Prince Itō Hirohumi (伊藤博文; né Hayashi Risuke) was the first, fifth, seventh and tenth prime minister of Japan, and the first Resident-General of Korea (韓国統監府, Kankoku-Tōkanhu) when Korea was a Japanese Protectorate (1905-1910; in accordance with the Japan-Korea Treaties of 1905 and 1907). Itō resigned as Resident-General of Korea on 1909.06.14, because he opposed any annexation of Korea, knowing Gooks as well as he did.

1909.10.26: Itō was murdered in China (where he had gone to meet with Vladimir Kokovtsov) by Thomas Ahn Jung-geun, a Gook terrorist. This was a year before Japan annexed Korea (on 1910.08.29), hich happened partly in response to the murder of Itō, but mostly because Korean government asked for it, and because Korea's weakness and corruption was seen as a military threat to Japan, should China reassert control over their Gook slaves, or in case Russia annexed Korea. When he murdered Itō, Thomas Ahn also also shot Kawagami Toshihiko (川上俊彦), the Japanese Consul General, Morita Jiro (森泰二郞), a Secretary of Imperial Household Agency, and Tanaka Seitaro (田中淸太郞), an executive of South Manchuria Railway, who were seriously injured. After shooting the three Japanese men, Ahn shouted ""Корея! Ура!" (Russian for Korea! Hooray!"). He had been trained as a "revolutionary" (no doubt by Kikes/Commies/Freemasons) in Novokievskaya (Новокиевская). Ahn was a Pan-Asianist and advocated the union of China, Japan, and Korea in order to keep out imperialist "White Devils". Ahn had supported Japan in the Russo-Japanese War, but was saddened that the Russian defeat had not led to the overthrow of the Tsar. When infrmed by his Russian captors that he had killed Ito, Ahn made the sign of the Cross. Against the orders of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Korea, the French priest (Fr Wilhelm) who had baptised Thomas Ahn went to Manchuria to administer the sacrament of last rites. After six trials (during which, while imprisoned, he practiced his calligraphy and worked on his essay, "On Peace in East Asai"), Ahn was sentenced to death in Ryojun (Port Arthur). The Japanese provided him with white sil clothes for his execution.

Now the Press Office of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared, "It was Ito Hirobumi who was the main culprit who orchestrated the colonial domination and invasion of Korea," and has praised the murderer of Itō. Historical facts mean nothing to kikey Gooks.


時事通信 3月30日(日)20時15分配信


Suga Yoshihide’s Remark About An Jung Geun Criticised by Korea — “It Was Ito Hirobumi Who Was The Main Culprit Behind The Japanese Invasion”

On March 30, the press office of the South Korean Ministry for Foreign Affairs published a critical comment over Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide reaffirming his recognition of An Jung Geun, the Korean independence activist who assassinated former Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi as a “criminal”. South Korea stated that “Suga’s speech and conduct defy common sense; they are deplorable”.

On a television program broadcast on March 29, Suga expressed displeasure over the fact that the leaders of China and South Korea had praised the inauguration of a memorial hall for An Jung Geun during a meeting on March 23, and confirmed their commitment to co-operate with each other, saying “It’s a memorial hall for someone who, in Japan, would be a criminal or a terrorist”.

The press office emphasised that “It was Ito Hirobumi who was the main culprit who orchestrated the colonial domination and invasion of Korea, and to criticise An Jung Geun is a denial of the Murayama Statement (which apologises for the colonial domination and invasion of Korea). They statement also mentioned with regards to LDP special advisor to the party president Hagiuda Kochi’s review of the Kono Statement that “Should any new information arise from that review then they should publish a new statement”, and criticised that “We have no choice but to examine precisely what the Abe cabinet’s understand of history really is”.


心底、不快な民族だな。すべてが不快。国名きくだけで吐き気がする。地上から消えてほしい。 [They really are distasteful race. Everything about them is distasteful. Just hearing the name of that country makes me want to puke. I wish they’d just disappear from the face of the earth.]

伊藤博文は韓国併合を反対してたのに。 [All this when Ito Hirobumi was actually against the annexation of Korea.]

韓国って歴史変えすぎやろ。韓国と言う国が一刻も早く無くなる事を祈る。 [Koreans change history too much. I’m praying that this country we call Korea will disappear as soon as possible.]

だったら、当時日本に日韓併合してくれなんて言うなよ。ロシアや中国の属国になったほうがよかったのか。 [If that’s the case, then Korea shouldn’t have been asking Japan to annex Korea at the time. Would it have been better if they’d become a vassal state of Russia or China?]

台湾は日本のおかげで発展して今の生活があると感謝してる。韓国は日本の手助けがなければ、今頃北朝鮮共々ロシアの一部だと思うのに、なぜか日本を恨んでいる。 [Taiwan developed thanks to Japan and they’re grateful to us for the life they have now. Had Korea not been helped by Japan, I think they’d probably be with North Korea or Russia, and yet for some reason they have a grudge against us.]

韓国は歴史の真実を偽った。自分の立場を優位にするために平然と嘘をつく。まさに3流国家だ。 [Korea has falsified historical truth. In order to prioritize their own perspective, they tell lies without a care. It really is a third-rate country.]

「伊藤博文こそ侵略の元凶」? 韓国は歴史をちゃんと勉強しろよ!伊藤博文は朝鮮併合を反対していたんだよ![ ‘Ito Hirobumi was the main culprit behind the invasion’ - Korea needs to study its own history properly! Ito Hirobumi opposed the annexation of Korea!]

歴史を勉強して下さい。ただし、韓国国内で販売されている教科書じゃなくて、世界各国の歴史書を見て下さい。 [Please study your own history. But don’t use the textbooks that they’re selling in Korea, look at history books from various countries around the world.]

河野談話見直さないとか中途半端な対応するからつけあがるんだ。毅然として徹底的に捏造を追及しろ。 [It’s because we deal with them in a half-arsed way, like not revising the Kono Statement and stuff, that they get all high and mighty. We gotta be firm, and pin them down on the stuff they make up.]

テロリストはテロリスト。犯罪者は犯罪者。これ以外表現のしようがねーんだよ! [A terrorist is a terrorist. A criminal is a criminal. No other way to put it!]

朝鮮犯罪テロリスト国家の英雄かもしれんが、日本で言えば犯罪者以外の何者でもない。 [He may well be a hero of that Chosen criminal terrorist country, but In Japan, he’s nothing more than a criminal.]

中韓にはきっちり 反論してくれよ。 [Thoroughly rebut China and Korea.]

伊藤博文まで冒涜するか朝鮮人。どこまで日本人の感情を逆なですれば気が済むか。23兆円もの巨額支援を受けながらここまで日本を貶める。もうびた一文たりとも韓国などに与えてはならない。間接的な支援でさえ日本国民の支持は決して得られない。日本政府よ、国民の血税を韓国に与えようものなら一瞬で支持されなくなりますよ [So you’re even going to desecrate the name of Ito Hirobumi, are you, Chosen-jin? [Koreans] What will it take for you to be satisfied with rubbing Japanese people the wrong way? You get some 23 trillion yen, a massive amount of aid, but you’re still willing to look down on Japan like that. We shouldn’t give a single yen to Korea again. We definitely shouldn’t let them have even indirect support from the Japanese people. Government of Japan, if you’re going to give the hard-earned taxes of the people to Korea, then in a second all support for you will be gone.]

いいえ、完全なテロリストです。タリバンより悪質です。半島人の大半はは自ら併合を望み、独立なんて微塵にも思っていなかった中、自己中心的な浅はかな考えで伊藤博文を殺害した。それ以上でもなければそれ以下でもない。 [Nope, he’s a complete terrorist. He’s more malicious than the Taliban. More than half of those peninsula-dwellers wanted to be annexed by Japan, they never even gave a second thought to independence. Ito Hirobumi was murdered because of egocentric and trivial ideas. Nothing more and nothing less.]

日韓併合を望んでいたのはお前らだ。それを反対していたのは伊藤博文だ。日韓併合は思い通りになった。お前らの言ってることは矛盾だらけで笑止千万でしかない。顔を洗って出直してこい。 [You lot were the ones who wanted the Japanese annexation of Korea. It was Ito Hirobumi who opposed it. The Japanese annexation of Korea was just what they thought it would be. What you lot are saying is full of inconsistencies, it’s just absurd.]

併合してくれって言ったのはそちらです。それは理解できるのかな???くそ韓国は。それすら理解できない??? [They were the ones who asked for annexation. Do they even understand that??? Shitty Korea. They can’t even understand that much???]

村山の置き土産に迷惑してるよ。 [Murayama’s parting gift is still bothering us]

日本はテロリストを英雄視扱いは出来ない。 [Japan cannot see a terrorist as a hero.]

犯罪者を義士とか言われてもね。ビンラーディンはアメリカにどっちゃテロリスト以外無いだろ!同じ事だ。 [Even if you do call a terrorist a loyalist. Bin Laden is always going to be a terrorist to the US! They’re the same thing.]

村山談話と安重根は関係ないだろ![The Murayama statement has fuck all to do with An Jung Geun!]

Article One of the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty (日韓併合条約; sealed 1010.08.22, effective 1910.08.29):

"His Majesty the Emperor of Korea makes the complete and permanent cession to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan of all rights of sovereignty over the whole of Korea."

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