(If you watch Part 3, skip to 15m13s)

(No need to watch the movie she mentions! Writer & Director Kike Spike Jonze, Producer Kike Megan Ellison, with Kike Joaquin Phoenix & Kike Scarlett Johansson)

(Chakras, colour charts, crytals, feng shui and Budhha? Well, she lives in Jew Yawk, and could be kike. I still like the principle of controlling your environment.

I admire this chick for trying to stay healthy and balanced, in Jew Yawk of all places.

"Every day, we are constantly interacting with other energetic fields that are around us, whether it's people, animals, even rocks. As simple as that. Everything contains energy. And interacting with these energy fields can either uplift us, or they can drag us down. The Sun is a fantastic tool, because if you sit in the sun you can actually remove those poopy energies that have stuck to your auric fields, and release them. ... Release them or transform them into something else."


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