Stephen Morrissey: "A rush and a push, and the land that we stand on is ours. It has been before, so it shall be again. And people who are uglier than you and I, they take what they need, and just leave. Oh, but don't mention love."

Nicholas I: "London must be expelled from the UK, from England. It must be vomited out. All the mainstream politicians could be locked in, and a new capital established. A great wall could be built around London, and the alien savages, and Russel Brand, and Jessie J, and politicians, and media types, and other rootless cosmopolitans could all be left to their owns devices, like in a Venezuelan prison. Then, after a few decades an army could be sent in to mop up the few feral survivors and the place be rebuilt, or turned into a park."

Paddy Kilshamus: "That would be an amazing film. We could watch the struggle to impose Sharia Law or Liberal Democracy. The balkanisation of London and cross cultural doomed romances. The emergence of a hybrid race of children with conflicting identity issues who rebel by becoming 'non-idents', bland, average, innocuous as possible. There are a lot of possibilities here. I might work on a screenplay. Of course it might be the case that they just destroy each other.It would be a fantastic experiment to put all these unwanted people in isolation and see what develops. First class idea. Thanks."

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