The English* should now let friends, neighbours, co-workers, classmates, media and politicians know that English people are sick and tired of hearing about foreigners, asylum-seekers, immigrants and...Scots, and now expect MAJORITY RIGHTS.

* or: Non-Negro and non-Muslim voters in England, especially English speakers.

The majority of Irish, Welsh and Scots in England, and the majority of England-born non-Muslim Asians, and perhaps the majority of White immigrants are not antagonistic to White English interests, and those who are antagonistic can be still shouted down and shut up at this point. Of course many England-born Muslims and Negroes are also "in principle" in favour of closing the open borders, but as groups they have anti-English interests, and they "follow the herd" much, much more than White people do.

Now is the time to strike: Just let as many people as possible know that you've had enough of all the unbalanced multikulti and minority-rights nonsense.

+ + +

Regional independence movements in Europe (esp. Italy, Spain & Belgium) should focus their energies on how their federal governments are destroying the regional identities by importing so many Muslims and Negroes and non-Whites in general. And if they plan on embarking on any separatist referanda, they should learn from the Scottish example and put Real Independence on the ballot, not SNP-style smoke and mirrors.

+ + +

The SNP's failure is justice. A fake "independence" scam was rightly rejected.

It's a pity for England, to be stuck with whiney sponging Scots. But the pathetic English need to stand up for themselves! and not rely on phony Scottish nonsense machinations to magically liberate them with Alex Salmond's fairy-wand.

What the SNP had to offer would have been a disaster for Scots, which is why it was rejected, since most Scots are canny enough to know what's in their best interests. (As I predicted pre-referendum.)

+ + +

Any other regional separatist movements (especially in Europe) who tried to stick their colours to the SNP mast now have egg on their faces, which they well deserve, for having tried to live vicariously through Scottish snake-oil salesmen instead of doing the serious and hard work of organizing their own proper and genuine independence movements.

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