크레용팝 (CRAYON POP) - 어이 ("Uh-ee")

Yonhap (Korean news agency, writing in Japanese):

韓国アイドルの新曲 日本語使用で「放送不適合」


【ソウル聯合ニュース】韓国の5人組女性アイドルグループCRAYON POP(クレヨンポップ)の新曲「オイ」(原題)が、歌詞に日本語的な表現があるとして韓国テレビ局のKBSから放送不適合の判定を受けた。

CRAYON POP=(聯合ニュース)CRAYON POP=(聯合ニュース)



 「オイ」は、昨年のヒット曲「BAR BAR BAR」のリリース以来10カ月ぶりの新曲となる。非常に独特なコンセプトのグループとあって、発表前から衣装やダンスの振り付け、歌詞に関心が集まっていた。新曲の音源とミュージックビデオは今月1日に公開された。

Korean Idol Group’s New Song “Unfit For Broadcast” Due To Use Of Japanese

Five-piece Korean idol girl group, CRAYON POP, have had their new song, “Uh-ee” deemed unfit for broadcast by television station KBS due to the fact that the lyrics contain a Japanese-style expression.

On April 3, a spokesperson from KBS revealed that as a result of a recently-held deliberation over songs, the expression “pikabanjjak”, which uses the “pika” from the Japanese term “pikapika” [sparkly] in the lyrics of the new song “Oi” had caused the problem.

In relation to this, a spokesperson for CRAYON POP’s agency stated that “The lyric has been corrected to “banjjak banjjak” (the Korean equivalent of pika pika), and we have placed a requested that the song be reconsidered immediately”.

“Uh-ee” is the first new song from CRAYON POP in ten months, following the release of their hit song from last year, “BAR BAR BAR”. A group with an extremely unique concept, since their debut there has been interest in their costumes, dance moves, and lyrics.

COMMENTS on Japanese sites:

戦中かな? 敵の言葉はダメなのですね分かります 日本も看板に朝鮮語つけるのやめよう [Are we at war? I get it, you can’t use the enemies’ language. Japan should also stop putting words in Chosen on signs too.]

韓国人は日本に来んな 家で寝てろ [Koreans, don’t come to Japan. Go back to your homes.]

差別主義国 韓国 [Discrimination-nation, Korea.]

こんな国と仲良くなんてできないよねー [We can’t ever be friends with a country like that, cab we?]

仲良くする気ゼロだよね [Anyway. they have zero intention of being friends with us.]

日本語だけがダメなの?英語と中国語は? [Is it only Japanese that’s a problem? What about English and Chinese?]

日本も韓国語は放送禁止でいいだろ 意味わからんし役立つとも思えん [I guess it’s a good idea if Japan also bans the broadcast of Korean. We don’t understand a word of it, and I don’t think it’s useful.]

日本がやったら差別です [If Japan did this it would be discrimination.

日本語由来の単語をたくさん使ってるくせに [And this eveb though they use loads of words of Japanese origin anyway.]

変な国! [Weird country!]

そんなに日本を嫌わんとって [So they hate Japan that much.]

韓国のこういうとこがきもちわるい国やなとおもうわ。日本語表現はいってたらなんなん。笑 [It’s this kind of stuff about Korea that makes me think it’s a horrible place. So what if they said something in Japanese? 'Laugh']

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