I know that all those "THE TOP 10..." list Internet links are just used to sell advertising. They are usually just about Negresses' asses and Kike "celebs". And I already have a good idea of what the top ten airforces might be, but out of boredom I took the bait, and ended up reading the following "LOL" "ROFL" "OMG" piece. Hence while it could be as amazing funny, I am noting thus that however writer's English ability greater than of average America university student.

Top 10 Countries having strongest Air Force

By Jacky Fernandez | OMGmoments

Jacky Fernandez: Aspiring writer who is interested in writing about anything and everything interesting. Her speciality is making lists of interesting topics which are jaw dropping, or as we call them, "OMG moments."

It is a broad term used for air armies generally of a state.They are the defense system of military which is made for warfare in the Air.They are an important part of the military arrangement
of any country because only through jets and fighter air crafts many jobs are done.The most important of them is destroying and bombing the desired area.It can be specifically done by Air force only as only they can travel large distances at a very good speed which is impossible for Land Army or the Navy.Also they can transport ammo,food or food to the battlefield in large amount.They can also transport the soldiers for giving backup.No doubt that air crafts have created a difference in transportation of goods and people but they also have affected the warfare.These sophisticated fighters are loaded with Machine Guns.On the top of it they are having impressive Fire power and some have super sonic speed.They are filled with grenade and Rocket launchers.They are capable of firing guided missile towards their enemy which ensures that wherever the object tries to go or dodge he is definitely struck.There are different planes for giving warning.The search and rescue missions are also undertook by Air Forces.

That is why all the countries are in a race of getting the best weapon and the best Air Crafts.All countries are manufacturing Fighter planes in large numbers.The countries know that the person having the best both in quality and quantity of planes will be victorious in any war.Not only the planes but the training given to the pilots is also an important factor. .So here are the countries who have succeeded in having best of Air Crafts and the Pilots.

10. Australia

The Royal Australian Air Force is little small. But do not underestimate it.Its extremely deadly as the quality of planes are extremely good but the quantity could be more.They are having about hundred fighter planes and some fighter helicopters.Even they are having 3 UAV’s with 5 Air refueling planes.Its sophisticated technology and nice weapons installed make it a eligible to enter Top 10.For patrolling they have about 50 airplanes.They are having 100 training air planes to give training to the pilots.The Only con is that the quantity of planes are very less and in a war it may prove very fatal.


Japan Air Self Defense Force is also a very deadly Air Force.It is having about 300 fighter jets and 20 jets for giving warnings.Its having 4 air refueling planes.There are 30 search and rescue air planes
which is used for rescuing trapped soldiers or civilians.They are having 50 helicopters but they are not fighter but transporter of ammo.But they have a lot of training planes that is about 300.They are presently having no UAV, but in future they are planning to introduce fighter helicopters and Jets and some UAV’s.They intend to purchase and manufacture many other jets.So these high quantity and quality Planes make it a deadly competitor of our List.

8.Canadian Air Force

They are having 345 Combat air crafts and 80 Bomber crafts.100 trainer air crafts make it very powerful.140 Transport air crafts to transport ammo and backups and 14 fuel refueling crafts.They
are having a lot of Fighter Helicopters that makes their Air Force too much powerful.They mostly use US weapons.And in future its difficult for them to buy more than 100 air crafts.They are not manufacturing a lot of planes and their experience is also very less.But their fighter number and the sophisticated weapons make them really very nice.

7. Germany

The German Air Force is also a modern air force.Their research and development services of air crafts is also very nice.Their economical sector the future improvement is having very less scope.They have
no Bomber aircraft.They are having about 300 combat crafts.They are having a low number of Training planes.They are having 30 Fighter helicopters, and 100 Transport planes with 5 Refueling planes make them a deadly Air Force.They have good War experience in 2nd world war.The planes are futuristic but the quantity could be a little more.


This Incredible air force is having about 100 Planes and helicopters in total.They are having 330 planes for fighting.And 250 Bomber crafts with 550 trainer crafts to give training to the pilots.75
attack helicopters and 15 refueling crafts, and 150 transport jets are also included.No doubt that these magnificent numbers are going to defeat the enemies,They totally rely on their own crafts and also are having best of the planes and attacking weapons installed and they are having nice war experience but future looks a little bad.


This country may appear economically weak but their armies are totally well equipped and they have developed many weapons for the world. As they are mostly engaged in wars they have well developed air force
with Huge quantities and even quality.Their war experience is amazing and have a lot of money and funds to buy these planes in future.But actually it lags in size.They have 400 fighter jets but no bomber.And very less training plane.Their fighter copters are also in good condition and number.They have 80 helicopter and 6 refueling crafts.But their economic condition would not let them go any further.As in comparison to their counterparts they have worst economic conditions in this list.Their future developments seems very good.

4. Indian Air Force

This is the 4th largest Air force of the world.Having 180000 personnel.They are having 1300 air crafts to destroy their enemies.They have 370 combat planes and 250 bomber jets.6 refueling crafts
and 230 transport crafts and 200 trainer planes are some huge numbers.But they are having very less fighter helicopters i.e 20.They are trying to improve their quality as most of the plains are very old.they have enough money to buy other planes of other countries but if they do not improve the quality they may lag behind.they may also improve their research project. Their quantity and huge number of air crafts and good war experience is the reason that make them eligible to be placed here.

3. Chinese Air Force

This is the largest air force of Asia.With 33000 personnel and 2800 air crafts.They have started building their own fighter jets but are not tested yet.Having 1000 fighter crafts and 750 bombers.They
are having large number of trainers and refueling tanks and use Russian technology.But it is getting difficult for them to get more so they have to develop their own crafts,so that they can beat Russia.They are having Best quality and a lot of quantity.

2. Russian Air Force

Here comes the second largest Air Force of the world.Having 3000 air planes they come 2nd in this list.They are not having any fear as they would remain on this position for a long time as there
are only some countries who can challenge them like China and India.They are having the best missile system and a decent amount of weapons which are the best.They are having 2000 combat crafts and 1000 trainers and 400 attack helicopters. Their Bomber,transport and refueling planes are also in a good condition.They want to remain in this position, That’s why they are investing a lot in development of the planes.

1. USA

People can not have any doubt in this.No country can challenge them nor their position.Its most powerful in all the aspects.Whether it is power,quality or the quantity or the research center.Their future seems
bright as its nearly impossible for any country to defeat them in near future.There are some problems with the F35 but then also they are the best.Not only this they are having best unmanned combat vehicles about 200 in number.They are having 5600 combat planes.They have 2000 air launched cruise missile.And 450 ballistic missiles.Hence it makes them totally fit and worthy of the 1st position as they are unchallengeable.

Hence these are the best Air Forces in the world equipped with the futuristic weapons and struggling to be the most powerful. Who knows that I have to change this list again in near future, but it is sure that these countries would be victorious due to their Air Power and their weapons.


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