Ukraine seeks NATO membership in response to Russia joining war

[KIKE] Reuters

By Richard Balmforth

Ukrainian [KIKE] Government Seeks Accession to NATO, EU

[KIKE-OCCUPIED] KIEV ([KIKE] Reuters) - [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine said on Friday it would seek the protection of NATO membership after what Kiev and its Western allies say is the open participation of the Russian military in the war in Ukraine's eastern provinces.

Formal [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukrainian membership in the Western military alliance, which would come with the full protection of a mutual defence pact with the [KIKE] U.S. superpower, remains an unlikely prospect, at least in the near future.

But by announcing that it is seeking it, [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Kiev is taking its most decisive step yet to pursue Western military protection from what it now describes as an invasion by its neighbour.

NATO's secretary general said he respected [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine's right to seek membership, and accused Russia of blatantly and illegally intervening in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow denies its forces are fighting to support pro-Russian rebels who have declared independence in eastern Ukraine, but the rebels have all but confirmed it, saying thousands of Russian troops have fought on their behalf while "on leave".

The arrival of what Western governments say are armoured columns of Russian troops on a new front in recent days has tipped the balance towards the rebels after weeks in which Ukrainian forces appeared to be gaining the upper hand.

Prime Minister [KIKE] Arseny Yatseniuk told a government meeting on Friday the cabinet would "bring before parliament a law to scrap the non-aligned status of the [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukrainian state and establish a course towards membership of NATO."

Were NATO to contemplate extending its mutual defence pact to [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine, it would be the biggest change in the security architecture of Europe since the 1990s.

After the Cold War, NATO defied Russian objections and expanded to grant its security guarantees to former [KIKERY] Communist countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania. But it largely stopped at the border of the former [KIKERY] Soviet Union, admitting only the three tiny Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

NATO denied Ukraine a fast track towards membership in 2008 when a previous pro-European [KIKE-ENGINEERED] government in Kiev tried to pursue closer ties with the alliance.

Ukraine's pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovich, who took power in 2010 and was toppled in a revolution earlier this year, had pursued non-aligned status. President [KIKE] Petro Poroshenko, who was elected [AFTER A COUP] to succeed him in June, had also said he did not back joining NATO because there was no popular support for it.

But with the [KIKE-ENGINEERED] conflict in the east escalating since then, [KIKE & KIKE-RUN] Ukrainian officials say public support for joining the alliance is mounting, and they have increasingly spoken about needing the formal protection of the alliance.

Despite NATO's concern over the situation in Ukraine, the 28-nation alliance has said repeatedly it has no intention of intervening militarily to protect the country, which it is not obliged to defend as a non-member.

Speaking in Brussels on Friday, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Russia's direct military operations in Ukraine were in blatant violation of Ukraine's [FICTITIOUS] sovereignty and [FICTITIOUS] territorial integrity [WHICH, EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE, WOULD BE NONE OF NATO'S BUSINESS].

"Despite Moscow’s hollow denials, it is now clear that Russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and south-eastern Ukraine [I.E., NOVOROSSIYA]," Rasmussen said.

"This is not an isolated action, but part of a dangerous pattern over many months to destabilise Ukraine as a sovereign nation," he added. [IT WAS THE KIKED 'WEST' THAT DESTABILISED UKRAINE.]

He said NATO would fully respect any decision by the [KIKE-RUN] Ukrainian parliament to abandon [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine's non-aligned status and set out to seek NATO membership.

[KIKE] Yatseniuk said earlier this week that Ukraine hoped for "practical help" from the alliance when it holds a summit in Wales next week which will be dominated by the Ukrainian crisis.


Finland and Sweden will sign an agreement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization making it easier for the bloc to put its troops on their soil, the two governments said this week.

[Bloomberg News, 2014.08.29]

Khokhol Defence Minister 2014 Valeriy Viktorovich Heletey

Khokhol Defence Minister 2014 Valeriy Viktorovich Heletey

Ukraine Defence Minister (appointed 2014.06.03)

Valeriy Viktorovich Heletey
Валерій Вікторович Гелетей

"There will be a glorious victory parade in Ukraine’s Sevastopol."

Voice of Russia, 2014.04.17

Business model of [KIKE] Yatsenyuk is to build oligarchic corporation out of Ukraine

New Kiev authorities are attracting oligarchs to the governance. Among one of the promises that Maidan officials have made is to fight with doubtful acquired capital. Meanwhile, they have appointed billionaire [KIKE] Igor Kolomoisky as the head of Dnipropetrovsk who was previously charged for several criminal cases. The chairman of the corporation “IUD” [KIKE] Sergei Taruta headed Donetsk.

Prime Minister [KIKE] Yatsenuk understands that without money and power of these people it is impossible to raise the Ukrainian economy. This is the reason for his friendliness. There are heads of big Ukrainian companies, millionaires and billionaires in the conference hall. But the wealthiest people are not here.

[KIKE] Igor Kolomoisky, oligarch number 2 according to Forbes was appointed governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region. He is known for his good sense of humor and yet he managed to earn four billion of dollars. He was studying to become an engineer. But during perestroika he showed entrepreneur skills. As his student friends remember he was always “inventing and trading something.”

"He is a very big businessman, who began his career along with his partners from Lvov. One of them is known as Vova Morda, the other one as Pups", explains writer and social activist Avigdor Eskin.

They were reselling computer, phones, fax machines that they brought from Moscow. Later on, they switched to sport shoes and sport uniforms until they reached gasoline.

This is how group of companies "Privat" appeared that became a financial empire. Among many things that they do is oil recycling, mass media, one of the channels they earn is 1+1, football club “Dnepr” and the well-known Ukrainian bank.

This is how [KIKE] Kolomoisky came to Kiev and then to the other cities. And starting from 2000 he simply dictates the rules for local authorities.

Another newly appointed oligarch, the head of the neighboring Donezskaya region is [KIKE] Sergey Taruta. His earns 2,5 billions of dollars and takes 8th position in the Ukrainian Forbes. All his life he is engaged in metallurgy. He has founded Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD), has bought football club "Metallurg". He had a relationship with orange authorities. With Yulia Timoshenko he even had business in common. Then he suddenly disappeared. And now he is nominated for the governor. However, people in Donezk are not eager to accept him. During the protests in the city center people were screaming “[KIKE] Taruta – out!”

"Firstly, we believe that it is illegitimate. Secondly, we believe that power and capital cannot be combined because there is no good out of such power: every single person has to work for his own capital”, says Tatyana Hromova, Donetsk regional council deputy from the Communist Party of Ukraine.

It is clear why new [KIKE] authorities are trying to appoint [KIKE] oligarchs as governors, in order to move business elite to their own side. And come to power in the end. But political analysts saw in this an opportunity for revenge for businessmen themselves. They were in constant conflict with Victor Yanukovych and now they came to power.

"[KIKE] Kolomoyskiy has excellent relations with Turchynov. And [KIKE] Taruta has excellent relations with Turchynov. Now they got a wonderful place to develop new resources ", says political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko.


nick baker: soros' guys !

Gabi: Why are you using DOLLARS over there ??? Nobody in the entire Russia understands that DOLLARS have no value to back it up (it's simply a colored piece of paper) ??? While these oligarchs rape their own country to make several billions, the FED can easily print in a single day 100 billions !!! I am still puzzled that you can't understand this entire thing is with Ukraine is directed mainly at protecting the financial reign of the dollar around the world.

henrik.l: Yatsenyuk is Victoria Nuland's puppet.. A total clown betraying his own country.

Truman Golden: Yatsenyuk is a Jew Zionist picked up months before the debacle. The biggest losers are the Ukrainian people. A new Bolshevik revolution by Jews for Jews and look how they are dividing up the loot.

Eileen Kuch: The good news is, idiots like Yatsenyuk won't last long. The vast majority of Ukrainians didn't participate in this act of folly; so, they'll get rid of Yats and his fellow banksters as well.

The Kike Taruta


The Kike Kolomoyskiy


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