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Where is the whitest place to live in England?

where are some areas in England with a high population of white people

Update : because I am thinking of moving that is why it matters

Update 2: stay where i am, i live in the UK and its not racist to want to live in a area that is as white as possible. Oh yea i have also racked up well over 400 hours of my life doing charity work for Oxfam but my God I must be racist how many of you give up your free time to help third world countries?

RR answered 2 years ago

Rural areas and small towns.

luddite answered 2 years ago

We don't need any more racists. Stay where you are.

Sarah answered 2 years ago

If you live out of the UK then please don't bother coming here. Racists are not welcome.

TSK answered 2 years ago

Areas where there are FEWER BLACK BRITISH...If it matters....If IT matters to YOU then frankly YOU are NOT welcome here!!! We come in different shades with different backgrounds BUT are BRITISH too...Been also to France, The Netherlands, Portugal...? WE are NOT unique in EUROPE.......MOST of Britain has a high density of WHITE British...How ignorant are YOU?

Ray answered 2 years ago

Everywhere in England has "a high population of white people".

Only certain, relatively small, areas of some cities and towns contain large numbers of "non-white" people.

Well over 90% of the population is white in such places as Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, The Cotswolds and so on.

However why any of this should concern you and why you should want to move such places could be construed as racism which, of course, is illegal.

Wanting to live in an area which is "as white as possible" IS racist.

(400 hours of charity work - talk to me when you have racked up over 40 years of public service, as I have).

diana p answered 2 years ago

If you're looking for the same of your people, might as well stay where you are.

Cam answered 2 years ago


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