Queer Nation Street, Saint Patrick's Day

Queer Nation 2014 03 17 Buggers

Soph's dykemate Mads is insecure. Roy's afraid to pick up his buggerboy Harold's ashes, and is even weirder than "normal", so oildriller Ty is convinced to leave his pickaninny to go check up on the grief-stricken old queer. Todd schemes to get Marcus alone for some man-on-man lust, knowing that Marcus' Kurdish gf will walk in on them, which she does, accompanied by a decrepit old whore who no doubt had flashbacks of walking in on her old trannie bf. The Kurdess swears vengeance, as they are wont to do, and Marcus has to go stay with Todd and his exbugger Sean at Todd's mudshark mum's house. Todd's Negro brother storms off to stay with his mudshark. The Kurdess is his exshark, and his other exshark was his current shark's mam, who was one of Kid Creole's coconuts. Now she's perving after an SAS Paki who's going to get it on with her other long-lost daughter who mysteriously has an uppity Negro son, but nobody ever comments on that. The SAS Paki's Paki buddy will be pissed off because he thought he was in their with the mum. The SAS Paki argues with his dad about their scheme to expand Paki business operations. Negress Steffie dispenses relationship advice while her bruvver tries to get a job with the oildriller who's blakk bitch beat the white out of him.

Queer Nation 2014 03 17 Dykes

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