This year I've gone to see three mega-kike movies in a theatre. They are all too depressing to write about.

One was that stupid trendy vampire movie by that Kike who made those Kike John Lurie movies (including Kike By Law with Tom Waits and the creepy Italian who looks kike). I can't remember the movie title or the kike writer-director's name right now, and don't really want to anyway. It was set in Detroit and Morocco. The dialogue was so bad I laughed out loud. The main characters are actually Eternal Wandering Jews sucking the blood out of the goyeem, but are presented as corrupt White ex-Christians.

I can't remember anything about one of the other movies I saw.

I can't be bothered explaining why Kike Mansions is is mega-kike. I went to see it knowing it would be mega-kike. I was bored that day. Also, I was curious to see and hear the audience's response. Watch it if you dare.

It would be more entertaining to watch it with someone else with whom you can openly share observations on negrofication and kikery.

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