Any referendum on Northern Ireland's constitutional status (especially after the travesty in Scotland) would only be a complete waste of time and money, with a foregone conclusion -- but would stir up social tensions. Sinn Fein IRA's intent is just to get to bitch about how they evil "Brits" are for denying the people of Northern Ireland the opportunity to democratically blah blah blah.

McGuinness calls for NI border poll

UTV, 19 September 2014

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has renewed Sinn Féin's call for a vote on Northern Ireland's constitutional status, after Scotland rejected independence at the end of an historic referendum campaign.

A majority of Scottish voters said no to independence by a margin of 55.3% to 44.7% amid a record-breaking turnout.

After the results were announced, Mr McGuinness said: "The debate around the referendum ensures that things will never be the same again for Scotland or elsewhere.

"It showed that it is possible to discuss important constitutional issues in a spirit of respect for all sides. I believe we could do that without opening up divisions which would be detrimental to the institutions," the Sinn Féin MLA added.

His call was reiterated by party president Gerry Adams, who said: "It is time for the people who share this island to have a respectful and informed debate with regard to Irish Unity or continued partition."

Mr Adams added: "The people here, like our Scottish cousins, should be provided the opportunity in a Border Poll to determine the constitutional position.

"That is the democratic way forward," the Louth TD said.

But First Minister Peter Robinson believes "there are other more pressing issues" in the region.

"In Northern Ireland it is clear that more and more people want to maintain the status quo and whilst there is nothing to fear from that view being expressed, there are other more pressing issues the people of Northern Ireland would wish us to be focusing upon," the DUP leader said on Friday.

Under the Good Friday Agreement, the power to call a border poll in Northern Ireland lies with the Secretary of State.

Theresa Villiers can make the call at any time, but she would only be required to do so if there was clear evidence that a majority would back a united Ireland.

On Friday, Ulster Unionist Peer Lord Empey said: "There is no evidence to say it appears likely people would vote for change therefore there is absolutely no need for a border poll.

"The Secretary of State should clearly restate that she has no intention of contemplating such a poll and instead we should all concentrate on making Stormont work properly. That would be a positive use of time and effort," the UUP man said.

Last year, the Northern Ireland Office said that the UK Government had no plans to organise a referendum based on recent election results and opinion polls in the region.


steve in Antrim: cannot run NORTHERN IRELAND right little hope of all of Ireland

Dave Andrews in Belfast: I find it amusing that Sinn Fein call for a border poll whilst digging their heels in on welfare reform. Surely they are missing the contradiction there as under a united Ireland welfare would become almost non-existent in order to economically support the nation.

Tommy in UK - including N. Ireland & Scotland: SF are getting desperate, they can see there is no prospect of N. Ireland leaving the UK in this generation, and even if there was a referendum I think it would go the same way as Scotland with a majority wanting to remain part of the UK. How about focusing on current problems in N.I. Mr McGuiness instead of creating new ones? Is SF going to pay for a pointless border poll? Even if we had one they still wouldn't be happy when the people of N. Ireland voted to remain British. Its all over, the UK will remain united, get over it and move on!

Jason Cantellaven in Belfast: Everybody knows that the majority of people in Northern Ireland want to remain with the UK and not become part of the Republic of Ireland. Therefore no border poll is required as the result is clear that NI does not want to be united with the ROI. The Good Friday agreement says that the Secretary of State can request a border poll if there was clear evidence that the majority of people in NI would want to join with the ROI than remain with the UK. However, it is unlikely that there will be clear evidence of people from NI wanting to join the ROI for decades maybe even centuries. We have actually seen an increase in people in the ROI supporting to reunite with the UK although it is still in the minority at the minute in ROI. So no border poll required for decades.

joe in belfast: Its good too dream.

Franco in Belfast: personally I don't care because I believe enough unionists and individual catholic people would vote to remain within the UK for the betterment of their own lives and their childrens futures, lets be honest the ROI is no Utopia. anything but, better the devil you know and can deal with.

andytown kid in real world: "lets test it out " i'm not really comfortable with that idea. At a guess i feel the outcome would be under 20% YES-80% NO. We all live in the real world, we are set in our ways now. Irelands freedom has always been a romantic dream.A border poll would just embarrass the nationalist vote. I agree that our politicians should stand together and sort this mess out. No more dummy chucking ,you work for us !

jimbo in Garvagh: Good idea. Why don't we let all the murderers out of prison,give them jobs in Government and compensate the families of murderers as well. Oh hold on.....

Andrew in Co. Down: Ah here we go

Trevor in banbridge: News for you Kelly, the union stands together. No need for border vote, we are British. Forget about border, lets have a vote for full independence, lets do it right. Bet SF would have been happier had Scotland voted Yes......BUT THEY DIDN'T

Big Jim in Fermanagh: Border poll, you say? Bring it on. as bad as things are in the UK, most people know rightly that a United Ireland, whilst a aspiration for some, is as likely to be voted in as was an independent Scotland. So if the myth of everybody wanting a United Ireland was dispelled, once and for all, maybe SF, SDLP etc would put more effort into making local politics work!

in Dromore: There is more important stuff to sore out first like the health service which needs to be sorted for the waiting list in the wee country

Robben in Belfast: Then we have one every seven years stirring up trouble and hatred the place would never settle down give it up gerry....let us live,all of us!

Anonymous in NI: I am married to a protestant who sees herself as British. I am no bigot but would love to see a reunification of Ireland but if there is anything to learn from the Scottish independence vote is that nationalists need to have a very strong economic plan in place. I believe Scotland would be independent today if all the economic uncertainty wasn't there and the SNP were firm in their economic answers. Regardless Ni needs to fend more for itself whether part of UK or reunification. And if it did, then it would not be such a big problem for the Republic. So I reckon if I was Shinn Fein I would be waiting a little while longer but the Scottish made us all forget what it is like here and it would never be a simple democratic vote.

jerry in co down: keep dreaming Mr Kelly.

J in Northern Ireland: One read at the 2011 Census will tell you that this would be the biggest waist of money EVER! 28.4% of the population see themselves as Irish. Now unless there has been a cataclysmic Volcano eruption that I missed that killed 26% of the population in this country then a boarder poll is completely pointless. The only reason why SF are so desperate to have a border poll in the next 2 years is a very simple one. Once the boarder poll is triggered that then opens the door for a boarder poll every 7 years. Guess what happens in 7 years time? it is the centenary of the War of Independence in the Republic of Ireland. SF are aiming to Maximise their vote when Nationalists are allowing their hearts to rule their heads. SF are so transparent. Sadly one thing they have not counted on is that the 2011 Census also shows that only 50.7% of Catholics in Northern Ireland see themselves as Irish! hahahaha. There's your reality Gerry. The Union is stronger and is getting stronger by the year. Pretty soon the Republic will want to join!

Franco in Belfast: I for one wouldn't be afraid if a border poll, who in their right mind would vote to pay 40£ For a perscription and pay to see a doctor and pay more for household goods. Bring it on Gerry

Bring it on in Belfast: Knock yourself out Gerry Kelly. I'm a catholic and see myself as Northern Irish like the majority of other catholics up here. Only 27% of people in the census wanted a united Ireland [approx] Sinn Fein must like egg on their face it is never going to happen! But hey god love a trier!!! Maybe a vote of that magnitude would stir the non voters, like myself, up and show SF just how few people they represent up here......... Remember you only represent a proportion of the 37% of the population that voted last time the majority of us are bored with you all!!!


Thomas in UK: Scotland has spoken, we will remain a UNITED KINGDOM, get used to it Gerry Kelly!

Wylie Mills in Co. Down: I was wondering how long it would take them to pull that one out of the hat?

Observer in United Kingdom: SF are a joke, a border poll would be a pointless waste of money. The people of Scotland said NO and the people of N. Ireland would say NO in a referendum too. Hospitals are in crisis and SF want to waste money on this nonsense, catch a grip Kelly!

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