Something I've noticed time and again, over many years, is that openly queer male American Negroes are generally much more honest and reasonable than other American Negroes. I suppose it's because they don't feel the need to front as niggers all the time.

The speaker, Walter Lee Hampton II, a tyre salesman, went to prison first at age 19, and is openly queer.

Ferguson, Moussouri, is 67% Negro. The police force is 94% White. The Police Chief and Mayor are White. Of the six City Council members, one is a Negro. The local school board has six White members and one Latino/Mestizo. Of the 53 commissioned officers on the police force, three are Negroes..

A generation ago the town was majority White - 73.8% White in 1990. The main cause of the demographic shift has been 'White flight", which will no doubt increase after the recent riots.

Negro intelligence levels, crime rates and indolence cannot explain away such a huge current discrepancy in the level of the Negro population compared to the numbers of Negroes in public office and on the police force.

It seems very clear to me that what has happened is that Whites have moved away, to suburbs and to nearby areas, while trying to keep their jobs in the town they established and built; and they have obviously tired to keep the Negroes who drove them out from getting municipal power. This is understandable. However, it is a lost cause. It is just delaying the inevitable. After abandoning the town, they should have turned their backs on it.

If it was not possible for them to live in peace in the town they built, then, ideally, the White population should have abandoned the place to the savages (a scorched earth policy would be a good idea too, but not worth the trouble), established a new town, and moved en masse there. However, of course, that would also have been impossible. Whites don't really have free speech or freedom of association in The Kike's USA. They would have found it practically impossible to organize as White people in order to solve their problems. And of course Whites cannot legally establish any White enclaves. If they try to, non-Whites will try to move there; and the unofficial (i.e., the kike media), the semi-official (i.e., the kike mis-education system), and the official (i.e., the kike courts and kike legislatures) state power structures will target them.

I believe that one of the main factors in the Kike System's targeting of Ferguson is because whoever made the decision to make the Michael Brown shooting "a federal case!" was because The Kike knows very well that Whites have (in vain) managed to keep their power in a town they have been physically driven out of.

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