Mali-poo, where Dumbama and lefties do some of their BIGGEST FUND RAISING- while preaching their "save mother earth" tripe to the pot smoked, dumbed down lefties who make up the U2 fan base. Too freaking funny.

U2, just charlatan ONE PERCENTERS, bigger scammers than even FAT AL GORE, the big boy with multiple mansions. Man, those lefties all trying to "save earth" and stop "EVIL CORPORATIONS" and "save the animals" and what not- they all sure do LOVE THEIR LAND AND MANSIONS, now don't they?

How do people get stupid enough to follow idiots like U2 and believe in them, as demi-gods on some religious like crusade- when all they are is money makers, living 100% for THEMSELVES, while peddling lies and tripe to the dumbed down masses, aka leftists? How? How can any group of people be stupid enough to believe one lyric line or one Bone "speech" of tripe laced drivel-speak?

I haven't checked out this new drivel "album/CD son download" U2-SCREW-U just put out, you know the one that will sound EXACTLY the same as the last 12 they ever did. But how many songs (any U2 leftists "fans" aka idiots, pot smoked fools can answer) - how many songs on it are about 1) EVIL corporations 2) EVIL wealth for the elites 3) "Helping" the supposed down trodden 4) EVIL consumerism or similar 5) EVIL killing of their supposed demi-god "mother earth", 6) EVIL overpopulation or the "poor" in some remote country like Africa or whatever, etc. You know, the carbon copy variations of all their prior tripe they ever recorded? Just curious? Thanks in advance, if any leftist idiot can answer. Wonder who ghost writes their tripe while they focus in their off tour time on building massive mansions, jet setting the world in Gulf Stream 5's, etc? Just curious.

How about going back to Ireland and build on your own coast lines?

This goes completely against everything that U2 has ever written or sang about. The Edge is showing himself to be a real phony.

Is this guy even a naturalized citizen ? Born in the UK but has lobbyist working for him to build on California soil. I guess whats the difference all the foreign lobbyist get what they want from the country anyway.

How did this average Wedding Band get so popular??? every tune they do sounds like all the others, did you ever see them on stage with Jagger and Patty Smith at the Rock & Roll HOF 25th Anniversary show??? or with Springsteen??

And to think of how the members of U2 have been such self-righteous whiners over the years for one cause or another. Mark my word, at some point those five parcels of land will one day be sub-divided.

With the California drought showing no signs of ending how are they going to get water? I don't see any lakes or streams so trucking it in with smoking diesel engines would be one way.

And everyone thinks U2 is ethical, loves nature, loves conservation, hates displaying wealth, hates corporations ( he made five shell corps just for this con) and everyone thought U2 cared about the Earth. Hahahaha

Can't he build his house in Ireland?

Oh boy I really want to build a huge house on a wildfire hill, and then have all the sand wash away, I really do. Does any one have any money for me to do this.

I'm sure that in-line with Bono's views, the mansions will be opened to the poor and oppressed. Or not. Like the rest of the malibu crown, Evans will do whatever it takes to keep the peons out. These people are the height of hypocrisy. Do as I say, not as I do.

The guitarist from U-2 has shown what a bunch of hypocrites he and his band mates especially Bono are. While they parade around the world decrying poverty and getting awards for this endeavor by the equally corrupt U.N. Bono stashes his money in Swiss bank accounts to avoid paying taxes in his homeland of Ireland along with fellow band members instead of donating some of their millions to the poor they claim to care about so much. However they have millions to build huge mansions in pristine California wilderness so they can get away from the poor masses they claim to care for. The public should get a clue and stop buying anything to do with U-2.

Plus, they suck.

What bothers me about U2 is that they are each worth about a quarter billion dollars, yet all they do is whine and plead to the American middle class to donate money to poor people in africa.

Hypocrisy. They always expect more gom you. They do not represent any class but elites

In related news, U2 is auditioning a new guitarist, known as The Point.

The rich and famous stripping the land wherever they go to lay down their compounds, swallowing up all the good views and stamping on nature like Godzilla on Bambi!

I guess he's OK with destroying the environment as long as it's not his country.

When the big quake comes, and most of California is reshaped while literally 200.000 or so die, his compound may just survive.

Boy U2 have turned into greedy corporate tools as they've aged. I used to be a fan, but I just can't stand them anymore.

Like they really need more pretentious places out there... leave the land they way it is..

Will he be getting one of those Hollywood triple tax breaks also?

Hasn't that idiot looked around and noticed the California wildfires? Areas difficult to get to with firefighting equipment. California burns (no pun intended) through millions of dollars each year fighting wildfires and trying to saves homes located in areas not serviced by firefighters. This should not have been approved.

Just what the world needs: another pretentious egomaniac loaded with money and not much common sense trying to screw up what little natural habitat there's left in the world. Leave the land alone and go cover a guitar in gold or something, you fool. No wonder U2 is so despised...

This guy could live anywhere in the world. He has enough money that there is not one place in this world he couldn't afford to live. Why he has such a hard on for Malibu is beyond me. I guess the whole hypocritical nature of the band, demands that he live amongst the Hollywood elite and avoid the unwashed masses. For a band that claims they are all about fighting poverty and injustice throughout the world, they sure are elitists.

I couldn't have foreseen this but I'm glad I didn't contribute to this by buying Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby or Zooroopa when MTV and all the media said these albums were so great. Musically rubbish.

Edge, seriously, you clearly have too much money. Give it to the (RED) campaign and The Global Fund.

I like to go hiking up there, animals like it too, not much wilderness left, build your mansion anywhere else #$%$

Is he bored, or what???? Does he not realize California has no water and is suffering an enormous drought? Does he not realize that area is prone to wildfires? Doesn't he have anything better to do than build houses that display nothing but "wretched excess"?

No worries about the rising seas? Interesting.

Oh yeah, this guys a real environmentalist. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy was against the project until David Evans publicly bribed them with a 1 million dollar payoff, which he then took back when the Coastal Commission shot down his plans. He's a slimy, little #$%$ weasel.

Edge has too much money on his hands and could put it to better use if he were in sync with The Global Fund, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The (Red) Campaign, The Clinton Initiative, etc. But that's Bono's job.

How many "homeless" and "poor" do you suppose will be able to get within in 5 miles of these "compounds"? A gardener or a freaking pool man will have to show I.D. and run a security gauntlet to even enter the gated, walled, main road access point- so funny to watch leftists who worship these fools and think they're "saving earth" and creating "UTOPIA" via all their stupid "causes" and dumbed down "lyrics" and on-stage drivel-speak laced speeches and what not. Why isn't this dude just living in an ordinary, "nice", 2500 sq-ft home some place, like all the supposed "little people" he claims to "represent" in their leftist drivel peddling concerts and so called "music"? WHY? Why is that?

U2's songwriting has consistently been brilliant through most of their career. "The Edge" - Jesus Christ, what sort of an adzhole do you have to be to name yourself that - has held up his side of the bargain by making melodies that support the song without being brilliant in any way. Great band member, below average guitarist. The end result was both Jimmy Page and Jack White made him look like a ponce on film, and justifiably so. Since the 90's ended, all members of U2 have proven themselves to be dooshbags of the Nth order.

In terms of guitar players he's average... (newbs n kids included) as far as U2 in general... the biggest embarrassment to rock and roll since the Eagles..

With that kind of money the guy could build in a nice place where sky is blue, plants are green and air is fresh. Here he likes 360 degree grayness and high taxes.

I think if I met someone and they said "Hi, I'm The Edge." I'd pretty much die from laughing so hard.

Great. In an already overbuilt, overdeveloped area, they want to bulldoze one of the few natural areas left and put up more McMansions. U2 is such a phony, sellout band. They're just as greedy and moneygrubbing as the most cold-hearted corporate robberbaron.

shouldn't he be feeding kids in africa with his money?

David Evans and His pal Bono are such great Environmentalist.... Boycott U2

You know rich and famous always get their way.

But he still hasn't found what he's looking for.

Does this guy ever stop wearing that stupid hat and act his age?

There will be a wildfire and landslides there real soon. Good luck, sucker.

I always thought that anyone who changes their dreary, common name ie David Evans, to a name like "The Edge", is a right #$%$ from the start.

doesn't this pretty much wipe out any karma for his environmental work with greenpeace? such a tool.

The Edge's favorite and most over used guitar riff ... Tangy, tangy, tangy, tangy, tangy, tangy, tangy, ( infinity )

Is he bald? Is that why he always wears that stupid black cap? If a guy is bald and cannot accept being bald, I would not trust him. Silly reasoning, I know, but that is me.

But he can't afford a decent hat?

Hair......it's a terrible thing to lose.

YEAH put firefighter and 1st responders lives at risk in a dangerousand difficult to access fire zone.

But my band used to be relevant

go back to Ireland you hack and find the "edge" of a cliff to walk off of.

THESE POS people play music touting environmentalism and use the money to devastate that same environment !!!! BOYCOT U2 !!!!!!

Then, they'll all burn down the first year, mudslides will wash them into the ocean, and Bono can sing a song about saving the earth.

keep denying him, keep him in court for another decade....

He looks like a black-headed dork.

How 'bout giving some of your income in the form of taxes to your country instead of diverting all into your foreign account? I bet the Irish could use a little bit of help from you and your mates.

Great, I have a mansion but NO water.

Danny Bonaduce is in U2?

Guess a lot of those U2 songs were just money making bull sh**.

That is not very in-line with U2's stance of "we're here to save the world!" Up yours, Edge.

Why does one man need 5 mansions? And if you are that rich, why not buy 5 that are already built? Malibu is full of mansions for sale. This man has a very stubborn dream I do not understand. I like U2's music, by the way.

Hard to believe U2 use to make good, relevant music. Now I wouldn't download their music if it was free. Yes, that's a jab.

Well world needs more mansions doesn't it?

U2 have become 4 jack wods from Ireland....... Money , money money money . that's all folkssss

hypocrites. they decry the 1%, rail against the system and laugh all the way to the bank.

What is Southern Cal going to do when they run out of water?

Why are these people wanting to tear up the beautiful land when there are so many houses for sale? This man needs to go try that stuff in UK. More money than morals or brains.

The entire band is trash.

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