Sad idiot Khokols fighting for Nudelman-KerryKohen Inc. & Novokhazaria:

They can't admit they got crushed by militias mostly using abandoned Khakhol materiel, so they invent mystic Rooskii ghost armies that come and go like the wind.

Angry anti-voina chick rails against oligarchoyids Poroshenkoberg, Yatsenyukstein and Kolomoyskiiyahu:

Meanwhile, in Airstrip Four, the media bleats reports of glorious Ukhokhol victories.

And in The Guardian, today:

"Nato is to step up its aid to, and collaboration with, the Ukrainian military. Ukraine's president, Petro Poroshenko [mazel tov!], is to attend the Cardiff summit and will be the sole non-Nato head of state to negotiate with alliance leaders. Four "trust funds" are to be established to finance Ukraine's military logistics, command and control structures, and cyber defences, and to pay the armed forces' pensions. "Ukraine follows its own path. That will be demonstrated at the summit because we will have a Nato-Ukraine summit meeting," said Rasmussen. "It is actually what we will decide to do at the summit, to help them build the capacity of their security sector, modernise it." The summit will also grapple with the perennial question of reduced European defence spending."

Mighty Ukraine Imperial Khazar Army commander in chief

Commander-in-Chief of the mighty Ukrainian Imperial Khazar Army


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