The Kike's whore, Barack Hussein Obama:

"Russia doesn't make anything. [FALSE] Immigrants aren't rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. [FALSE] The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. [FALSE] The population is shrinking. [FALSE]”

Russia exports about half a trillion dollars worth of goods per annum, of which about 40% is non-energy-related exports. Of extremely significance, considering how belligerent The Kike's USA is towards Russia: Russia is the second greatest arms exporter in the world. Anyway, what does America "make", compared to its historical manufacturing levels?

Immigrants are indeed rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. As for immigration to Russia: Russian people are constantly leaving Central Asian states to settle in the Russian Federation, along with millions of others, legally and illegally. Unlike in The Kike's USA, the migrants are, in general (with the exception of some ethnic Russians), not granted all sorts special privileges, nor granted a higher status than native-born citizens. Besides that, many Europeans and Asians go to Russia every year, to study, travel, or in search of opportunity. Half a million people immigrated to Russia last year. So far this year, more than two and a half million people have immigrated to Russia, since that's almost the population of Crimes alone. Anyway, the dumb Nigger was just making an untrue boast typical of someone with kike-think, with the indirect and supposedly negative analogy to the USA, which doesn't even defend its own borders, but makes a great show of sending Americans' tax dollars and military personnel to defend other borders around the world.

The average male life expectancy in Russia is 65.1 years, and has been constantly increasing over the past decade. The female life expectancy is 76.5 years. The average overall is 70.8 years. I'm sure the US life expectancy will not be increasing, and is more likely to decrease.

The population of the Russian Federation is, as already noted, increasing, with life expectancy increasing, and with very high immigration levels. On one day alone (March 21, 2014), the number of citizens increased by about 2,400,000 souls.

Govt orders 1-year visa issue to Russian speakers

RT, August 05, 2014

Russian government has introduced a new type of visa allowing up to one year’s stay in the country for foreigners who can speak Russian and who wish to receive Russian citizenship.

The order published on the web-portal for official information on Tuesday notes that those who will use the new type of visa will be able to get Russian citizenship through the recently introduced simplified procedure – under condition of moving to Russia for permanent residence and abandoning citizenship of foreign countries if such countries have no dual citizenship agreements with the Russian Federation.

The visa can be prolonged once, but if its holder fails to lodge an application for Russian citizenship within the two-year period it will be annulled.

Over the past few years, Russian authorities have introduced a number of measures to stimulate immigration of educated and well-trained people who can be considered holders of Russian culture.

In April this year, President Vladimir Putin signed into force the law allowing to grant citizenship to people who speak Russian, and have at least one ancestor who was a permanent resident of any state within the borders of the current Russian Federation – be it the Soviet Union or the Tsarist Russian Empire. The same law also offered the applicants less stringent conditions for entering Russia or extending their temporary residence permit.

In mid-June the head of the Presidential Administration, Sergey Ivanov, suggested that Russia should start granting citizenship to people born on its soil. The initiative has been welcomed by Human Rights activists and officials, but so far has not led to any legislative moves.

Currently Russian citizenship is granted to children of Russian citizens and also can be received by those who pass the language and history tests and prove that they have been continuously and legally living on Russian territory for five years. Citizenship can also be granted by a presidential order on special merits.

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