Iran was trashed by The Kike because The Shah got uppity about kike control of America, and he was shifting away from Kikestan. So The Kike and ZOGamerica inflicted the imams on the country. Likewise now "ISIS" is a consequence of The Kike and ZOGUSA, ZOGUK, Qatar, Saudis, Turks, etc. backing the "rebels" in Syria.

ZOGUSA-ZOGUK-Kikestan-in-Palestine betrayed monarchist Iran in favour of the Ayatollah Khomeini, and France facilitated and funded the return of the Ayatollah to Iran. Nixon and Ford were fundamentally anti-Kike and anti-Saudi, and wanted to support Iran to become the most powerful country between Turkey and India, and able to dominate the entire Middle East. The Shah's hope was to make Iran the most powerful non-nuclear weapon nation in the world. The Shah was too intelligent, so he had to go, so at the time the "western" media was full of stories about how prisoners are tortured in Iran (Oy vey! as if they aren't tortured there now, and as if that's unusual in the Middle East), and stories about how wonderful the Ayatollah was -- how peaceful, how great Islam is -- and how Iran needs to return to its Islamic values.

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