Vladimir Putin’s Hitlerian Mind

The Russian president’s fascist revival in Eastern Europe poses a unique threat to the West.

By George Will, National Review & Washington Post, September 3, 2014

The Islamic State is a nasty problem that can be remedied if its neighbors, assisted by the United States, decide to do so. Vladimir Putin’s fascist revival is a crisis that tests the West’s capacity to decide.

Putin’s serial amputations of portions of Ukraine, which began with his fait accompli in Crimea, will proceed, and succeed, until his appetite is satiated. Then the real danger will begin.

Suppose Ukraine is merely his overture for the destruction of NATO, the nemesis of his Soviet memory. Then what might be his version of the Gleiwitz radio-station episode 75 years ago?

On the evening of August 31, 1939, Nazi SS personnel pretending to be Polish partisans seized the station, which was about four miles inside Germany (Gliwice is now in Poland), proclaiming that Poland was invading Germany to achieve “our just [territorial] claims,” and shot a German prisoner dressed in a stolen Polish uniform, giving Hitler his pretext for declaring war the next day.

Putin has discarded the minor inhibitions of what NATO calls his “hybrid war” — giving slightly surreptitious aid to Russian separatists; brazenly infiltrating Russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms. Russia has invaded Ukraine, although the Obama administration likes the semantic anesthesia of calling it an “incursion.” Putin does not pretend that it will be, like President Nixon’s 1970 “incursion” into Cambodia, temporary.

So, suppose Putin, reprising his Ukrainian success, orchestrates unrest among the Russian-speaking minorities in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia. Then, recycling Hitler’s words that his country “could not remain inactive,” Putin invades one of these NATO members. Either NATO invokes Article 5 — an attack on any member is an attack on all — or NATO disappears and the Soviet Union, NATO’s original raison d’être, is avenged.

Although no one more thoroughly detested Hitler’s regime that General Erwin Rommel served, Winston Churchill acknowledged in January 1942 in the House of Commons the talent of Britain’s enemy: “We have a very daring and skillful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general.” Putin is, the West should similarly acknowledge, more talented and dangerous than either Nikita Khrushchev or Leonid Brezhnev. Their truculence was not fueled by fury. Putin’s essence is anger. It is a smoldering amalgam of resentment (of Russia’s diminishment because of the Soviet Union’s collapse), revanchist ambitions (regarding formerly Soviet territories and spheres of influence), cultural loathing (for the pluralism of open societies), and ethnic chauvinism that presages “ethnic cleansing” of non-Russians from portions of Putin’s expanding Russia.

This is more than merely the fascist mind; its ethnic-cum-racial component makes it Hitlerian. Hence Putin is “unpredictable” only to those unfamiliar with the 1930s. Regarding the roles of resentment and vengeance, remember where Hitler insisted that France formally capitulate in 1940 — in the railroad carriage near the town of Compiègne, where Germany signed the 1918 armistice.

Since its emancipation by the Soviet Union’s demise, Ukraine has been ravaged by corruption that frays national sentiment, which even before this was a tenuous phenomenon. In The Long Shadow: The Legacies of the Great War in the Twentieth Century, David Reynolds of Cambridge University cites a British diplomat’s 1918 analysis:

"Were one to ask the average peasant in the Ukraine his nationality, he would answer that he is Greek Orthodox; if pressed to say whether he is a Great Russian, a Pole, or an Ukrainian he would probably reply that he is a peasant; and if one insisted on knowing what language he spoke, he would say that he talked “the local tongue.”"

Ukraine may be an ethnic casserole susceptible to diminishment by Putin’s ladle. But the Baltic States, by virtue of their NATO membership, are, regardless of their histories or sociologies, decisively different. And given Putin’s animus, nourished by his negligibly resisted success in Ukraine, he is more dangerous than the Islamic State.

This group is perhaps 20,000 fighters possessing some artillery and armor but no air force. It is an island of tenuously occupied territory in a sea of hostile regimes — those of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Iraq’s Kurdish region, which has its own regime. These command approximately 2 million troops who, with ample air power, can pulverize the Islamic State whenever the regimes summon the will to do so.

U.S. participation in this should be conditional on the regional powers’ putting their militaries where their mouths (sometimes) are in the fight against radical Islamists. U.S. participation in defense of the Baltic States is unconditional.

— George Will is a Pulitzer [kike] Prize–winning syndicated columnist. © 2014 The [Kike's] Washington Post

Comments @ National Review Online

Lockheart11 • Another fake conservative lying through his teeth. Our Southern border is being overrun by illegal aliens and our cultural identity is being systematically destroyed, and Will is complaining about Putin. It's time to consign garbage like George Will to the trash heap. "My view is that we have to say to these children, 'Welcome to America. You're going to go to school and get a job and become Americans.' We have 3,141 counties in this country. That would be 20 per county. The idea that we can't assimilate these 8-year-old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous." - George Will speaking about welcoming illegal aliens against the desire of most Americans, Fox News Sunday, July 27 2014

Beagle • Quote: "It is an island of tenuously occupied territory in a sea of hostile regimes — those of Saudi Arabia..." The Saudi "regime" is threatened by anyone claiming to be the caliph of all Muslims, especially a Sunni (80% of all Muslims) like Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, sure. But in Saudi Arabia (the most Sunni of all places on earth) according to the only recent poll the IS enjoys 92% support. The threat posed by the IS is at best only dimly understood by opinion makers on the Right, but especially the Left. The dream of a restored caliphate appeals to a huge number of Muslims worldwide, was the original catalyst of the Muslim Brotherhood, and drives political Islam to this day. Though Putin is certainly revanchist, a large percentage of over a billion Muslims wish to restore some version of the caliphate which ended with WWI and the Sykes-Picot agreement. Even 'better': IS enjoys 15% support in France. Someone is surrounded by hostiles, but it isn't the Sunni IS. Jordan is majority Sunni. Syria is complex but majority Sunni. Turkey, not mentioned by Will, majority Sunni as well. The IS is surrounded by potential recruits and can expect Sunnis from all over the world to flock to its cause, as we've seen already from places like Minnesota and London. Granted, the majority Shia areas of Iraq are hostile as are the Shia Iranians and the (majority Sunni) Kurds. Comparing Putin to Hitler when an actual genocidal jihadi army is rampaging around in the desert, of no apparent consequence to Will, seems odd at best.

hungry_i • Will's delusion of a threat of Russian expansion is just that: A delusion. Does anyone remember that the legal and essentially peaceful annexation of Crimea occurred after the violent overthrow of the government in Kiev? Did anyone expect Putin not to respond to a direct threat to his Fleet and majority Russian population on that peninsula? War mongers. War mongers all.

Steve Sailor • George Will should get the illegal aliens he wants to replace traditional America with, to go and fight Putin and the Russians...

iconoclast • Yet Islamists--of which ISIS is but one--have both the intention and capability of striking at the USA directly. Putin, for all of his bullying and murdering ways, seems less likely to strike at the USA but at European and Middle Eastern threats to the RF. There is an argument to be made that US encouragement and NATO promises lead Georgia president Shaskavilli into starting an ill-advised war with Russia over S. Ossetia. The US should be very careful about our promises to Ukraine at this point.

chiliboots • Will the Whiner: you are a total bore. Your 'opinions' are dictated from above.

Lockheart11 • Will is just another neoconservative con artist preaching the party line...I mean lie.

2jeffwilliams • I think we should avoid foreign entanglements.

organizedFSBcrime • Putin deserves what is coming to him. Russia also deserves what awaits her as well. (it's not good for either of them)

SPQR_US • George Will you senile boot licking toadie. Have you no self respect? No one outside of the Washington fart sniffers and David "trouser crease" humping Brooks cares what you say any longer: people just feel sorry for you now. It's truly sold your soul and now you want to convince people to have their children die in the Ukraine for George Soros and a bunch of puppet neo nazis that Spros, Ovama and McCain installed: guess what pal : we aren't buying it, we don't care and you f'ing coward you never served a day with an M16 in your hands so go back to being Soros's fluffer...

Who,Is,John,Galt • what a bunch of garbage, the author pretend to know history and even refers to the nazis, yet doesnt underrstand that crimea was always russian and the ukraine is made up of 2 peoples, not a "cassserole" kiev was the first capital of the RUS(sians)

Len Mullen • I'm against all imperialism, but only concerned about imperialism that gets Americans killed. Secure the borders, bring the troops home, achieve energy sovereignty, and avoid foreign entanglements. There's your foreign policy.

Combat Override • Russia is a nation where you can't find family who didn't have several relatives killed fighting or fleeting fascists. Calling Putin a fascist is lazy. As someone has already pointed out, fascism in the popular consciousness has a pretty simple, straightforward definition: a country that will invade and enslave the world by force, and gas its Jews. Is that Russia? Because if Russia really is Fascist, the West should demand the immediate and unconditional surrender of the Kremlin. If Russia is fascist, then all of the problems we’re facing in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and all the other countries in which we’re engaged in pale in comparison.

Emperor Justinian Combat Override • The "popular consciousness" isn't reality. Fascism was born in Italy, and Benito Mussolini was one of its founding fathers. And it had, in fact, no racial-ethnic agenda. That was a product of the Nazis, who some might argue weren't fascist at all but were something else entirely. And if they were "fascist," they constituted an odd mutation of it. As to the racial agenda, it was so foreign to true fascists that many of them characterized anti-Semitic laws as "un-fascist." This isn't to sanitize fascism. It's a statist ideology for which I have no use. But we should understand what it is. And the best encapsulation of it was provided by Mussolini: "All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." So is Putin a fascist? He does seem to meet the above definition pretty well, albeit not perfectly.

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ladykrystyna • Felicia, we are not desperate. You are. You keep posting even though the posts just disappear. Better get back in line, bootlicker. Putin is waiting.

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Aristotelian1 • Felicia_The_Talking_Goat, they play headless goat hockey in Afghanistan. Go.

Aristotelian1 • The legal farce by which Vladimir Putin remains the once-and-future President of his country tells us he is not a man we respect for his ethics. He is a power-hungry man from a fatalistic culture where weakness is despised. He looks at Obama and knows this is the moment to move Russia's borders. The next US leader will not be so easy.

iconoclast to Aristotelian1 • The Black Sea access is crucial for Russia and it has been since Tsarist times. Imagining that Russia would not annex people who do not wish to be Ukranians who live in a strategically important part of their world is just stupid. Next? If Putin is re-establishing the old Tsardom then his attention might be to Kazakstan, not the Baltic Republics.

SPQR_US to Aristotelian1 • Well we structured the Russian presidency this way after the Soviet fall. We pushed it for Yeltsin . I'm not saying I like it but that's the history. It's sad but true. I worried about it at the time but told myself that it was what they were used to and trusted our government believing that they were wiser than they were. Anyway that's all in the history books now...

Chimpestry • It doesn’t take much to recognize that Putin/Russia is more dangerous than ISIS. ISIS does not have control of a couple of thousand nuclear weapons, an air force, navy or the ability to manufacture heavy weapons or anything more effective than hand delivered IED’s. More importantly, it is about as stealthy as a herd of elephants on meth in a warehouse filled with china, cowbells and rats. With the exception of Western Leftists and coma patients, no one with more than a dozen functioning brain cells can overlook the danger ISIS poses. They have actually managed to scare or piss off everyone from Al Qaeda to the Saudis to Iran to the US. Putin’s Russia has nuclear weapons, an air force, a navy, incredible strategic depth and the resources and know-how to manufacture in mass quantities the weapons needed to conquer and subjugate Eastern Europe and beyond. More importantly, he is smart enough to cloak his aggression in enough semi-plausible bullshit to give otherwise wary people reason to dismiss that aggression as understandable, reasonable and non-threatening. He understands not only the Obama and Western leaders are weak but that the peoples of the West - right, left and center – will grasp any straw to avoid confronting him and his ambitions. He has actually managed to unite Western people across the spectrum to do nothing but watch and blather as he bites off hunks of his neighbors.

Carl Hossli • How do you say lebensraum in Russian?

SPQR_US to Carl Hossli • Soros & McCain

Philip Kirschner • Why is it when OBAMA was not President, people thought PUTIN was ok?

Chimpestry • Could be because he did not start biting off chunks of Russia's neighbors until three months before Obama was elected.

Combat Override • The people of Georgia might disagree.

iconoclast • Not the people of S. Ossetia and Abkhazia who had been trying to break away from Georgia since the 1990's. Also, Georgia started the S. Ossetia war, not Medvedev (RF president at the time). IOW, S. Ossetia war is a poor analogy.

JohntyD • Its not Putin's expansionism that is Hitlerian, but his irredentism. You only have yourselves to blame. Trying to surround Russia with pre WWI style treaty blocks by having adjacent states as NATO members is a red flag to a bull. You don't antagonize the big bear. This is the predictable result. Engaging in this activity without the military resources to support it is doubly foolish. Russia has always demanded a buffer zone between itself and Western Europe, i.e. Germany and potential US forces. Poland and other neighbouring states could have concluded defense pacts without undertaking NATO membership. A sixth grader could have concluded this much with even a modicum of historical knowledge or reading of Putin's outlook. Russia is still a Great Power and should be treated as such. The dimwits in the WH clearly don't know what they are doing and the rush to join NATO by Eastern European states is equally dismissive of their irreducible geopolitical equation. So if reading Russian sensitivities is such a difficult ask for the 'genius' in the WH with what can we merit his capability of understanding ISIS or a hundred other issues of lesser importance?

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hresitzzo to Felicia_The_Talking_Goat • Agreed. Self-determination is a right for all people. These foolish notions of "democracy" are nothing more than a recipe for murder. As the US founders noted 250 years ago. The proselytizing of the religion of democracy needs to cease.

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bdog to Randy Hitt • And another Putin lackey chimes in (based on your extensive comment history). Good thing those over eager Crimeans also had that warm water naval port to offer Vlad. What a lying putz.

ladykrystyna • Total bovine feces. Boy, Putin sure has lots of admirers. No wonder he's always smiling. He's being serviced well.

SPQR_US to ladykrystyna • Oh c'mon it's not that they likely give a crap about Putin or Russia...what's more likely is that they smell the utter BS, cravenness and dishonest of Obama, McCain & Soros all over this disaster. The whole world has been listening as those three have been screwing the region and stirring the pot. Frankly the data is so available these days that people get it practically through osmosis. Just like Obama using an executive order to cancel The restrictions on Libyans going to flight school on the US, the 11 missing Libyan jet liners from the Tripoli airport, Obama yelling at the Egyptians, for bombing ISIS at the Libyan airport or McCain saying on Fox recently that he supported arming ISIS last year in Syria. I mean the these guys are just foaming at the mouth's not that people support Putin on the contrary they just want Obama and this bloody globalist cabal checked and check mated. It's NOT that they support Putin it's that they hate: Soros, McCain and Obama it's as simple as that . Obama is finished he's the lamest of lane ducks and the palace guard is already back stabbing him the American people just want him crippled and declawed that's all he's an historical joke now he never really was more ...get that?

This comment was deleted.

ShermanTMcCoy • Stick to baseball, George.

SPQR_US • He's rolling Obama's baseballs around in his mouth I suspect

WonBall • Can anyone describe a current international situation in which Mr Obama is actively working against Mr Putin?
No, no one can. There are none. Mr Obama and Mr Putin are on the same side. They're both commies who hate America, hate free enterprise and seek authoritarian rule for their people. Recognizing this obvious fact, which Mr Obama has not made any real effort to conceal, is the first step towards understanding the actions and inactions of his administration.

SPQR_US to WonBall • McCain is a lunatic that has Stockholm syndrome and like to bomb people simple as that he cares literally about nothing else McCain is a reckless feckless traitor too

hresitzzo • The vast majority of the Bolsheviks were not Russians.

SPQR_US • True

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ladykrystyna to Felicia_The_Talking_Goat • More Putin propaganda. Bend over.

bdog to Felicia_The_Talking_Goat • And this authoritative evidence of an American led coup can be found where?

SPQR_US to bdog • Can you not read?

hresitzzo to bdog • Gyorgy Schwartz has admitted to meddling in the Ukraine and the US State Department's involvement via Ms. Nuland is also very well known.

bdog to hresitzzo • Direct me to the source that authoritatively provides evidence of a US-led coup please. What I've seen offered so far is just pablum

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ladykrystyna to Felicia_The_Talking_Goat • You really enjoy being Putin's butt boy, don’t you?

ladykrystyna to Felicia_The_Talking_Goat • Your the one that likes getting it from Putin. And oh, hit the refresh button, bootlicker. You've been sent to the cornfield.

ladykrystyna to Felicia_The_Talking_Goat • No, I'm talking to you, bootlicker. Hit refresh. Your posts are, poof, gone.

Aristotelian1 • Some newcomers here tonight. Progs, hermits, outpatients.

ladykrystyna to Aristotelian1 • Someone has to explain to me who these alleged conservatives are praising Putin. I can't figure it out. The ones with the neocon crap must be Paulbots.

Chimpestry to ladykrystyna • Nothing is more surprising than the respect some conservatives have for Putin.

ladykrystyna to Chimpestry • They are not conservative. They are very likely neo nazis admiring Putin's fascism.

Chimpestry to ladykrystyna • That's as good an explanation as I have seen. Thanks!

hresitzzo to ladykrystyna • Like it or not, Putin is worthy of respect. Liberals, and their progressive counterparts in the GOP, sometimes referred to as neocons, have no credibility and are worthy of no respect.

Aristotelian1 to hresitzzo • @troll

ladykrystyna to hresitzzo • No, Putin is a thug and deserves no respect. You are morally sick.

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ladykrystyna to hresitzzo • You are the one thinking that any of us here are obama supporters, bootlicker. Hit refresh. You are gone.

adam_lang to ladykrystyna • Do you think that conservatism = warmongering? I have never liked Ron/Rand Paul, except in foreign policy. I'm a social conservative & an economic moderate. Since 1990, the GOP is moving ever leftward. It's become a controlled opposition. The GOP is lusting for war, everywhere, including Ukraine, on any pretext. In the Senate, Bob Corker has sponsored S.2277-Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014. He wants to give weapons to the Ukrainian military, to move NATO forces into Poland & the Baltic states, and to declare Moldavia, Georgia & Ukraine "major non-NATO allies." Also, he wants the US to give an ULTIMATUM to Russia to get out of the Crimea. This is similar to July 1914.

ladykrystyna to adam_lang • Conservatism doesn't mean war mongering. It means peace through strength. Do you think Putin will stop with Ukraine? He certainly didn't stop with Georgia. Hitler didn't stopmeither until we made him stop. You may not war, but the bad guys do. And the only thing that stops the bad guys is the good guys.

adam_lang • I think it's unwise to give an ultimatum to Russia. There are bad precedents for this, on the 100th anniversary of WW-1. The US is acting from a weak position. It would be better to seek Russian cooperation against our common enemies, such as ISIS. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003, & interference in the civil wars in Libya & Syria, were all against the National Interest. The US is the only country to do this, fight against its own interests. There would be no ISIS today, if only the US has minded its own business.

hresitzzo • The war mongering, today, is mostly coming from the GOP. It's a dangerous game and the democrats know it. The war-mongering from the GOP is one reason they aren't able to seal the deal with the public re: 2014. Obama may be bad, but war mongering is worse. Will the GOP ever learn?

adam_lang to hresitzzo • I disagree. Both parties are the same. The Democrats are warmongers too, but less blatant than the GOP. If not for the NATO bombing of Libya in 2012, then Muammar Gaddafi would have won. He was the good guy in that conflict. Libya is a disaster, today, thanks to NATO.

ladykrystyna • Still can't figure out the so called conservatives. Frankly I think they are really neo Nazis getting a woody for Putin's fascism.

hresitzzo to ladykrystyna • The likes of Sean Hannity and John McCain have zero credibility after their fortune-telling associated with the "brief" war in Iraq. While Obama sucks, he's still not falling into the war-mongering trap that is killing the GOP. Without the decision to invade Iraq, for example, there would be no ISIS.

bdog to ladykrystyna • Some of the commentary tonight has been genuinely bizarre. Conservatives admire Putin? Very strange.

hresitzzo to bdog • Like him or not, Putin is worthy of respect. Obama is worthy of none, as are most of the influential media-types who influenced the decision to invade Iraq. If the GOP wants to seal the deal with the public for 2014, the war-mongering needs to cease. Obama has worn out his welcome, but the GOP seems determined to throw him a life-line with the war-mongering nonsense. Leave. People. Alone. How hard is that? Will the GOP ever learn?

Aristotelian1 to hresitzzo • @troll No one at NRO thinks Putin is worthy of respect.

ladykrystyna to hresitzzo • Putin is a thug. He deserves no respect. If you had any moral compass you'd understand that.

ladykrystyna to bdog • That's why I don't think they are conservatives. Stormfronters have learned to keep their disgusting beliefs just underneath the surface, but the mask always falls.

Gary Dickson to ladykrystyna • Please, don't start flinging mud. I'm a conservative but I am definitely not admiring nor defending Mr. Putin. All I am saying is that, (1) Mr. Will is naive when it comes to the goal of Islam and (2) when it comes to Mr. Putin and his agenda, there is far more to it than meets the eye.

ladykrystyna to Gary Dickson • I wasn't necessarily referring to you. There are some very obvious Putin butt boys on this thread.

bdog to ladykrystyna • I think you're right on target. Some of these people are true loons

Aristotelian1 to ladykrystyna • That could also be true. There was an earlier post about Putin defending "white people". Not an NRO crowd.

hresitzzo to Aristotelian1 • It seems that nationalism is growing quickly as more and more people recognize that today's conservatives are too cowardly to actively confront the toxic ideology of liberalism. Arguably, today's liberalism is more of an existential threat to the US Constitution than ISIS and Putin, combined.

ResidentIllinois • We and Russia share a common, aggressive, growing enemy, namely, radical Islam. I wonder if we will end up allying with them over the next 50 years to fight our common enemy.

NM156 to ResidentIllinois • Not until Putin appoints an Asiatic Siberian transexual to lead the Russian Armed Forces...

This comment was deleted.

Aristotelian1 to evader2014 • @troll

bdog to evader2014 • @troll useless comment

Robert11110 • The whole world is on fire with nationalism from the UK to France to Russia to China to Japan and the US is transforming itself into an Afromexasian trash dump that will likely not survive to mid century. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a nation looking out for it's own people, that is the whole point of being a nation, a collection of people of similar ancestry, religion, culture, language, etc. Remember? The way we used to be? Labeling something that is natural and normal as fascism is absolutely ludicrous.

NM156 • I used to compare my mom to Hitler too, with her ranting and raving over the stove, about a Betty Crocker plot to kill off America with bland casseroles while forcing us to eat them. Maybe it was her slight mustache too, but that's where my comparison ends. George has even less of an analogy to go on, but to immoral neocon swindlers like George, anything to break out the guns for their borderless global ambitions is justifiable with laughable comparisons to Hitler.

adam_lang • The US should look after its own interests. Other countries fight for their own interests. The US acts against its own national interest - interfering in civil wars or launching senseless invasions. Almost never is it in the National Interest, e.g the Vietnam War, the Iraq War. The US & Russia should be allies. They have common enemies.

Steve Tanton • Frankly, I'm more concerned with Barack's "Hitlerian" mind...

Robert • For everyone posting that Will is wrong in comparing Putin to Hitler, I would like to say, "what do you mean?", and "what is your point?". Do you really think there are no similarities between Hitler and Putin? (of course you do). In what way can we threaten, punish or contain Putin as long as we stick to merely words and spending? Do you think that Putin will stop at Ukraine? <= this last one is really George Will's point. While we may be content to see Putin use his weak arm against a weak foe in a possibly prolonged intrusion, why would Putin stop there if we show him we will not try to stop him? At what point do we start to care? If we don't care when Putin starts at country #2, then Will is undoubtedly right that we will have another Germany and another Hitler on our hands. Hopefully we don't let it get that far.

StevetheHun • Mr. Will imagines Putin to have committed a false flag operation and then claims Putin has a Hitlarian mind. Usually thought crimes are in the perpetrator ' s mind, not the accuser. That's Stalin like thinking. Shall we discuss how the Ukrainian ' s are using their old NAZI symbols? How about the Ukranian false flags, like shooting their own demonstrators and blaming the elected government they ousted? Oh, and Godwin ' s law. You lost the argument Mr. Will.

Elph • Judging from his hot florid style, Will is taking this personally...his pansiness to Putin's manliness.

bigdaddy1 • Apparently some commenters here have no clue about world history, especially 1938 to 1941. George Will is entirely correct in that Putin has had a naked desire to re-create the Soviet Union and has been working on it for 10 years. First, he dismantled the state governors and appointed his own KGB friends. Little by little, disbanded and killed journalists at home and abroad. Then he stole oil companies and had the state take them over. Russia invaded Georgia and kept it. Russia has been on the other side of every conflict the US has had for years. Russia supported North Korea, Cuba, Syria, and Iran. Russia built nuclear reactors for Iran disuised as power plants. Russia invaded the Crimea, claiming the Ukraine was persecuting Russians. And now he started an invasion of the Ukraine with his troops and equipment. There are "Separatists" but there are Russians in plain uniforms attacking the Ukraine. He stated in the past his sorrow that the Soviet Union broke up and was the greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century. Remember, Obama told Medviev to tell Vladimir that he would have more flexibility after the election. Every time Obama blinks and backs away from confrontation, Putin advances. And Obama goes fund raising, golfing and vacations in luxury while Putin is expanding. Adolph Hitler took Europe one country at a time while the West slept. The cowards in the US turned a blind eye to Hitler's advances through Poland and most of Europe. The cowards wanted peace and no foreign wars while Japan invaded Manchuria and raped and pillaged most of China. Ninety per cent of Americans wanted peace and not war. And then there was Pearl Harbor and the shit hit the fan. If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

This comment was deleted.

DaveMed • I am not willing to support the waste of any more Western lives or dollars on such issues. I'm sick of seeing Europeans and European-Americans killed, while Muslims salivate over the thinning of the population they intend to conquer (whether by open war or outbreeding).

Lore • It's good to see so many commenters telling Will for what he is: a supporter of mass immigration and a shrill for the hostile elite. And it's good the moderators are apparently on vacation and we are able to say such things.

animalaura • If I ever had to choose between the DHS Police State barging into my home or the Russian Army... I would welcome the Russian Army into my estate. I'd feed them all well with a big country breakfast with lots of bacon! Let them camp on my lands, and rest in my woods. And then, I would invite them to destroy the DHS. Yes, I trust Russian soldiers more than the U.S. Government's DHS Gestopo police and their Muslim Leader. I do love my country -- but the government we have now is not what this country was founded upon. Our laws, rights and beliefs are being twisted -- and now returning veterans and Christians are called "potential terrorists".

ladykrystyna to animalaura • You are fricking disturbed. And frankly disgusting.

bdog to ladykrystyna • There are quite a few fringe commenters out tonight.

ladykrystyna to bdog • They must be paid propagandists. They are all over Breitbart as well.

adam_lang to animalaura • Correct. I hope Russia invades England, too. England is full of Muslims & other hostile aliens. But the most hostile to England is its own ruling class. The English people would greet the Russians as liberators. For many years, Muslim "men" have organized gang-rapes of white girls - 1400 girls in one small town, Rotherham, alone. Many more nationwide. The UK ruling class knew all about it. They did nothing because they like it. Anyone who complained, such as the father of one of the girls, was charged by the state with "hate crimes". The UK rulers are perverts & traitors. They opened the borders to mass third-world migration. An invasion by Russia would be a liberation.

animalaura • The US Government, the White House and Barak Obama truly believe that we Americans are THAT STUPID as long as they control the media. Their lies are blatant and idiotic. Even Fox news spouts them!! From the start, Mr. Putin was the target of the Ukraine initiative, not the instigator. Russia is NOT the 'bad guy' in this disaster. GUESS WHO IS?? (hint: he has a black ass) Europe is following an anti-Russian course under the pressure of well orchestrated propaganda campaigns. The official EU attitude has to be systematically fueled. As soon as the European countries refused to take economic sanctions, there followed the Malaysian Boeing disaster and their position underwent a shift. The timing of the Boeing’s crash was very "convenient" for the US Administration. Within hours -the US media were instructed to begin blaming Russia. Instantly, Russia was accused of moving its regular army into Ukraine, although there are no Russian troops in that country. Photos were captioned to "show" a convoy... except, no time, no dates, and later it was proven they were taken on Russian soil ...weeks ago!! Each time you can see that it takes a high-profile propaganda campaign in the media to push reluctant Europe towards the US policy of an all-out campaign against Russia. WHAT will be B.O.'s next false flag?? Care to guess ...anyone?? Of course, he will deny any involvement. Watch. The point is, if Russia really WANTED to take over Ukraine ... that could have happen many months ago. But, it would not be an economic advantage to Russia in that it would take BILLIONS of rubles to repair/rebuild the destroyed Ukraine infrastructure of roads, bridges, hospitals, power plants and re-home millions of people. That would drain the Russian treasury!! It would be like the USA suddenly invading Mexico and having to restore & build Mexico's decrepit infrastructure and feed its population. What American citizen would want to pay for THAT?? ick. So, Russia will not "invade" unless they are defending their own Russian border, OR, if it would be an economic lift for Russia... which it is not. Although --
THAT is exactly what Obama is pushing for him to do... invade. NATO and Obama's lapdog western media are the aggressors!! For Obama, it would be a wonderful "distraction" from all his OTHER screwups!!

ladykrystyna to animalaura • Oh good Lord. You are off your meds.

7962 to animalaura • Good lord, you're an idiot.

This comment was deleted.

travlr009 • all you have to do is read some of these posts to realize that there are not nearly enough mental institutions in the US

This comment was deleted.

j.b.clamence to allah_speaking • Russia has no interest in helping the U.S. do anything. Your posts chide the U.S. for "restarting" the Cold War. Putin has never stopped fighting it, my friend.

This comment was deleted.

bdog to allah_speaking • Putin is determined to greatly expand the international power and influence of Russia. It's pretty simple really.

whimsicalmama • If anything, a Putin sweep through Europe would clean it of the muslim and multicultural flotsam that has degraded just about every western nation. A good high colonic might be worth the price of a russian overlord.
Despite the fact that he already owns them by virture of their dependency on his energy pipelines. To quote a fading american "what difference does it make anyway?"

Trisha Doherty to whimsicalmama • Amen...I admire Putin for many reasons I have stated, but if for nothing else, his total annihilation of the Chechen islamic resistance and the leveling of Grozny!. Islam is vile, Muslims are vile...and that's not racism whiners, islam is not a race.

This comment was deleted.

bdog to allah_speaking • So you simply cede the right of invading non-threatening neighboring countries to Putin? Where does he have to stop out of curiosity? Canada?

jm323 to bdog • bdog, are we duty-bound to defend EVERY country that is aggressed upon by its neighbor?? Does Putin constitute a genuine threat to AMERICA or its vital interests? (...Never mind Putin's paranoid hostility to America; I'm talking about his actual power to threaten us or harm us...) We are seriously in trouble financially, economically. We don't have the options that we had two decades ago. The U.S. military which dazzled the world in the First Gulf War (1991) no longer exists (...thanks to serious cuts in our defense spending. ...And, i know, because I served in the military in the '80s...) We have to prioritize our security challenges. We cannot afford an essentially ALTRUISTIC foreign policy, spreading our defense commitments throughout the world. Europe has more than enough capacity (economically, technologically) to defend itself from Putin IF IT REALLY WANTED TO. (Germany's defense spending is even smaller --as a percentage of its GDP-- much smaller than ours. And, it is because we are always proclaiming, "We'll do it for you!!") We actually should get out of NATO.

Tecumseh1768 to bdog • Yea, it's not like he invaded a non-threatening country on the opposite side of the world. Or is that ok? Or is it only ok when we do it?

bdog to Tecumseh1768 • Is it ok that Putin invaded a non-threatening neighbor? Apparently, you think it's just fine. I repeat where does he have to stop?

Tecumseh1768 to bdog • He looks to assist the ethnic Russians in Ukraine being ethnically cleansed by our stooges in Kiev. Truth is Putin has shown remarkable restraint. When the Ruskies land in Vancouver, let me know.

ladykrystyna to Tecumseh1768 • Another Putin butt boy. You better get back in line.

Tecumseh1768 to ladykrystyna • Whatever you may be, you sure ain't a lady.

ladykrystyna Tecumseh1768 • You're a butt boy for a thug.

bdog to Tecumseh1768 • Ah, the old ethnic protection justification for use of military force against peaceful neighbors. Very old European of you. So, tell me, under what international protocols was the annexation afforded legality?

jm323 to bdog • The same as the annexation of Texas --a Mexican state, invaded by Anglo-American illegals, and then taken from Mexico and added to the U.S. ??

Tecumseh1768 to bdog • The people's vote gives it all the legality needed. George Will should put together a Brigade to retake Crimea on Ukraine's behalf, I'm sure you will sign right up.

This comment was deleted.

bdog to allah_speaking • You approve of his annexation of Crimea I see.

Slavophile • A normal human being who wanted to understand Vladimir Putin might read Masha Gessen's "The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin" or the late Anna Politkosvkaya's "Putin's Russia". George Will reaches for his well-worn copy of "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". As a commentator on the former Soviet Union, he is just a joke. He should stop embarrassing himself. And he writes this on the tenth anniversary of the Beslan massacre no less. Has the man no sense of decency whatsoever? Andrew Baldwin

This comment was deleted.

adam_lang to FootLong • Correct. I hope Russia invades England. England is full of Muslims & other hostile aliens. But the most hostile to England is its own ruling class. The English people would great the Russians as liberators.

BCisles to adam_lang • what a stupid statement

adam_lang to BCisles • For many years, Muslim "men" have organized gang-rapes of white girls - 1400 in one small town, Rotherham, alone. Many more nationwide. The UK ruling class knew all about it. They did nothing because they like it. Anyone who complained, such as the father of one of the girls, was charged by the state with "hate crimes". The UK rulers are perverts & traitors. They opened the borders to mass third-world migration. They should all be executed.

BCisles to adam_lang • Wow, well you aren't extreme at all. You actually sound like a Christian version of ISIS. Laws should be enforced and people who break the law should be prosecuted.

OverheadPolynomial to BCisles • Water is wet, the sky is blue, etc.

Chris P Bacon • The other Arab states are petrified of attacking IS because of the fear of defections. The fact is that there has not been a more ruthless, cruel, determined or unrestrained Islamic movement since Mohammed. IS are following in his footsteps when it comes to dealing with unbelievers. They are the purest form of Islam since the prophet himself walked the earth, which is why they are attracting such numbers from around the world. The Saudis claim IS will be in Europe in a month and the US in two, because they know that only the West can fight an enemy which, for Muslims, is like fighting their own religion.

Trisha Doherty to Chris P Bacon • the worlds muslims are way past due for some major league collective punishment

Laurelfork • When the northern Europeans hooked their furnaces up to Vlads's natural gas lines that gave him all the leverage he needs to keep them quiet. Look for a fall, winter offensive. Coal ain't looking so bad now is it Euros?

Trisha Doherty to Laurelfork • Germany decommissioned all it's nuclear plants...they better start building a load of windmills

cicero • So, what do you want to do, George, go to war with Russia? NATO is a defensive alliance geared to stop the Russians from invading Western Europe. If you really want to do something meaningful,you could be beating the drum to drill our oil and gas reserves, and export as much as is needed to Western Europe. While we are at it, we might consider encouraging our energy companies to explore and invest in all the oil and gas fields they think they can find, instead of demonizing them and their product. Cut off Russia's market for the only product they have to sell, and Putin stops being a threat to anyone. Flood themarket, and drop the price of oil and gas by 25-50%, and all of the warmaking stops. The history of Eukraine over the past century, and its role in the last two World Wars, does not inspire this citizen to commit much to their rescue. If we can sell them modern weapons with which to defend themselves, fine. But Russia must be made to feel the economic pain, and be ostrasized economicall from trade with the West until it withdraws back within its own borders. If we are not ready to do that, we certainly have no business threatening war. If Western Europe is not ready to pull its hand out of the cookie jar to save its neighbors, let them learn to speak Russian.

PBM to cicero • There are many things short of "D-Day in Crimea" we could do, like arming the Ukrainians, recon, even a few SOF 'volunteers'.

JayWye to PBM • Too bad Ukraine uses Soviet 152 mm arty,they could benefit from some artillery-delivered SADARM to deal with Russian armor and SAM's. But that's all 155 mm caliber.

Tecumseh1768 to PBM • Of course, Washington will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian!

bdog • The threat of Russia to a united Europe should be minuscule when comparing economic, population, technology, and military capabilities (when NATO is included in the calculation). Unfortunately, Europe, even with all of its inherent strength, lacks a critical element in the strategic equation...the will to jointly resist, confront, and fight Russian aggression. Putin has the necessary will to exploit this weakness and accept the risk of war in order to expand his the Empire. This situation carries the genuine potential for yet another war on the European continent. The probability for miscalculation is high.

M T • A little hasty writing Ukraine off here... We'll see...

Trisha Doherty to M T • In conventional force numbers, not really..Putin Really could take Kiev thing that went on under the radar for the past 7 years has been Putin's resupply of the Russian Army..almost eerily mirroring the German re armament of the late 1930's and just as ignored by the powers that be

PBM to Trisha Doherty • Oh baloney: Russia has a few brigades that are well trained and equipped with modern weaponry. The rest are poorly armed, poorly trained conscripts. If the Ukrainians resisted, taking Kiev could take weeks of street to street fighting, and the city would be nothing but ruins afterwards. Think Grozny but ten times bigger.

Trisha Doherty to PBM • russia has 14 tank divisions in the west and 12 in the east....ready to would be over before we even moved 1 tank division out of Germany

wwd88888 • I know George Will is extremely well read, but he is taking the common path with the Hitler analogy. He needs to re-read Halford McKinder, and histories of Peter and Catherine the Great; Russia regardless of ruler, regime, or ideology will always be compelled to create buffer to the west, and seek a warm water port. Ukraine has been part of Russia for several centuries, and if not, part of Poland or Lithuania. An independent Ukraine is the anomaly here; it is not feasible as an independent state. The mistake after the wall came down was to not add Russia to the EU/NATO before any of the Warsaw Pact nations. Embedding Russia into EU trade, political structure and ideological/political mores would have made it too profitable and stable to consider going rogue. The same thing was done with Germany after WW2. Turning NATO into a alliance whose only apparent purpose is to expand at Russia's expense and solely targeted against Russia was a recipe for conflict. My guess is Russia would go to war over the Crimea and the land corridor to Crimea.

oldvlc • I put George Will in the same category as Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer. If they were so brilliant, Republicans would be sitting pretty. Note, regardless of their rhetoric, they are losers Including Krauthammer. He let Obama slide in his estimation of him in 2007/08, not recognizing him as the rabid socialist (among other things) that he is. George Will attacks any conservative who is truly conservative. SO I don't put much credence in anything he, or the others, say.

DaveMed to oldvlc • The important thing to remember is that the chattering class has nothing to lose if things go ill for the side they (ostensibly) represent. Things go well? They can write crowing articles. Things go badly? They can whine for 4-8 years.

davidcoleman01 to oldvlc • Silly Will writes a paranoid rant. All these old men who want to go to war, and their children, should be the first to be sent to the front lines.

Nigel Tufnel • Putin is a lowlife bully.

Trisha Doherty to Nigel Tufnel • Nope he says this is what is best for Russia, give it to me or I will take it by force and If you have the force to stop me, hoorah for you..otherwise were coming thru. That is how we expanded a few dinky colonies across a continent and then across the world

Nigel Tufnel to Trisha Doherty • Precisely: he is a lowlife bully.

OverheadPolynomial to Nigel Tufnel • What are you, the resident heterophobe?

ladykrystyna to OverheadPolynomial • What is with you Putin butt boys? He is a pig and a thug and there is nothing to admire about him at all. Apparently you just love bullies and thugs. Says a lot about you.

This comment was deleted.

ladykrystyna to Jkjljmt Pqprpstt • Sorry, bub, I'm immune. @troll

This comment was deleted.

Lore • Yanukovich, Assad, Boko Haram, ISIS, that Iranian guy, and Putin. I haven't heard about Boko Haram much anymore, even though most of those girls are still missing. Who will be the next Hitler of The Month?

Trisha Doherty to Lore • Boko Haram opened a topless carwash in the congo with their captives

Nigel Tufnel to Trisha Doherty • You really ought to say this in public so that people can smash in your stupid face.

Trisha Doherty to Nigel Tufnel • I do say it in public, My Town must be much less violent than yours...then again, we lead the country in concealed carry permits per armed people are a civil people

Nigel Tufnel to Trisha Doherty • Then you live in a looney bin, which they've told you is called "My Town."

hresitzzo to Trisha Doherty • There are cars in the Congo?

Trisha Doherty to hresitzzo • stolen ones, yes

Douglas • Wills' columns, for the recent past, all read as if, when completed, he looks at a picture of God and, like Salieri in 'Amadeus' says: "Grazie Signore!" They all appear like pretty wrapping paper with elaborate bows, disguising empty boxes. I am sure that at those tony D.C. Cocktail parties where 'Conservatives' like you, George, wax sublime against those messy Tea Party rabble, they use "ladles" to serve casseroles!

Fatnot • Neocons like Mr. Will were demanding the bombing of Syria not long ago. Today it is clear that this would have been a great aid to ISIS, which today might have taken control, with with massive resulting atrocities. Fortunately, Mr. Putin managed to defuse that situation by arranging a swap involving the disposition of poison gas stockpiles. Mr. Putin's response to Nuland's (another prominent Neocon) orchestrated coup in Ukraine is what should have been expected.

JVR • Putin did something remarkable, or actually, said something remarkable. He said something no Western Leader dare or would even think to say (and have been so ideologically tarnished by decades of Left-think that no Western Leader could even conceive of saying something similar to what he said). Putin said that he cared about ethnic Russians. Now imagine that.

Flyover Al in CT• It is hard for me to say, but I trust Putin to look after Mideast Christians more than our CommieMuzzieQueer POSOTUS.

Trisha Doherty • I admire Putin very much. we need a return to good old nationalism ..stop living the 60 year old multicultural lie...I am an American Nationalist, not a world citizen..if whats best for my country is to smash your country, so be it.

ladykrystyna to Trisha Doherty • Disgusting. There is nothing to admire about Putin.

TheDjoker • please, putin isn't going around beheading people who don't convert to the orthodox faith, perhaps you missed the last 1400 years of history while islam has been at war with all that is not islam

PBM • The number of comments here that seem to indicate that this is 'all about Obama' are amazing, along with the neo-isolationist sentiment. You people need to realize that the US has interests apart from whether or not a given course of action benefits Obama politically. And you're very sadly mistaken if you think Putin's constant rubbing Obama's nose in it and constant humiliation of the United States will not have serious repercussions for the rest of us down the line.

Duke Bob • Putin is pragmatic. He will go for E Ukraine. His strongest ally is in Wasington ...." We have NO obligations, Ukraine is not a member of NATO".... Merkel speaks German with Putin during phone calls. She calls him Vlad. Things are a lot different than they appear

kthomp1123 • Where is the George Will who said no to Libya and Syria? Did someone replace him with a knee-jerk anti Russian robot? Did he miss the whole coup we pulled off in the Ukraine. The $5 billion of tax payer funds for the National Endowment for Democracy poured into Ukraine to set the stage...or maybe Nuland's phone call detailing our coup and our 'man'. Putin is doing what we would do if Putin moved into Mexico...or, when the Soviet's moved into the Bay of Pigs what Kennedy did. If we hadn't pulled that coup Putin would be building a space port, figuring out how to capitalize on the Sochi Olympics, doing judo, watching guys bend skillets, and having more 'make baby days' while helping us kill ISIS. Instead he's figuring out how to kill the petrodollar, lead BRIC's, and destroy our reserve currency status to make sure we can't keep pulling stuff like we have. It's sad to see someone so intelligent either intentionally miss so much, or be too dense to see our actions and Putin's reaction to it. It's time people like Will quit living in the Cold War thinking of the Fulda Gap, and start saying what the truth is all of the time...we screwed up, Putin is doing what we would do, and we need to figure out how to back away from this idiocy.

Trisha Doherty • I Like Putin, I admire strength and enjoy watching him push paper tigers like obama around (as embarrassing as it is for my country, we elected that asshat)...besides, I miss the cold war, Damn it

1bogrits1 • Quite frankly Mr. Will I look at Vladimir Putin and see a leader that I admire. I can not say that of the Neo-con bunch that has run our nation into endless wars and inflation.

ladykrystyna to 1bogrits1 • There is nothing to admire about Putin. He's a pig and a thug.

ladykrystyna to 1bogrits1 • begone @troll. moderator, away with him!

Trisha Doherty • Putin is an unapologetic Russian Nationalist and he does what he feels is best for Russia first, no matter who it upsets or hurts..It would be nice to have a US president who did the same !

This comment was deleted.

Mike Heuer to guest • The President is the commander in chief and not Congress. Blame Obama.

This comment was deleted.

Aristotelian1 to guest • @troll Peddle your racism elsewhere

Veillantif • If Putin thinks the ex-head of the KGB can beat the ex-community organizer in a contest of wits or nerves, then I hate to say it but he is almost certainly correct. Sorry, Estonia.

JerryFrey • "Vladimir Putin: the Tsar who won’t thaw"

Lamprey Wrangler • Well, you have Putin doing his Adolf "Lebensraum" impersonation on the edge of Europe, and China threatening to put together a new "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" in the Far East. And for good measure, we get to add in a 21st century recreation of the Mahdi uprising. But instead of Teddy creating a "Big Stick" or FDR creating an "Arsenal of Democracy," we have BHO creating a militarily-downsized "Paper Tiger." History might not repeat itself, but it certainly allows for the confluence of a passel of mixed metaphors -- so to speak.

JayWye • “The Obama Doctrine can be described in just nine words: Embolden our enemies, undermine our friends, diminish our country.” Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

Chris Lamprey • BHO Foreign Policy = Neville Chamberlain Foreign Policy

This comment was deleted.

Tmark Keefey • Putin won't go too far. States 10 times more powerful than Russia in conventional military, he knows nukes can't be used and the States alone can take China and Russia out in a four year war but you add NATO and it ends really fast for Putin so Putin either wishes to die or not. He can see the total destruction of Russia or not. That is his choice.

kthomp1123 to Tmark Keefey • Who is 10 times more powerful than Russia other than the US? You must be living in 1991. I'm going to educate you and do so non-offensively. Outside of the Germans (who's military is a lot of drunks waiting for a purpose but could mobilize and still be numerically inferior) and Britain (small, feisty, yet small), and the French Foreign Legion (which is all Brits and Americans), Europe is about as docile and able to fight as a baby in a crib. No offense, but you are confusing a kinetic war with a counter-insurgency. We are great at counter-insurgency, but Europe's ability to fight a full kinetic war is non-existent. Troops take time to train up to fight this kind of war. Russia has been training to fight it because they aren't doing counter-insurgency - Europe hasn't been. Europe has no NCO or officer corps from 1991 when they trained to fight Russia. Everyone they have is trained to fight insurgency. Russia has 80,000 guys at the border ready to go, two divisions of which are all-volunteer like our military, and their airborne and Air Force units are all volunteer. They train for kinetic war with China and the West. The Europeans just started talking about a 'joint tank' program...a tank that would take 3 years to build!!!!!!!! The T-80 and T-90 are designed for kinetic blitzkrieg warfare. Their Shtora system is superior to the Leopard 2 - all of the upgrades to the Leopards have been done for RPG's and IED's in the Middle East. They don't even have tanks ready. The M1A2 would obliterate the T-90, but Europe has none. NATO died 1991. Since then it's been internal welfare spending because Russia was never a threat until now. Now they gotta play catch-up. In 3 years if they REALLY wanted to have the ability, I'd agree, but other than economics (and Russia controls their heat in winter and we are about to be in winter) only Germany has the ability to fight Russia...and that's questionable at best in their current state.

This comment was deleted.

This comment was deleted.

Nigel Tufnel to guest • Fascism correlates to psychosis and low i. q.

This comment was deleted.

Mike Heuer to guest • Liberal troll alert!

Nigel Tufnel to guest • You are a ten year old girl with your mom's computer.

This comment was deleted.

Aristotelian1 to Grumple • @troll You are insane

Mike Heuer to Grumple • I see the bin is short one loony.

Nigel Tufnel to Mike Heuer • I wish they'd say these things in public: easier target practice.

Nigel Tufnel to Grumple • Google translate strikes again!

This comment was deleted.

Griffonn to Grumple • @troll

Aristotelian1 to Grumple • @troll Bon soir

Nigel Tufnel to Grumple • Just how stupid are you?

This comment was deleted.

Nigel Tufnel to guest • Off the medications, again. Get some help, soon!

JerryFrey to Grumple • Dear Grumple, you're full of scheiss - merde...

Nigel Tufnel to Grumple • I think you need to get more sleep.

ebohnet • Putin may have Hitler's ambitious and tactics, but his Russia lacks the intrinsic power of Hitler's Germany, and the territories which he can potentially capture through ethnic grievance campaigns would not give him the power boost that Hitler got from annexing Germanic territories. Hitler was able to build up his Germany to the point where it was the strongest nation on the planet, and at one point was on the verge of defeating the rest of his continent. Neither Britain, France, nor the USSR could stand against him alone, and he nearly defeated all three in combination. This contrasts sharply with Putin's Russia, which is a stagnant, 2nd tier power economically. There are at least three other nations in Europe which could each easily arm themselves to far surpass the Russians - Germany, Britain and France. A coalition of its former subjects in the Warsaw Pact could likely do so as well, even without participation by the larger powers. And adding the Russian provinces of Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia and Georgia would do little to alter the balance of power. This is not to say we should do nothing, but there is no reason for us to take a lead role. We ought to be encouraging and assisting Russia immediate neighbors to arm and defend themselves, and our European allies to build their own military to the point where they can provide an effective deterrent. Ultimately, whatever Putin does in Ukraine and elsewhere is going to matter much more to Poland and Germany than to anyone in North America. Our strategy towards the region should reflect that.

Mickey to ebohnet • Actually, Germany was not ready for war in 1939. They were badly over-extended, and Hitler knew it. So did his generals. He gambled that the Allies would not take any serious action. He was correct. They sat behind the Maginot Line and twiddled their thumbs while Germany worked furiously to arm up. We're making the same mistake with Russia. The correct move, at this point, would be to bring all of the former Soviet satellite states under the umbrella of NATO and build military bases in those countries. They'd welcome it. They've been begging for it since they gained their freedom, in fact. They know what the Russian Bear is all about. Reagan knew, too: The Russian Bear roars until someone roars back. Then it turns into a frightened little cub. They're bullies, and must be dealt with like bullies.

kthomp1123 to Mickey • You gonna fight that war? Just gonna send your kids to die for some Baltic states while Europe goes freezing with no gas? Just curious which of your kids you'll sacrifice for a situation we caused.

Aristotelian1 • Europe is a miserable collection of bigots in small fiefdoms trying to speak a common version of their own language, let alone manage the EU. They are unreliable economically and militarily. Under Russian domination they pose no threat to the US and neither does Russia, which will fight Jihad for Europe and the Mediterranean. Russian Tsars fancied themselves heirs to the Emperors of Byzantium, let Putin fight the invading Muslim armies.

This comment was deleted.

Aristotelian1 to guest • @troll @Fun Ghoul

Veillantif to guest • @dummkopf @troll

hresitzzo to Aristotelian1 • Like him or not, Putin is worthy of respect. Obama? Worthy of nothing.

PBM to hresitzzo • Obama is a buffoon, Putin is a murderer seeking to stir the embers of fascism in Russia. There's nothing particularly respectable about either of them.

hresitzzo PBM • Putin's regime isn't waging war against the US Constitution though - Obama's is.

hresitzzo • The marxist regime waging war against our Constitution is not Vlad Putin's.

This comment was deleted.

Mike Heuer to guest • Soros and Will suddenly are buddies? You really are an idiot. to guest • Troll...go thee to the nether parts of the sow that spawned ye!

kthomp1123 to • Take out 'jews'...would you be mad?

JERD2 • I think it will be easier for Putin than Will suggests. He will not have to march on Kiev or invade Latvia, Estonia, or Lithuania. The leaders of these nations will eventually conclude that Obama and his Western European counterparts are unreliable. These nations will willingly capitulate and join Russia in political, economic, and military treaties that will acknowledge Russian hegemony. Russia is to be feared. NATO is not to be trusted. The nations of the old Soviet "Block" know this and they will welcome again Russia as a friend and dismiss NATO as a foe.

PBM to JERD2 • Bull---. They may be forced to acquiesce to a degree to Russian demands, but they will never welcome the Russians willingly, because they consider them (correctly) to be little more than uncultured, semi-Asiatic butchers.

This comment was deleted.

rusure • Moderator is on top of his Game tonight. Well done

This comment was deleted.

Lamprey Wrangler • @troll seconded, bye, bye

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