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  • jamiecivic: What a load of shit this programme was, anyone with a brain can see it was one sided, and all the immigrants were hand picked and poor examples of the actual situation, weather you are for or against immigration it is a fact that Britain is now too full, every country has a limit to the amount of people it can hold and the more people that come through the flood gates the lower standard of life us British people will end up having, immigration should be strongly capped as it is now taking the p, all you people strongly for immigration, before you comment me ask yourself this, when will enough be enough and how many people can Britain hold?...... People coming here should be strongly screened and monitored to protect British citizens in many different ways
  • Badda Boom: dont worry its the same all over the world its our so called leaders doing this...they will pay dearly because the rivers of blood will start to flow shortly....people are fckd off to the back teeth with multiculturism its a fckn lie and we all know it well apart from the rodents
  • AlfredSaxon82: I can't even watch it typical bbc propaganda make the immigrants look perfect and the indigenous peoples like complete scum.
  • fanagot: Your English neighbour is most likely a racist and a xenophobe and this is nothing new.
  • claire louise: why don't they have an large Pakistan family with their 9 children who cannot speak English on the show..... no, didn't think so. this show was a waste....
  • Robinson Road: Yep, it's typical BBC "everything's fiiiiiiine". Oh, those poor maligned immigrants. Britain (particularly London) is a great place... if you have money and can live in a nice neighbourhood, you're ok. Otherwise you get to feel like a stranger in your own country.
  • Congoloid Coconut: Check out that jigaboo who says straight out he just wants to get what he can out of the dumb Brits. He has 8 kids, and "volunteers 40 hours a week" helping his own people with Brit taxpayer-funding. HAHAHA. TNB. Dumbass Brits tolerate these parasite scum.
  • Xaider: Left wingers are screwing this country over - welcome to modern Britain where people are pig thick like sheep and dribble while watching the Biased Broadcasting Company. Biased BBC - HAND PICKING THE GOOD ONES. Fuck the BBC and FUCK mass immigration! Nick and Margaret are PROPAGANDISTS.
  • Nuron666: The biggest mistake the UK and Europe have made over the last 50 years has been giving citizenship's to foreign migrants. It would have been fine if they simply gave Work Permits. The real problem we have now are the children of the immigrants. Second, third and fourth generation Muslim Pakistanis, Bengali's, Afro Caribbeans, Somalians who have been born in this country have been bad for the UK and Europe. Islamic Terrorism, gang crimes, sexual crimes, social benefit fraud etc.. have been largely associated with these groups. Handing out citizenship's have been Europe's down fall. In another 20 years time Muslims will have a strangle hold of the UK and there is nothing anyone can do about it
  • Mahfuz Rahman: Stupid Sikh women she is an immigrant herself? Why would people want to know about her religion and culture? The way she talks and expresses her concerns makes me laugh. She is fortunate that she is living in this country. Many Sikhs and other Indians in her country are living in dire poverty. She needs to appreciate the fact that she is the daughter of an immigrant and has no right to judge or underestimate other ethnic minority groups.
  • Mahfuz Rahman: Just because she was born here she thinks she is more British than the Somali guy and his family. And she moved out of Southall away from her community so she could be more close to British Indigenous people. I bet they welcomed her with open arms and said you're one of us now lol.
  • chriss Whites: Only Pedophile followers are infesting UK. The only problem in Europe is pedophile follower contaminating western culture. Their retrograde beliefs and lifestyle is unaccepted in our great land. "A Dog Born In A Barn Still A Dog". It is the time to deport them all back to their shit barbaric country. Time has arrive to ban these rag heads to produce and multiply like virus. Look at that Somali dumb family. Why the heck are they even living in the west. Revoke their British Passports and send them all back to the shit hole country where they all belong. Straight and Simple!!!!!!
  • Congoloid Coconut: The nigger: "If there is LASTING peace in Somalia, we will go home tomorrow!" He should be a lawyer. LASTING peace in Somalia -- ha fucking ha ha!
  • Anna G.G.: Watched both parts and all I can say is that at the end of the experiment the political correctness took over.... Useless program.
  • fanagot: +Anna G.G.: Your city is not what it used to be because European colonies all around the World aren't what they used to be either. They've been invaded and robbed at gun point by European nations. If you want to stop or revert this process you better start to repatriate all the European values and traditions that have been tainting other cultures and lands. This is what you should be doing.
  • Anna G.G.: +fanagot: Your comment made me laugh. Thank you.
  • Richie Rich: Britain and more specifically England is over, finished. It's appalling what has been allowed to happen
  • Richie Rich: It's ridiculous. Look at the 2 trucks that made their way here last week and with the security problems with ISIS at the moment. That's the ones we do know about with Asylum let alone legit immigration. Our poor England has disappeared :'(
  • Congoloid Coconut: Paki says his life in Pak was "very fantastic indeed!" but came to UK to parasite free health care from Dumb Brits.
  • sirwallaby: That sikh girl must be the dumbest muppet going around, Just because she got off the boat early and her dad served in the slavery british cannon fodder unit she thinks she is now indigenous british lmao. The production team of the show must've had a laugh when they put her to
  • Amjad: She doen't think she's "indigenous british". She's just stating facts about how the country she was born in has changed, and stating her opinion about the ongoing, constant high-level of immigration, and how she expects people to speak English in England.
  • AlfredSaxon82: Wow the BBC are so fair and unbiased o_O
  • shrkb1te: Just when you thought the BBC could sink no lower this comes along - these people Nick and Margret are supposed to be business people , but as they would say the figures just don't add up - putting aside the serious issues of overpopulation and cultural differences. lets say a polish guy comes to the UK and gets a job earning around £20,000 a year (he will pay around £2,500 in tax a year + another £3000 in VAT when he buys stuff ) - earning £20,000 he will need help with housing , so a council flat will need to be made available with subsidized rent , if he has children here in the uk the full cost of having a baby (without complications) to the NHS is £10,000 - so already he is taking more than he is giving - add to that, the costs of schooling and all the other costs of infrastructure etc and we as a country are just handing all our hard gains away - and for what ? we already have 2 million people unemployed and almost 70 million people in our little country. Nick and Margret as business people would have known this but they must have been schmoozed by the BBC - the BBC, the voice of Britain around the world - the BBC, an embarrassment to everyone who is born here - the BBC, without the licence fee it would not survive because you do not reflect the opinions of the people any more .
  • shrkb1te: there are too many people taking from the uk system and not enough giving - we are living on borrowed money and we cannot afford a whole load of unskilled labourers from the east - it IS that simple - on a related subject - we now have armed police on our streets because of people we let into the uk - sections of people we have let into the uk to help now want to kill us - out of necessity to protect the people of this country our civil rights will be eroded - think about it. 
  • Asif Rashid: IF the UK doesn't have the capacity to handle mass immigration then it should be lower then a country as big as France. however, what we need in the UK is to create activities where communities from different backgrounds are forced to meet and engage in conversations and what not. This will eliminate a lot of suspicions and other things which are toxic
  • Agnieszka C.: In Poland and in the UK many Poles are concerend about increasing negative feedback from British society and politicians about immigrats form Poland. We tend to believe that politicians in order to sound more PC are exaggerating negative impact of white Poles, who are due to similar culture very likely to blend with the society, leaving unsaid the issue of immigrants of other ethnic origin.
  • Congoloid Coconut: I'll go out on a limb here and guess that old bitch-traitor hasn't yet been gang-raped by Somalis.
  • Molly2471: The documentary doesn't really make sense. The older couple worries that they are losing their British culture. And the documentary people respond to that by showing them the culture of those immigrants. Which doesn't answer their question at all. They are basically asking the couple to integrate into the immigrants' culture, in stead of the other way around. They are talking about whether immigrants are contributing financially and socially, but they haven't adressed the issue of British culture at all. And that is the big problem for a lot of people.
  • FunForAllTheFamily10: The nonsensical, piss-poorly planned, piss-poorly controlled globalist experiment is finished. As a consequence for this great sin, from this time forward, every immigrant of every creed and colour will be buggering off back where they came from whether they were born here today, yesterday, or their great ancestors 5000 years ago, including many British. The entire way the country is structured and laid out will be stripped down and reinvented. Everything people take from granted will be utterly annihilated. North Korea will seem positively easy going compared to what's scheduled here.
  • Congoloid Coconut: Why didn't those muzzies go to Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Pakistan as refugees? At least one of the little jigs says correctly that she doesn't belong there and should get out, but of course they won't do that.
  • Asif Rashid: I don't like this analogy that because the woman is a second generation immigrant to prove she has British values and is integrating she is handing out food of the homeless...almost as though she is making up for something when most Brits don't do this activity. Not to say it isn't a good thing but it shouldn't be a test of integration when getting different communities together is more important.
  • evangelia amirhom: I came to the uk at the age of 13 and it took my family ten years to become British citizen ..I do get lots of racisim wherever I go not just from British people but from immigrants too ..I agree that lots of I migrants have flooded and still a lot of people want to move into Britain ..I get asked all the time about Britain from guys who live in other countries and I get asked if I can give them support to move I to Britain be hoest the increase of immigrants in the uk has had an impact on everyone ...I ended up not being able to keep a job coz they prefer the polish and Eastern Europeans ... It makes me feel I wanna hang myself coz too many people in a small country I'd a threat and pressure on everyone .. And everyone is becoming racist at this time and age coz people are frightened of losing their income and housing to new immigrants ... It is scary 
  • drugd3aler: this is only a instigation video,it is not even a documentary.
  • Super Sonic RHITTOURS: Huge rise in number of young British travelers working abroad with HALF leaving UK due to 'bad' jobs market.
  • ZakkAnd Josh: The loony left keep blaming Brits for there colonialism past and they say we should be punished but my question to the loony lefty idiots is that how long shall me and my fellow Brits be punished and how should we be punished to the point when we are a minority in our own country and to the point where our identity is erased and to the point where we are erased from the world????? Is there any end limit to our punishment?????? I'm not defending the colonist crimes but what I am saying is that why should I be punished for something I did not participate in. Please answer me that oh and Russia had the Russian empire but they control immigration.
  • Vera Feitova: The British economy is in trouble. The US economy is also in trouble. The European economy is in trouble as well. The way I understand it, most of the trouble comes from excessive debt, both private and public. People don't have money because they can't find jobs. Companies can't hire them because the price of labour is very high and because less people buy their products and services (since they don't have money). The government don't have any money either because they use it all up on the welfare state (because people don't have jobs) and on servicing and interest payments on previous public debt. And so they borrow more and more.... The problem of the western economy is DEBT which is out of control. Not immigration. But politicians are not willing to admit it, so they rather shame and blame somebody else (preferably one who cannot defend himself). If there were no immigrants, it would still be someone else's fault. We have seen this pattern in Europe not so long ago. Do we REALLY need another lesson like that? 
  • Mistery Mann: In this video the dim-witted,unwashed, working class white Brits learn that immigrants are all great people and there are little to no problems with mass immigration and multiculturalism. When you're walking through Waltham Forest, where 73% of Somalis are on household benefits, you can feel all warm and fussy inside how tolerant we are. I know many of you like to observe our multicultural paradise from a distance in predominately white areas
  • shrkb1te: My missus just told me a her friend of hers has asthma and went to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy but because she had two items she had to pay twice - as she was standing there waiting for her order a non English speaking women walked in with an NHS exception slip and picked four different boxes of pills and walked out paying nothing - is that good for our country ? why is there a debate about any of this ? surely even the most left wing/ liberal can see the Romanian selling the big issue in their local town ? has seen the filthy council houses owned by the irish gypsy ? seen the schools full of non english speaking kids slowing down our kids education ? seen the birthrate in the east of england go through the roof with only one in four kids having both english parents ? heard of the muslim prayer schools of hatred ? seen black and asian politicians within the uk fighting for the rights of their own ethnic groups ? seen the severe terrorist threat because of people we have tried to help and given a home here ? seen the injustice dished out in muslim communities ? seen the paedophile organizations set up by sick frustrated muslim men ? and you must have seen the gun/gang culture of the black man in the uk and the sickening baby mama culture where a big tough gangsta fucks women and leaves to bring up their kids on their own - i could go on all day immigration has/is destroying this country and in 2017 if we dont leave the eu im going to do something about it .
  • topcatrox: Thought that Somalian man was a bit of a burke.
  • Gianfranco Ferre: That woman is Indian origin and complaining about the other Indians or Somalian etc...Epic :)
  • evangelia amirhom: To be honest she made me feel bad coz I'm an immigrant too in the uk .i have the British citizenship but I consider myself as an immigrant sounds like anyone can be racist I. The uk wether if they were white Asian or black ...
  • Soniassecret: I feel sorry for Britain
  • Badda Boom: lal.. bbc shit cunts...keep paying whatever it is £147 a year to be brainwashed and told a load of shit by a load of pedophiles and con men....why are we even wasting our times with these sub human religious fckn donuts...fed up of the lot of em....fckn stains
  • topoorc: I could easily make the same documentary and hand pick everything in the opposite direction (ie immigrants all on welfare vs upstanding UK citizens with positive attitudes) this documentary does nothing to have a rational discussion about numbers (how many 5,10,15,20 million will come?) and about identity (what does this mean?, what is the purpose of this immigration in regards to our cultural identity?) 
  • mpking1374: John just doesn't like immigrants. No need to argue with John about statistics or drain or gain. They have their preferences. Just like Tiger Woods only fancies white, usually blonde, chicks.
  • Queernation Sweet is Crap: They really dredge up every brainwashing trope. As if Irish Britons (with a history of centuries of union and interaction with the English) are the same as a pack of Somalis and Pakis. As if Poles (fellow EU members, with mutual treaty-rights) are the same as non-White, non-European, non-Christian aliens. Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
  • baat hai launde mein: this kiran bitch is being traditional its not common in india women wearing turbans unless ur highly religious but this bitch is born in UK is being politcal...fukin kunt was saying she was taught punjbai now bitch is contradicting herself when she says people speak diffrent language at school...fuk off bitch
  • baat hai launde mein: now these white kunts now how the people would have felt when they took over their country when they came by boat illegally...its karma my friend....
  • Queernation Sweet is Crap: Closing words: "Wouldn't we rather be seen across the world as a society that's open and welcoming, rather than one that is intolerant and closed?" No, you stuck up, rich, sheltered, treasonous bitch! Who gives a fuck what "the world" thinks? And better to be discriminating than culturally and racially and societally dead!


Nick and Margaret: Too Many Immigrants? review – it feels reductive and cheap

This entire setup is about a group of people who oppose immigration passing judgment on immigrants

Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian, 16 July 2014

Nick & Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?

It's all about the question mark. If Nick and Margaret: Too Many Immigrants? (BBC1) came without one, it would show its inflammatory, manipulative cards from the start. As it is, that punctuation gives it an illusion of debate. Perhaps the finger-wagging ex-Apprentice mentors may be correcting a mistake made in last summer's Nick and Margaret: We Pay Your Benefits, a thoroughly uncharming documentary that appeared to take pride in its bloody-minded simplicity. This entire series of programming has the air of a pub bore, banging on about common sense and telling it like it is, only to have their views evaporate into silence when asked to properly explain what they are trying to say, and back it up with, you know, facts and evidence.

The ungainly format is applied here to immigration. Two groups of five people with opposing views on an issue that is impossibly complex and often violently divisive are pitted against each other in what the voiceover glibly labels an "experiment". The problems are many, but its tastelessness is extraordinary. Instead of taking responsibility for a debate that allows both sides to air their views, it is framed as a sort of dystopian game show. The participants are divided into "immigrants" – "all living and working legally in the UK", the voiceover explains, patronisingly, in case we collectively assume that these foreigners must have snuck in under the radar – and "British-born", which sounds like something from Game of Thrones. This horribly awkward phrase never fails to sound wrong coming from the mouths of the people using it, be it Nick, Margaret or the "British-borns" who appear entirely unconvinced by having to call themselves "British-born", and not English, or white.

During this "experiment" – it's hard not to use snide punctuation of my own here, as I can't see how this is anything of the sort – a "British-born" is taken into the life of an immigrant and must spend some time with them. At the end of this process, they are allowed to decide if that person is "a gain on the country, or simply a drain". Nick explains this to Margaret in the back of a cab.

They spend a lot of time explaining the issues to each other in various parts of London, which is a way of doing those endless reality-style recaps of things we've just seen, only with more class, because they have posh voices and wear nice coats. Just to be clear, this entire setup is about a group of people who oppose immigration passing judgment on immigrants. As the hour went on, I felt increasingly outraged. How dare they? Why don't the immigrants also get to decide if their British-born judges are a drain on the economy they were born into? Then I realised that I, too, had been manipulated. That the programme made me feel this way, shows how pernicious it is. It does everyone – viewers, participants, presenters – a disservice. It is by no means one-sided, and repeatedly dismantles the primary reasons given for being anti-immigration, challenging the stereotypes of lazy immigrants swiping jobs and housing from hard-working British people. But the way that the programme does so feels reductive and cheap.

Michael, who has been out of work for two years and can barely articulate that he thinks this might be because immigrants work for less money and cram themselves into small flats, is embarrassed on television when they air his shaky arguments about feeling overqualified for McDonald's. It invites viewers to be scornful. There is no nuance, no questioning of why he gets nervous around the public, why his self-esteem is on the floor, why he is disenfranchised. Again and again, the programme refused to engage with anything even approaching depth. Ted and Margaret, a retired couple from Ilford who feel they no longer recognise their neighbourhood, won't eat halal meat because it's "truly against our principles". Why is this left to hang, and not discussed further? Aside from one expert talking briefly about a lack of investment in training, why isn't government policy being challenged or at the very least questioned? And why do Nick, Margaret and said expert talk about poverty and displacement from a fancy room in the Shard, quite literally from on high, without any of the people whose lives they are picking apart?

Still, there's plenty of time to put it right next week, when we get to see how the programme approaches schools, the NHS and religion. Great! "It's judgment time," promises Nick. Full stop, no question mark.


They should both be fired

Only in these types of programmes can the closet racists can come out and say what they really think..

Did anyone say anything racist?

I think many will agree that these views correlate closely with those of the BNP, UKIP and EDL.

Its the inference of racism that comes from those who hold such anti-immigration view and believe they will have a better quality of life if there were fewer immigrant living where they live.

I gave it ten minutes before I realised that I wasn't going to see any sort of debate. I felt like that I was being invited to judge the people on the screen, the young guy who can hardly string a sentence together, the older guy intently perusing the Daily Mail...

Yep, a very balanced picture wasn't it... *ahem*

If only Sir Magdi Yacoub could have joined in the discussion. Perhaps he was too busy with his research, into heart surgery and other organ transplant techniques?

Well just a bit of balance would have been nice old chap. Believe it or not....not all "British-born" are uneducated uncultured plebs and not all immigrants are intelligent hard working saints. Although you could be forgiven to think so after watching this programme - one of its many failings

Fuckinell.. And they want to make it compulsory to pay for the BBC licence??.. For this kind of crap?

Inciteful rubbish...Its really disappointing that the BBC can put this immigrant baiting crap on the box...

Perhaps you didn't watch it. It was a very Guardian-approved view of things. All the immigrants were likeable and sympathetic and the Brits were inarticulate uneducated morons.

No...I watched it and Guardian approved or not I still think its inciteful rubbish.

My wife is not European lived here for 27 yrs but even she says there are too many immigrants here now and it has changed. She even tells me you British will be extinct and you know what....she is right

Without having seen this - as i (immigrant) was working - I was already apprehensive of this when seeing this program was going to be aired. Shows like this further legitimise a debate that has become increasingly toxic by politicians and media having a go. With the rise of UKIP and the economic downturn I regularly witness and challenge statements made by colleagues around me

The one question missing in last night's programme, with regard to the litany of misinformation the indigenous English were reciting, was simply "Who the fuck is telling you this shit?"

the debate that is happening is lopsided, toxic and full of lies and misinformation, because those firmly against immigration will believe any old lie if it backs up views, they then disseminate the lies as facts, I would hardly call that a debate.

The unemployed young man who is taught to get a Mac-job by an enterprising French girl seemed to have no family or any emotional support ; was that so ?

Good point. It was also interesting that the Mac-job man and the French girl disappeared from programme 2.

Too many a_holes making TV. Fact not a question

Even 'pub bores' have a right to express their views. Even if such views are fundamentally 'racist' - whatever that means nowadays -they have a right to hold them. People don't like change. It's a human instinct that has served us well and not something to be ridiculed by those on the comfortable 'left' whose lives are hardly affected by immigration.

The "comfortable left" are affected by immigration. They have cleaners, carers, nurses, doctors, teachers and like to go to hotels and restaurants. Thank goodness we can call on a plentiful supply of immigrants.

Why is non white immigration, especially of the non assimilation kind, being forced on only predominantly white countries?

Your question is so reprehensibly stupid it doesn't deserve dignifying with an answer

'I fink people should be able to speak British'. Enough. And I never want to hear plucking violins again. Ever

Jaunty, light-hearted violins that suggest none of this is to be taken at all seriously.

The jaunty violin plucking only seemed to be played when the "British born" people were about to speak their mind. "Oh, they're about to spout some Daily Mail nonsense so let's chuck in some comical music so the audience knows what to think in advance."

There seems to be a great misunderstanding about the effects of immigration. UK doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's part of the global economy. The greatest benefit of the country from immigration is nothing else, but the "inconveniencing of British workforce", in other terms: competition. It's understandable that individual people get upset due to increasing competition and losing privileges. The whole society, however, will benefit from this in the long term. Social changes cause friction, but the reasonable goal is to get through this in one piece, there's no real "alternative".

Rage against immigration is mainly based on fear of losing privileges. I can't see how the conservation of privileges will promote progress.

The hours they must spend practicing the stern omniscient gaze of headteacher.

A pox on them, and a pox on the BBC for using Alan Sugar's sycophantic winnets in an attempt to brush the thinnest veneer of credibility onto this hateful dungheap of journo-quackery.

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Speaking personally (as an Irishman who worked in immigration during the celtic tiger years when it was quite the political issue here), as long as you're a relatively decent human being, you're welcome here in my book whether you're a citizen or not.

Another BBC propaganda tool.

The entire premise being to convince the plebs they're just being dumb and really endless mass immigration is a win, win, win, win for everyone.

Even the 'housing expert' concluded 'we hadn't built enough homes' as if an extra 8 million people needing somewhere to live didn't effect anything.

The old lie 'immigrants do jobs native workers won't do' was spun. it's impossible to refuse suitable work without your benefits cut or stopped. This isn't a new IDS thing, it's been true since the 1980s. And the notion that 'hotels, restaurants etc' wouldn't survive without immigrant labour is another complete lie, as if no hotels, no restaurants etc existed prior to 2004.

The programme was skewed in another way, focusing mostly on the decreasing sources of immigration (non-EU) and less on the unlimited EU immigration which goes up year on year on year.

After centuries of struggle why should people be expected to live 20 to a house in order to scrape by? To suggest the millions of immigrants in London don't effect housing costs is a downright lie.

What next week? More lies about how agriculture being unable to survive without migrant workers, from the same regions which've had agriculture enterprise for 2000 years prior to 2004? More lies about the NHS, suggesting it's a good idea not to train our own health professionals and, of course, no mention of how the Philippines or anywhere else is affected by the poaching of their trained professionals? And of course, no criticism of it being a one-way street. Yes, the Polish builder can come here and earn 3x as much, but where the opportunities for the UK worker to travel and earn 3x the UK wage? They don't exist. More lies next week from the corporation who suggest the Israel v Gaza 'conflict' is "tit for tat".

It's the fact that we prejudice EU immigrants over non-EU immigrants that gets me. It's completely wrong. I have family from Pakistan, a doctor, who can't get here without months of waiting for a visa. But if you're from the EU and want to work in a coffee shop, no problem!

I think non-EU immigration is the bigger problem.

Shoddy programme- it completely missed the point of the title question. Unbalanced and effectively equates normal immigration with mass immigration. Largely left wing propaganda.

The two young lads didn't give off the slightest hint of racism or bigotry (however it's probably still fun to pillory them for not being as eloquent on camera as an Oxbridge graduate of the same age would be). Rather they were misinformed about what immigrants receive by way of benefits or steeped in low self-esteem and depression. The old couple were baffled by the changes in their neighbourhood, and seemed to want to engage with newcomers but felt alienated, but they didn't seem to harbour any bigotry other than not liking the idea of halal meat - which I don't consider bigoted if it comes from an informed animal welfare position.

The bloke whose idea of 'England' was eating fish and chips on Southend pier followed by a pint (of what? Stella? Kronenbourg? some other foreign muck?) was what he was - the kind of bloke who thinks this country is all about eating fish and chips on the pier at Southend. It's not a race crime - just not very inspiring. It certainly isn't the kind of approach that - ahem - 'made Britain Great"…

Britain is am island populated by waves of immigrants over the centuries. The Welsh, the Celts and the Picts can't see why the Anglo-Saxons should be treated any differently than those from Asia or Central Europe.

Aaahhh the "we're all immigrants" argument. The trouble with this argument is it likes to pretend there's no such thing as "indigenous" but then runs into trouble when "native" American Indians or Australian Aborigines are brought up, because to deny these groups their "indigenous" rights would be sacrilege but then if these groups are indigenous then so must others, including the people living on these islands (regardless of the fact they are made up of half a dozen iron age tribes), there hasn't been any mass upheaval since the Normans a thousand years ago so I'd say the population has had ample time to settle and has been established here long enough to call itself "indigenous".

Thousands of years ago there was no such thing as long-distance travel. In fact we did not even know that places and countries we now take for granted even existed. But, I bet people still felt "territorial" whenever a stranger from say 20 or 50 miles away came to stay. Only the other day I met a gentlemen who was very much against anything and anybody from a neighbouring county. He even refused to pay a speeding fine for an offence he admitted to in that neighbouring county purely because he did not want to add to their wealth. It's not that long ago in me memory when many people hated Scottish people for invading England and pinching our jobs, homes and partners. And again, there were (are?) people in the South of England who hated the Geordies, the Scouse etc from doing the same. I'm guessing its the same all over the world - in South America, Africa, China, etc. Not necessarily racist as such - just the hatred of "outsiders". So in thousands more years time when we have explored other globes in other Galaxies are we likely to be the same or will we be complaining about the inhabitants of Planet Zob coming to Earth and eating our meat? The lyrics of the song from John Lennons Imagine mean so much to me.

I found the programme unbalanced, the British people chosen seemed rather inarticulate, making the migrants look better.

The point about halal meat is a very serious issue, if there is no other meat available to Ted and Margaret in their area it is scandalous.

The Beeb is institutionally racist against the white British and fully support our displacement and dispossession. Now they've apparently woken up to the need to 'debate' the topic, these programs are carefully stage managed to make the immigrants always appear hard-working and beneficent.

The concept of immigration being economically harmful is palpably absurd given the fact that immigrants are more likely to be economically productive than those born here. An influx of economically productive people is a boon to society, the economy as well as being a source of government revenue. The fact that the government has failed to invest that revenue in growing the capacity of the nation's infrastructure to deal with the increased population leads to understandable frustration and in some cases, anger. Anger which our government and a complicit media are skilled at deflecting in order to scapegoat the immigrants themselves.

Do these immigrants ever grow old and retire, or are they eternally young and productive? Will their children be more likely to be economically productive than those born here? The unemployment rates for young blacks, and some Asian groups is much higher than for young white Brits.

I was really disappointed to see Southend on Sea dragged into the program. Surely they could have found someone from Islington or Hampstead to voice their concerns on immigration.

In areas where there is mass immigration there's not necessarily an impact on the availability of jobs for Brits as many migrants usually take positions paying the NMW, but it does enable landlords to increase rents, greedy businesses to lower wages as collective bargaining is effectively ended, and adds to the strain on the NHS and infrastructure.

It isn't immigration that increases the strain on infrastructure. Most immigrants are economically active and generate revenue for the economy and the exchequer. The fact that revenue isn't invested in providing services for an increased population is what leads to pressure on infrastructure.

It isn't merely whether or not immigrants "pay their way" it is also that the government planning in terms of say the NHS, Housing, Schools does not take into account the arrival of immigrants in large numbers and the need to train more doctors, teachers, open more hospitals and schools. Take Crewe where a local factory went to Poland to recruit workers, successfully. They settled and brought back their families. Suddenly there was pressure on the local housing, schools, doctors, as the influx of families including non English speaking children had not been taken into account in the local plan as no one knew it was happening. Crewe applied to the government for support and was told you are on your own (this was New Labour not the Tories btw). Successive governments seem to have no idea how many immigrants are arriving, or how many are actually here. Until we get this under control, I think the numbers should be severely restricted. On an aside, a large area (a former water works and railway siding) has recently been redeveloped near me. There are hundreds of flats on the site. At what point can we keep adding housing before we run out of say water for all the new homes?

They could easily have slipped Jamie Oliver into this show and had some of the 'foreigners' try out their ethnic recipes on Nick and Margaret. It would have tied in with the whole banality of this awful programme. Why can't the BBC just play it straight for once?

Well, they played the Farage v Clegg debate straight, and their man and liberal ideology got soundly trounced. This is how they manage the 'debate'.

What common cause did they find? Asking for more government spending?

Tendentious rubbish.

Hey there Nick and Margaret, we pay your pensions.

Maybe they should have paired the somewhat inarticulate unemployed Brit with a similarly inarticulate unemployed young male immigrant, from say Romania and the older couple who did not want to eat halal meat and mourned the loss of their old neighbourhood with an older couple from Pakistan who lived in a "ghettoised" neighbourhood.

Like a stuck record the argument for large scale immigration is about GDP with an odd smattering of cultural enrichment. The GDP argument fails when in-work, housing, child and other benefits are factored in. Thats before the drain on education, health care, maternity and other services are taken into account. 10m is a hell of an increase in strain on the environment. As for cultural much of the debate is shouted down.

this is a propoganda war on behalf of the tory party going on in the media nowadays.

If this was a party political broadcast by anyone it was on behalf of the Labour Party.

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