This poor woman got sentenced to 2-7 years of imprisonment just for allowing her evil boyfriend to beat and torture her child, while she videoed it, and just because she lied to investigators to protect her boyfriend. The poor woman.

Hopefully the poor mother of this child will be compensated by the state for having lost her source of income. The poor woman was powerless to protect her child from an evil man. The poor woman.

Some people might say "Why didn't these women protect their children?", but that's because they haven't taken Womens Studies, and so they don't know don't understand that women are weak and powerless, and incapable of thinking or acting independently when they live with a man.

It is sexist to presume that a woman should protect her child. That is what animals do.

This mother and ex-mother are free human beings, and should be respected for exercising their constitutional right to not have to conform to the Patriarchy' expectations, and act like the Patriarchy expects "a traditional mother" to behave.

It is sexist to expect women to behave maternally.

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