A The Walking Dead spin-off is in production.

Some other spin-off suggestions:
  • The Walking Dead: Sex Crimes
  • The Walking Dead: K-9 Unit
  • The Walking Dead: Militia-Watch!
  • The Walking Dead: Internet Survellance Unit
  • The Walking Dead: Guantanamo
  • The Walking Dead: White America
  • The Walking Dead: CFR
  • The Walking Dead: Humanitarian Intervention
  • The Sucking Dead: Manning the Ramp at Chaps
  • The Singing Dead: Zombie Idol
  • The Bending-Over Dead: Mecca
  • The "Grooming" Dead: Rotherham
  • The Hasbaratting Dead: Keyboard Zombies
  • The Buggering Dead: Karachi
  • The Going-Straight-To-Hell Dead: NAMBLA
  • The Kvetching Dead: Crown Heights
  • The Voting Dead: Sweden
  • The Predicting Dead: Global Warming
  • The Hysteria-Inducing Dead: Neo-Nazi Threat!
  • The Separating Dead: Scotland
  • The Pilpuling Dead: Chabad Luabvitch
  • The Dead Dead: London
  • The Dog-Eating Dead: Seoul
  • The Cat-Eating Dead: The Cathay Ming Wok
  • The Pimping Dead: Dee-troit Yo
  • The Rapping Dead: Jaz-Z vs Puff-Diddy
  • The Subverting Dead: Hollyjewed
  • The Welcoming Dead: Border Patrol
  • The Chillin' Dead: Cribs
  • The Humping Dead: Kardashian Mudshark Reality
  • The Talking Dead: Kikestream Media
  • The Walking Talking Dead: Kike "Comedy"

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