After an "independent" Scottish government has had to deal with its failure to live up to its pledges to increase foreign welfare, increase domestic welfare, adopt Pound Sterling with no input re interest rates, increase free university places, increase immigration, increase "anti-hate" and anti-"hate-speech" campaigns and prosecutions, increase asylum/refugee/scam acceptance-rates, share Shetland's oil resources 'more equitably", and decrease Scotland's "carbon footprint" in order to "fight global warming", this is what Scots will be missing from the English taxpayer:

The British Government Tit

SNP Deputy Leader Nicola Sturgeon:

Scotland is, in the words of William McIlvanney, a mongrel nation. We are a melting pot of people from all parts of the world, from Poland to Pakistan, Ireland to Italy, the Americas to Africa, and we are stronger because of it.

Diversity is one of Scotland's greatest strengths and, as the world becomes smaller and populations more mobile, we must remember that fact.

There are many asylum seekers in Scotland who could make an enormous and long term contribution to Scottish society if only they were given the chance. The way in which some asylum seekers are treated by the UK immigration authorities is not only, on occasion, morally wrong. It also deprives Scotland of much needed talent and risks sending the wrong message about our country to the very people we are encouraging to come here to live and work.

And as our population continues to diversify, we must remember that we are no more naturally immune from racism than any other country. There will always be those who choose to see what divides people rather than what unites them; people who see diversity as a threat rather than a strength and who seek to spread fear and hate. Racism has to be guarded against, challenged and defeated - over and over again.

SNP Westminster Home Affairs Spokesman Pete Wishart:

With independence, Scotland will have the full range of powers needed for a positive and sensible approach to immigration. An independent Scotland will have an inclusive approach to citizenship and a humane approach to asylum seekers and refugees.

The Scots are exposed to the same anti-immigrant rhetoric of the right wing press, and Nigel Farage is as ever-present on Scottish TVs as he is south of the Border. In Scotland we have to lump inappropriate Westminster immigration laws, and we are constantly told that they must become even more restrictive to protect us from the various ‘floods’ of ‘foreigners’ who are to erode our way of life.

Scotland votes for a Government at Holyrood that couldn’t sound any more different from the UK Tory Government on immigration and we are a better country for that. In Scotland, when we see an increase in our population given our history of depopulation, we celebrate the good news. Scotland has always accommodated new people coming to our country.

SNP MSP racially abused: Humza Yousaf has reported the "hurtful" incident to the police.

The Scotsman, 15 February 2014

Humza Yousaf was among a number of politicians, actors and television presenters to take to the streets for International Street Paper Vendor Week.

The minister for external affairs and international development was selling the Big Issue magazine outside Glasgow Queen Street Station last week when a man said “f*** off back home”.

The Glasgow-list MSP told The Scotsman: “This chap came up to us and when I tried to give him some of my sales patter, he said, ‘Not from the likes of you, you’re not from my country’, or something to that effect.

“I turned around and said, ‘I think you’ll find I’m from Scotland, my home’. Then he came pretty much into my face, in a threatening manner, and he went on a rant about Romanians and Bulgarians in Scotland. I’ve been called pretty much everything you can think of by people like the Scottish Defence League, but by far the worst is being told to go home.”

Mr Yousaf, 28, said he has ­reported the incident to police and hopes the suspect will be traced.

He added: “I’m not trying to be political but this is why politicians have to be careful about the language they use."

Exposed: Racist thug hides behind wife as we confront him over tirade of abuse aimed at MSP Humza Yousaf

By Sally Hind, The Daily Record, Feb 19, 2014

A RACIST yob who verbally attacked an MSP in the street was exposed by his own community yesterday. Several people named the man as Chris Chisholm, 30, from Dunbartonshire. The bully told SNP minister Humza Yousaf he wouldn’t buy a Big Issue from him because he’s “not from my country”.

Chisholm runs his own installation company and lives in a detached house in Gartcosh with his wife Christina, 29, and their young child. When we asked to talk to him yesterday, Christina said, “No, we don’t want to speak to anybody” and shut the door.

Those who called in to identify Chisholm claimed he was well known for his offensive views. One said: “He isn’t a nice person."

Yousaf said: “I am humbled by all the messages of support. They reminded me that there are a lot more good people in the world than bad.”

Police said investigations were ongoing.

[Pre-arrest, pre-trial] COMMENTS @ The Daily Record:

Nadeem Hussain: Why is it that racism is now being highlighted more than ever ? Are we all as a people, being more proactive in stamping it out ? Or are we preparing our city of Glasgow, to be more accepting of our fellow citizens, regardless of colour or creed, seeing that they eyes of the world will be upon us for the commonwealth games ?This case does show the kindness and good nature of our fellow scots in exposing racist filth that plague our towns and cities. It certainly inspires me to see so many folk coming forward from this thugs own community to expose this confused angry racist !

Ortaski Otark: What a shame and dishonour CHRIS Chisholm and his wife(christina shame on you too for protecting such cowardly acts to humanity) has brought to scotland, they are such a bad disease

Donald Reid: My mother would be "black affronted" (so to speak) by the ignorance of this guy. What an embarrassment to us all.

Angela Boyd: this man is despicable , maybe if his company runs into financial trouble now because of his actions he will think twice about his words ...

William Watters: An absolute disgrace, glad he was recognised and named.

This comment has been removed for violations of our Terms and Conditions.

lewis.mackinnon: What an ignorant fool. I'm surprised we have not a sob story from his wife about how he is " in a bad place and it's totally out of character". He is a racist idiot and probably proud. His wife must also be.

This comment has been removed for violations of our Terms and Conditions.

Sarah Louise Frobisher-beeby: If i was married to this man i would be ashamed to call this man my husband or a father , absolute ignorant arrogant RACIST human being , cant imagine the values he has in his family and gives to his children , and having to hide away behind your wifes back , makes me laugh , step out and say it like a man , you MOUSE

Liam Brough: What a stupid stupid man this is, a benefits locust? most homeless struggle to get benefits as they have no home abode, as for the your not from my country? how i wish I could say the same to this neanderthal...I bet his wife and parents are so proud of him..

Kevin O'Neill: He's punching above his weigh with her. I take it he's well off.

Cole Thornton: Humza Yousef will one day be First Minister of Scotland.I'm certain of it.Seeing him effortlessly swat away Anas Sarwar during a televised debate was something to see, very entertaining.He'll go far.

Lewis R J Donelan: It is an Italian make, maybe they think the Italians are still with the Nazi's

Stuart Barstow: How does an ugly obnoxious dimwit like this get such a good looking wife

This comment has been removed for violations of our Terms and Conditions.

This comment has been removed for violations of our Terms and Conditions.

This comment was left by a user who has been blocked by our staff.

This comment was left by a user who has been blocked by our staff.

This comment was left by a user who has been blocked by our staff.

alex.patrick.731: Bet you thought you were pretty bloody clever there, mate!? It's good to see you've been plastered all over the media so everybody knows what a small minded yob you grew up to be. Your own neighbours grassed you up, so it wasn't even an isolated incident. You're obviously a plank on a daily basis if they couldn't wait to hang you out to dry... Have a nice day now!

Irene Fyfe: Think his installation Busines will go down the pan after this disgusting performance.

A man has appeared in court charged with alleged racially aggravated harassing Scottish Government minister Humza Yousaf.

The Scottish Minister for External Affairs and International Development, was allegedly verbally abused in Glasgow city centre at around 4.45pm on Friday 7 February.

Christopher Chisholm, 30, was charged with racially aggravated harassment when he appeared in private at Glasgow Sheriff Court today.

He made no plea or declaration and was committed for further examination.

( The Scotsman, Feb. 20, 2014)

Anger at SNP plan to ‘bribe’ migrants into Scotland

ALEX SALMOND was last night accused of planning to throw open Scotland’s borders with “bribes” for foreigners.

By Paul Gilbride, The Daily Express, December 18, 2013

The First Minister wants thousands more immigrants to pour into the country following a Yes vote in next year’s referendum.

Mr Salmond is determined to pursue a different immigration policy than Westminster to aid economic growth.

The SNP leader wants to lift restrictions on non-EU immigration if voters back the break-up of Britain.

He also plans to bring in more immigrants by adopting a system that would encourage foreigners to move to remote areas.

External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf yesterday claimed “providing incentives” was part of building a “fairer” immigration system.

Measures to encourage foreign students to stay in Scotland after graduating would be introduced after a Yes vote next year, along with initiatives to attract migrants to work in more remote areas.

Speaking ahead of International Migrants Day, Mr Yousaf said: “It’s important to celebrate the enormous contribution migrants have made – and will continue to make – to the Scottish economy, our culture and our society.

“Migration has been good for Scotland.” He said the current system means many migrants do not enjoy the family life others “take for granted”, because their immediate relatives are not granted visa access.

Figures from the Migration Observatory census profile showed that the country’s foreign-born population increased by 93 per cent between 2001 and 2011.

The Scottish Government said details of the incentives for migrants were still being worked.

A spokeswoman added: “Scotland has shortages of skilled workers to fill jobs in key sectors. In addition, our population demographics require skilled immigration in the future and independence will give us the chance to fill those gaps.”


You don't have to bribe immigrants into your country, just leave massive great loopholes everywhere and they will flock in like they have done in the UK, then just sit back the same as the UK government has done and watch them suck it dry!

It's always the Scottish either born or decendants of Scotland that love mass immigration- tony blaire, Gordon brown, David Cameron - hopefully Scotland will see through salmond and vote to stay with Britain let's face it they won't be any better off independent they will have another tony blaire flooding the place with unwanted, unskilled immigrants.

This eejit will be the downfall of the Scots.

Another Tony Blair ploy, immigrants to keep them in power, swing the scales in the favour of independence, you're a fool Salmond! As a Scot I love Scotland, I love the people, the country, even the climate. What tartan trousers Salmond offers, is political gain for him and his crew. His off the cuff stance shows how ill thought the Indy scheme is thought out. Can't wait to vote and get shot of this balloon, he's a political ignoramus!

Go visit Leicester, Bitmingham, Bradford et al in England and see what has happened their. Don`t go to Slough without bodyguards.

How can the SNP spout independence when they are feaverishly,des­perately trying to lock Scotland into the EU an anti-democratic regime that will outlaw all nationality,ide­ntity,culture and history.

'Wa's like us' who the hell wants to be like us? The SNP killed independence for me as it will for everyone.

Looks like maybe the Scottish are as mad and suicidal as the English. Hope it destroys them. Such people deserve it.

Well I know where im putting my cross on the voting paper - Scotland - Independant dont make me laugh we couldnt run a bath never mind a country.

If he were to receive a yes vote, then he can take some of Englands financial migrants first, rather than flood Scotland with yet more east europeans.

It's only right that Alex Salmond should have what he wishes at Christmas. There are a few hundred thousand here in England that many of us would love to be rid of, and we like to be generous at Yuletide. So thanks, Alex, we'll give and you can take. In return, our gift from you will be the keeping of them off OUR hands and out of OUR pockets.! Just make sure that the gate in Hadrian's Wall only opens one way.

Can you think of a better, more appropriate person to be in the job as Scotlands External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf ? He's probably one of the very few ministers who really knows what his job is all about.

If Scotland vote yes next year they can have all the immigrants they want including the ones we have got. They can house them them, give them benefits, and love them.

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Scotland can lead way on international development

SNP.org 01/05/2014

Scotland has the potential to be a global leader in international development, a series of experts told a Scottish Parliament committee today.

Giving evidence to the European and External Relations Committee, the former Honorary Consul in Scotland for the Malawi Government, Colin Cameron, said that independence is a way to ensure Scotland’s aid budget is in safe hands – following on from his written evidence saying that a Yes vote would be the way to carry through Scotland’s commitment to sub-Saharan Africa.

The Committee also heard from Gillian Wilson, the Chief Executive of the Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland who said that Scotland has the ability to build on its status as a world leader on issues like climate justice and become a global leader on international development.

Scotland’s Future makes clear that after a Yes vote, the Scottish Government would enshrine in law the UN target of spending 0.7% of Gross National Income on aid.

Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Adamson, who sits on the Committee, said:

“These are welcome comments from well-respected experts and get to the heart of the positive international impact Scotland can make. Colin Cameron’s evidence in particular demonstrates the potential a Yes vote brings for Scotland to punch above our weight and lead the way in international development – just as we currently do on issues like climate justice.

“An independent Scotland could be a global leader in international development and as Scotland’s Future makes clear we would enshrine in law a commitment to spending 0.7 per cent of GNI on international aid. This goal was set by the UN in 1970, but the UK has only met the target once in 44 years.

“With the limited powers of devolution, Scotland has been able to support successful international development programmes in seven priority countries - with a Yes vote we can do even more to make sure that Scotland leads the way on international aid and makes a positive contribution to the international community."

Mandela spirit lives on through Scotland’s treatment of refugees

By Humza Yousaf

Scotland's Minister for External Affairs and International Development

The Daily Record, Dec 13, 2013

After the sad passing of Nelson Mandela last week, I’m reminded of the courage and the solidarity the people of Glasgow had with Mandela and those oppressed by apartheid in South Africa.

In 1981, Glasgow made the ground-breaking decision to award Nelson Mandela the Freedom of the City – at a time when he was thought of by many, including some in the UK Government, as a terrorist. Thousands in Glasgow campaigned for an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa – from boycotting South African goods to successfully working to change the name of St George’s Place in the city centre to Nelson Mandela Place to honour him. There was a huge show of solidarity from the people of Glasgow and across Scotland with the people of South Africa suffering under apartheid.

Glasgow’s compassion was also reflected in the early 2000s, when asylum seekers were first dispersed to Glasgow under the UK Government’s immigration and asylum policy. At first there were tensions in some areas, however these new arrivals quickly became part of the local community.

This was symbolised clearly when dawn raids began to take place, where children were dragged out of their beds and families forced out of their homes in an inhumane, undignified manner.

It was the indigenous Scots who formed the front line to protect their fellow residents from being treated so harshly. The targeted asylum seekers were not seen as different – they were people’s neighbours and friends.

This week, in my role as Minister for External Affairs and International Development, I have announced the Scottish Government’s strategy to help refugees to integrate into Scottish communities from the day they arrive.

This strategy will complement the existing warm welcome which many refugees and asylum seekers receive from compassionate Glaswegians.

The strategy sets out how the Scottish Government, local government, the Scottish Refugee Council and many other agencies will help refugees get support to build new, positive lives in Scotland.

One of the most important aspects of the plans is that we will allow asylum seekers to work in an independent Scotland while they await a decision on their application to stay in the country.

I often hear that asylum seekers take a lot in terms of benefits or welfare. However, any asylum seeker I’ve met wants to work and has lots of skills which could benefit Scotland – yet they can’t work while waiting for their application to be processed, which can be up to 10 years.

If they were allowed to work, they could contribute to society through taxes and their skills and experiences.

As well as this move, the strategy will concentrate on integration from day one for refugees and asylum seekers, through measures such as English language lessons. This will allow people to feel welcomed, supported and integrated from day one.

The Scottish Government see it as illogical and counterproductive to not allow asylum seekers to work through the legal block put in place by the UK Government. Changing this policy will demonstrate how Scotland does things differently from the rest of the UK, and show how much we value the contribution of asylum seekers.

I know Glasgow will continue to campaign for equality, to fight against persecution and to stand up those who need protected. Hearing the tributes to Mandela, it is the generations yet unborn I feel sorry for; we are the lucky ones who have lived alongside one of history’s giants. We are all now responsible for passing on the lessons of reconciliation, forgiveness and the importance of equality to the next generation.


Sturgeon and King of Scotland

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