Scots is more Germanic than English. It's a dialect of Old English, pre-Norman, closer to Anglo-Saxon, mixed with the accent from Irish/Gaelic. Anyway, Scots spreads from The Shetlands, across Central Scotlan, and over to Ulster.

These are the cultures that The Kike and its whores want to erase, by promoting the idea that only Negroes, Kikes, Turks, Arabs, Chinkese...whoever...have "real culture", and Whites (especially English-speaking Whites) just have ... "vanilla" blankness...nothingness...just a space for others to fill in....

Scots Scotland Ulster Red 9cOldEng Or EarlyScot Yel ModScot

Red: The extent of Old English by the beginning of the 9th century in the northern portion of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria, now modern southeastern Scotland, which had been established there since the 7th century

Orange (in addition to red) The extent of Early Scots – called Inglis or Ynglis by its speakers during the period – by the beginning of the 15th century

Yellow (in addition to red and orange): The present-day extent of Modern Scots

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