Racism On Washington Ave?

More racism on Washington Ave?

'Black girls' restaurant check creates an uproar, fuels area's rep

By [KIKE] Eric Sandler, CultureMap Houston, 9.4.14

Bubba's on Washington: Get Directions - 6225 Washington Ave. Houston

A server's shortcut to keep track of his tables has Houston social media in an uproar, focusing attention once again on alleged racism on Washington Avenue.

Barnard Bradfield, a 19 year old African-American waiter at Bubba's on Washington, forgot the names of the women he was waiting on during a busy Saturday night service. He identified them as "black girls" on the check to keep track of the table.

"I was just trying to remember the ladies' names so I didn't, like, give them the wrong order or anything," Bradfield tells KPRC Ch. 2.

Although the manager tells KRPC the women accepted his explanation for Bradfield's mistake, a tweet showing the receipt sparked a social media firestorm. For some users, it brought up all the bad memories of other racist incidents on the Washington scene such as when two Houston Dynamo players were refused entry to Roosevelt and wound up in a scuffle with off-duty HPD officers.

Although the Roosevelt has closed, its former owner Saleem Fernandez denied allegations of racism in an interview with CultureMap about his Social Junkie sports bar.

Kung Fu, which has locations in Houston, Austin and Dallas, was also forced to post its dress code after allegations of racism rocked its Dallas location.

Saturday's incident at Bubba's may not appear to contain any outright malice, but management has still suspended Bradfield for a couple of weeks.


ELEPHANT IN ROOM: article is by Eric Sandler.

Eric Sandler, the Jew writer of this stupid article, trying to whip up more race-animosoty amongst the "goyim".

The place is called BUBBA's Bar & Grill!

I guess it's okay to call anything "black' (ie car, dog, ink etc)... But never refer a person as being black.

Yo, yu sayin dat mudsharkz b'z matin wit dogz!?!?!? Da'ss rayyssiss yo!

I hope they feel better about getting a poor 19 year old black kid suspended.

They do.

Wow, I had no idea that using skin color as a descriptor is racist. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways and instructing me on how to be properly sensitive to others in regards to race. I will do my best to also apply this to gender as well. I see now that any kind of descriptor can be taken as offensive by some and should therefore be avoided in every way.

For proper conditioning, just keep admitting jew media into your life.

There are TOO many racism stories to cover out there. THIS is the one that is chosen and they cover it in this manner? Condescendingly? I am sure there is a lot more to this story and what matters are peoples feelings toward the subject. What I can conclude from the comments is that most of you "WHITE" folks don't see this as a big deal. Well you are all A-Holes. Ok, what if it was you as the minority in a restaurant and your ticket said "Honkeys" or "White Couple" or whatever phrase offends you. You are saying you wouldn't feel singled out, upset, outraged? These are people, they were hurt by this, it was wrong. Period. And so is this article for down playing these scenarios. You all should be ashamed.

Most of you 'BLACK' people make something out of nothing all the time. We don't care if we are called Honkey or white couple. THAT is what you blacks don't get. You are all so touchy. Why don't you 'Blacks" work on cleaning up your 'own community'. I'm so tired of those ridiculous "bury the 'N' word" funeral processions when it's the rappers and 'blacks' that are promoting the word 'Nigga'. It's NOT the whites that throw this word around daily. Next time address the funeral procession to the folks that can't keep 'Nigga' off their lips- BLACKS! Look to your own community FIRST.

Is this some kind of joke? So he forgot their names and instead described them in the same way you would if it were two white people instead of two blacks?

Still, it's extremely offensive to describe them as "Black Girls". Barnard should have been more specific in his description, such as "Fineass Negresses", "nappyhead hos", "uppity ghetto trash", "burrhead chix", "flatnose & afro", and so on.

People, stay away from referring to people just this blk person or whatever person if you don't have to. You really can get better descriptions than that, even if you add the race toward the end of that. People who don't have a general knowledgeable and interaction with different types of people or open to that are the ones that seem more dependent on the racial classifications. This guy should've just known the table they were at and put on the receipt or what color they were wearing or something and it being two of them.

What next? Bitching about the white background of this page?

Were they black? Yes. Some people are always looking for something to get "offended" and "outraged" over. Get over yourselveves.

This is a total non-story, but I know you need to hit your quota for stories and clicks.

Stupid story to aggregate.

This is ridiculous!!

So the Guests were black, the Waiter is black and this is thereby racist?

Do you know anyone that wants to be identified by their race as opposed to their name? Oh I guess if you benefit from white privilege this is not an issue. However if not white then this is a horrible way to be reminded of second class citizenship

They weren't 'identified' in the way you're signalling here. In a crowd of white people, if there are two black people, the easiest signal to identify them is by the fact that they are black. This does not convey any other meaning besides the one you choose to read into it.

"the easiest signal to identify them is by the fact that they are black" maybe in a vacuum tube but here in America with all its nasty history of racism, discrimination and ill treatment of minorities changes all that.

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