The Letter From A Jewish Londoner That Went Viral

The Huffington Post UK, 17/08/2014


A letter from an "ordinary middle-aged Londoner" expressing fears about growing anti-semitism in Britain has gone viral, with many taking to social media to express their own discomfort.

The letter from Stephen Spencer Ryde, sent to the Independent, has been retweeted more than 1,000 times since it was published on Friday.

It reads:

I’m just an ordinary middle-aged Londoner.

I work in an office. I go to football. I like eating out. I enjoy the arts. I am a proud family man. I give up time for charity work. I try to be a decent contributing member of society. I pay my taxes honestly. But there appears to be something that sets me and my kind apart.

At park gates in East London a friend of mine gets told to f**k off for photographing a flag. At a pub in Bath my wife gets called scum when she mentions her background. In a student hall in Manchester a friend’s son is asked to leave as the specially prepared food he chose to eat is not permitted because it carries a label written in a language used by a country that is “banned” by the student union.

In Belfast a historic blue plaque is removed to deny part of my history. In theatres in Edinburgh and London I am told to denounce my opinions or lose the right to perform. A sportsman in Ireland tweets if he sees my kind he’ll punch us in the face and recommends others follow suit.

Protesters across the country show no shame in shouting that my historical persecutors were right and social media is rife with vitriol towards me (even from so-called friends). And in Bradford I’m told that I am not even permitted to enter the city.

What is this? Racism. Where is this? Britain and Ireland. When is this? Now. Who am I? I am a Jew.

Never again, we say, never again.


Anti-Semitism Means The Future Of Europe's Jews Is Under Threat, Says Natan Sharansky

Anti-Semitism Out Of Control In Britain, Supermarket Chain Removes Kosher Food Range

One of the largest supermarket chains in the U.K. removed all Kosher products from the shelves in one of its stores on Sunday, sparking outrage as well as allegations of open anti-Semitism.

Sainsbury’s, which operate thousands of stores across the U.K., removed the Kosher goods from their Holborn branch in Central London. The store was being picketed by angry pro-Palestinian protesters who were trying to force the supermarket not to stock Israeli goods.

Actor Colin Appleby took a photo of the empty Kosher shelf and posted it online, sparking an uproar, especially as none of the fresh Kosher produce was actually made in Israel.

But, it seems, the Jew hate of the Muslims who conduct these protests, affecting the everyday lives of innocent shoppers, knows no bounds as they don’t even know the difference between Kosher food and imported produce from Israel.

Not to mention the fact that not a single protest ever has been carried out in the U.K. against Syrian products despite the genocide that had taken place there to the tune of more than 170,000 dead. A figure many times more than any Palestinian casualties in Gaza.

What is even more abhorrent is the fact that when Mr. Appleby approached a member of staff to ask about why the Kosher products were removed, he was told “we support Free Gaza.” When the actor tried to explain the difference between Kosher food and products from Israel, the staff member simply turned his back and walked away.

No wonder the Jewish community in Britain, which has been there for over 300 years, are feeling more than a little bit nervous about their future.

For their part, Sainsbury’s insisted the decision was taken for fear that the angry protesters would throw food from the shelves, which would then have to be disposed of. Wow, great excuse, Sainsbury’s!

Facebook user Gavin Platman made a formal complaint about the incident to Sainsbury’s, writing to them:

“I presume you are aware that Kosher food is produced in countries other than Israel? You are therefore not making a political statement against Israel but instead are targeting a group based on race – i.e. Jews. As a Jew I find this deeply offensive. Naturally I am against the death of innocent children in Gaza so why are you persecuting me by denying me the right to buy Kosher food? I presume you are also removing Halal food in protest against the Islamic State slaughtering Yazidis. Clearly not – therefore you have blurred the line between political statement and hate crime.”

The latest disgraceful display of anti-Jewish sentiment in Britain, perpetrated by a minority of Muslims, is just adding fuel to the fire and encouraging Jews to return to their homeland, Israel, in order to feel safe and live hate-free lives.

Last month, Britain saw the second-most anti-Semitic incidents in any month since records began in 1984, according to the Jewish Community Security Trust.

It remains to be seen if Sainsbury’s and other supermarket chains which have been targeted by leftist groups and pro-Palestinians will be removing products made in the middle east, to protest the cruel slaughter of innocent Christians across the region at the hands of Muslim extremists.

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