क्षण KŚAṆA 剎那 せつな 頃久


Režiser, Scenarij, Urednik: Dejan Babosek
Igrajo: Jan Bučar, Primož Vrhovec, Žak Drobnič, Igor Spasić, Ian Spasić, Vesna Kuzmić, Phillip Burt, Ajda Smrekar, Zoltan Jambrošič, Anže Palka, Dejan Babosek


Režija: Dejan Babosek
Scenarij: Dejan Babosek, Aljoša Kovačič, Matej Palka
Igrajo: Aljoša Kovačič, Ludvik Bagari, Dragan Bjelogrlić, Jurij Bradač, Gea Erjavec, Katarina Jurkovič, Jernej Kuntner, Jernej Perko, Simon Pribac, Salome

Dejan Babosek

Dejan Babosek je bil rojen 6.2.1976 na Ptuju.

Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 3: "The Status Quo", Text 10

ahny āpṛtārta-karaṇā niśi niḥśayānā
nānā-manoratha-dhiyā kṣaṇa-bhagna-nidrāḥ
daivāhatārtha-racanā ṛṣayo ’pi deva
yuṣmat-prasaṅga-vimukhā iha saṁsaranti

Such nondevotees engage their senses in very troublesome and extensive work, and they suffer insomnia at night because their intelligence constantly breaks their sleep with various mental speculations. They are frustrated in all their various plans by supernatural power. Even great sages, if they are against your transcendental topics, must rotate in this material world.



Gong-sun Mou leaned forward on his stool, drew a long breath, looked up to heaven, smiled, and said, "Have you not heard of the frog of the dilapidated well, and how it said to the turtle of the Eastern Sea, 'How I enjoy myself? I leap upon the parapet of this well. I enter, and having by means of the projections formed by the fragments of the broken tiles of the lining proceeded to the water, I draw my legs together, keep my chin up, and strike out. When I have got to the mud, I dive till my feet are lost in it. Then turning round, I see that of the shrimps, crabs, and tadpoles there is not one that can do like me. Moreover, when one has entire command of all the water in the gully, and hesitates to go forward, it is the greatest pleasure to enjoy one's self here in this dilapidated well - why do not you, Master, often come and enter, and see it for yourself?' The turtle of the Eastern Sea was then proceeding to go forward, but before he had put in his left foot, he found his right knee caught and held fast. On this he hesitated, drew back, and told the frog all about the sea, saying, 'A distance of a thousand li is not sufficient to express its extent, nor would a line of eight thousand cubits be equal to sound its depth. In the time of Yu, for nine years out of ten the flooded land all drained into it, and its water was not sensibly increased; and in the time of Thang for seven years out of eight there was a drought, but the rocks on the shore saw no diminution of the water because of it. Thus it is that no change is produced in its waters by any cause operating for a short time or a long, and that they do not advance nor recede for any addition or subtraction, whether great or small; and this is the great pleasure afforded by the Eastern Sea.' When the frog of the dilapidated well heard this, he was amazed and terror-struck, and lost himself in surprise. And moreover, when you, who have not wisdom enough to know where the discussions about what is right and what is wrong should end, still desire to see through the words of Zhuangzi, that is like employing a mosquito to carry a mountain on its back, or a millipede to gallop as fast as the Ho runs - tasks to which both the insects are sure to be unequal. Still further, when you, who have not wisdom enough to know the words employed in discussing very mysterious subjects, yet hasten to show your sharpness of speech on any occasion that may occur, is not this being like the frog of the dilapidated well? And that Zhuangzi now plants his foot on the Yellow Springs below the earth, and anon rises to the height of the Empyrean. Without any regard to south and north, with freedom he launches out in every direction, and is lost in the unfathomable. Without any regard to east and west, starting from what is abysmally obscure, he comes back to what is grandly intelligible. All the while, you, Sir, in amazement, search for his views to examine them, and grope among them for matter for discussion -- this is just like peeping at the heavens through a tube, or aiming at the earth with an awl; are not both the implements too small for the purpose? Go your ways, Sir. And have you not heard of the young learners of Shou-ling, and how they did in Han-dan? Before they had acquired what they might have done in that capital, they had forgotten what they had learned to do in their old city, and were marched back to it on their hands and knees. If now you do not go away, you will forget your old acquirements, and fail in your profession."

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