Preliminary notes:
  • The mother is a bitch. Nobody forced her to marry a Muslim, or to convert to Islam or pretend to convert to Islam, or go to Iran.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if the father beat his wife, but he's supposed to be presumed innocent.
  • The daughter is a screwed up kiked bitch now.
  • America is a kike sewer.
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran is a disgusting state.
  • In Iran they have an Iranian constitution and Iranian laws, and the U.S. Constitution has not authority in Iran (these facts may be shocking to most citizens of ZOGUSA) 
  • Hollywood is a kike project.
  • The book and movie Not Without My Daughter re both kike projects, made in order to promote The Kike Agenda.
  • The divorce hearing in America was nothing but an unconstitutional kangaroo court, presided over by a corrupt idiot.

His kiked daughter:

[Inspiration] Mahtob Mahmoody


Mahtob Mahmoody was born in Texas in 1979 on the cusp of the Iranian revolution and in the midst of a hurricane. Her parents were an American woman from a small Midwestern town and an Iranian-born but American-educated doctor. A life that began amid storms and conflict seemed destined to continue in such.

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Not Without My Daughter (1991)

  • Sally Field: Betty Mahmoody
  • Alfred Molina: Sayed Borzog "Moody" Mahmoody
  • Sheila Rosenthal: Mahtob
  • Roshan Seth: Houssein the Smuggler
  • Based on the book by Betty Mahmoody and William Hoffer
  • Filmed in Ankara, Turkey; Neve Ilan, Kikestan-in-Palestine; and Atlanta, ZOGUSA.
  • Screenplay by David W. Rintels (screenwriter of World War II: When Lions Roared, starring Michael Caine as Stalin, John Lithgow as Roosevelt, and Bob Hoskins as Churchill)
  • Directed by Brian Gilbert (director of Lord Haw-Haw: Portrait of a Fanatic; The Gathering (produced by Marc & Peter Samuelson, written by Anthony Horowitz); Wilde (produced by Marc & Peter Samuelson, based on Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann, starring Stephen Fry)
  • Produced by Harry J. Ufland & Mary Jane Ufland
  • Betty Mahmood is now president and co-founder of One World: For Children
  • The movie debuted poorly and grossed less than $15 million in ticket sales. The movie plummeted in its second week.
  • The New York Times review: "Not Without My Dughter exploits the stereotype of the demonic Iranian...it is an utter artistic failure, and its reliance on cultural stereotype is a major cause". Moody, she writes, seems to be a "pure product of his culture, a mysterious, misogynist Easterner...the film views fanaticism as the Iranian national character".
  • Los Angeles Times review: "Not Without My Dughter is unbalanced and distorted [...] fails to distinguish between the (Iranian) state and the people."
  • Roger Ebert: "Not Without My Dughter makes moral and racial assertions that are deeply troubling. [...] It does not play fair with its Muslim characters. If a movie of such a vitriolic and spiteful nature were to be made in America about any other ethnic group, it would be denounced as racist and prejudiced."
  • Without My Daughter was made by in Iran and Finland, by director Alexis Kouros, who said his was to "show the lies in the American film."
  • The film has a 47% rating \at RottenTomatoes
  • Sally Field was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress of 1991 (she lost to Sean Young for A Kiss Before Dying)
  • Sheila Rosenthal, won the Young Artist Award: Best Young Actress Co-starring in a Motion Picture (1992) for Not Without My Daughter
  • Music by Jerry Goldsmith
  • Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Budget: $22 million. Box office: $14,789,113

William Hoffer


William Hoffer has been spinning out international best-sellers for more than 20 years.

He collaborated with Billy Hayes to chronicle the exciting escape from a Turkish prison in Midnight Express, which was later produced into an Academy Award-winning motion picture starring Brad Davis, John Hurt and Randy Quaid.

William and his wife Marilyn worked with Betty Mahmoody to write Not Without My Daughter, the story of Betty and her daughter’s desperate and dangerous escape from Iran. The book became a stunningly successful international phenomenon, and was produced into a motion picture starring Sally Field and Alfred Molina.

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