1. Queer Kenneth Williams starred in his queer friend Joe Orton's Loot, a travesty that mocks the Roman Catholic Church, Christian sacraments, and Christian societal attitudes towards death. It premiered in Cambridge on 1965.02.01, directed by Peter Wood (best known for directing Kike Harold Pinter's debut kike agitprop, The Birthday Party). Many in the audience were outraged, as Orton had intended, had mostly negative reviews, and lost money, closing down in Wimbledon on 1965.03.20. Loot was successfully revived in 1966, in Holborn, directed by queer Kike Charles Marowitz and starring Simon Ward (his "big break"; he went on to play Nazi Capt. Hoffman, with Alec Guinness as Hitler, in Gli ultimi 10 giorni di Hitler (Hitler: The Last Ten Days; written by Oberleutnant Gerhhardt Boldt, who is responsible, as the "eye-witness", for the famous Hitler-breakdown scene/meme from Der Untergang (Downfall). Boldt, Hitler: Die letzten Tage in der Reichskanzlei (1973): "Hitler interrupted the report to ask what had happened to General Felix Steiner's offensive . . . There was a long silence and then Hitler was told that the attack had never been launched, and that the withdrawal from Berlin of several units of Steiner's army, on Hitler's orders, had so weakened the front that the Russians had broken through into Berlin. That was too much for Hitler. He asked everyone except Wilhelm Keitel, Alfred Jodl, Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Burgdorf to leave the room . . .  Then Hitler started jumping up and down, while he ranted and raved. His face turned white and purple in turns, and he was shaking all over. His voice kept breaking, as he screamed out the words disloyalty, cowardice, treachery, and insubordination. There followed accusations against the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, of the kind that previous explosions had brought out in somewhat milder form. His outburst culminated in the oath that he would remain in Berlin, with the Berliners, that he would lead the fight personally -- let all who wish to desert him and the city do so now. And then something happened that none of those present had ever seen or expected to see. Hitler suddenly returned to his chair and collapsed. He stammered out: 'It's all up . . . the war is lost . . . I shall shoot myself.' ), and Zor-El in Supergirl; in 1995, at very short notice, Ward took over queer Kike Stephen Fry's role in the play Cell Mates, after Fry walked out of the play near the start of its run). Loot had its first Broadway production in 1968, directed by Kike Derek Goldby. Albert Finney directed a production at the Royal Court Theatre as part of its Joe Orton Festival. The play was staged in 1984 at the Manhattan Theatre Club, starring Kevin Bacon, and Kike Zoë Wanamaker (CBE).
  2. Gary Oldman played Joe Orton in Prick Up Your Ears (directed by Kike Stephen Frears, and writen by Kike John Lahrheim/Lahr & Queer Alan Bennett).
  3. Gary Oldman and Kevin Bacon starred in Criminal Law (written by Kike Mark Kasdan), which received overwhelmingly negative reviews.

Kenneth Williams was very funny, and clever. Not like all these fruits who are famous now on British TV just for being "outraaaaaaygeously" camp, and constantly making non-jokes about anuses/rectums and peni, He was also very handsome as a boy, though with huge nostrils. He got turned queer by a dirty old man on a bus. He also had a mean butch dad, and I wonder if he got sodomized by daddy. All his life he was obsessed with never letting anyone or anything "penetrate" (as he put it) him in any way. Most queers are turned as kids, which really confuses them and screws them up for life. He turned ultra fag in the army, with a bunch of faggot army pals, including queer kike movie director John Schlessinger. He became such a physical freak that people laughed when he talked about how much he loved himself, but in fact he was a raging (though self-hating) narcissist, who regularly masturbated while admiring himself in the mirror. Just like queer Frankie Howerd and necro-pedo Jimmy Savile, he was obsessively attached to his mother. He was a big radio and West End star before he started Carrying On with Kike Sid James. He was embarrassed about becoming a star though Carry On (he was in 26 of the 31 Carry On movies), and only started starring in the movies because the "awfully clever" and pretentious Oxbridge boys (Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, queer Alan Bennett, and Kike Jonathan Wolfe Miller) of Beyond the Fringe (> That Was The Week That Was > Monty Python's Flying Circus) made Williams' over the top comedy seem rather desparate, and he went out of fashion. After starring in six Carry Ons, he was happy to be able to get back into theater in a play by Kike Peter Levin Schafer, co-starring with Maggie Smith, and then in an Orson Welles directed play. His real idea of success was to be recognized as a great theatre actor, but was impossible for audiences to take him seriously, and he ended up always falling back on funny voices and freakish mannerisms to get a laugh. He commonly flashed his penis at his co-stars and shared stories about his masturbatory obsessions. He often publicly share dirty jokes and incestuous innuendos with his mother. He closed his life by appearing in TV shows (his favourite gig was in Just A Minute, with Kike Clement Freud (whose key role was at The Kike's Nuremberg Trials) as his straight man; then he appeared in numerous chat-shows; but his own Kenneth Williams Show was a flop.), and then by abandoning all faith in salvation (he was a Roman Catholic) just before he died. He was a miserable, lonely, strange man. He hated himself for his queerness, lewdness, insecurities and obscenities. His final diary entry was, "Oh what's the bloody point?", and then died that night from a barbituate overdose.

Joe Orton was murdered by his queer partner, who bashed his brains in with a hammer after tolerating him fagging around all over the place for years.

Gary Oldman is a great actor and movie director who recently stated some facts about kikery and then kowtowed and pissed on himself in the hopes of being forgiven.

Kevin Bacon is a great actor who promotes all sorts of trendy lefty causes. He's good at playing sodomites, but one of his best roles was as a catamite.

Hitler defined the age, and The Kike interpreted Hitler's definition.

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