NOT "Everything Wrong With Elysium..."

I wanted to write about how stupid Elysium is, but don't have days it would take to list all the stupid aspects of it. fortunately someone's compiled a lot of the 'tardnnicity. of course, being some sort of mainstream movie-trashing-for-too-cool-for-school-hipsters operation, the makers don't mention the entire open-border-and-white-genocide-promotion-propaganda motive that was the reason the stupid movie was made in the first place. I think I wrote about that before, but couldn't be bothered detailing all the amazingly stupid plot and dialogue and acting elements. The most incredibly stupid part is how st the end all the bilions of poor and sick huddled masses of Earth are transported for free to a tiny space station for magic healing, all thanks to the benevolence of murderous beaner gangsters.

Everything Wrong With Elysium In 12 Minutes Or Less:

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