One of the (many, many) things annoying in all the propaganda surrounding the fake "independence" referendum in Scotland today is the matter of UK-Scottish border controls.

If Scotland votes to separate (which I doubt will happen) then I would hope the UK would establish border controls between Scotland and the UK (air, sea and land links between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Crown Dependencies (Man, Jersey, Guernsey).

It is claimed, by the "YES" campaigners, that such natural border controls would somehow be "offensive" and "antagonistic", and it is claimed that there are no such controls between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. That claim is false. Air travellers from the UK are systematically checked for identification in Ireland, and sea and land travellers are subject to random checks. The main concern for the Irish government is not Britons entering Ireland, but non-Britons entering Ireland via the UK. The British side is more lax, but has the right to impose border checks at any time. Citizens of member-states of the Common Travel Area do not require passports, but must have acceptable photo identification.

The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands also maintain identity checks, and would be under no obligation to allow post-UK Scots to enter (though they would allow entry to Scots travelling on British passports or who have photo identification and can believably state that they are British citizens.)

Any border-controls would not affect Britons/Scots travelling back and forth, since almost all most Scots would remain British citizens, and any new Scottish government would not dare to keep Britons out of Scotland, for economic and political reasons. However, non-British, non-EU and non-EFTA residents of Scotland could be denied entry into the UK. (Though of course anybody could still gain entry by claiming "Asylum! Asylum! I am refugee!")

Any Scot who only had a Scottish passport would have no automatic right to enter the UK, since Scotland would have no EU membership, and would be no part of any other political treaty connecting it to the UK. Of course such travel arrangements could be negotiated between Scotland and the UK.. Of course most Scots want to have their cake and eat it too.

I am sure that Scottish separation would be good for England, and most likely bad for Scotland. I have my doubts Scotland will split, since most Scots are too sensible and too cheap. So I fear that England will be cursed with the disproportionate influence that whiney, womanish, never-satisfied Scots have on England for at least another generation. It'll most likely be even worse, considering all the grovelling, toadying and kowtowing to the haggis-munchers that the muck-mucks at Westminster have been up to over the past few weeks.

I do hope if any split occurs then the Orkneys and the Shetlands will likewise split from Scotland.

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