Putin OTR?

Dramatic development in Crimea Crisis

The Disassociated Press, 2014.03.07

(Kremlin) Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin, in response to UK Prime Minister Cameron's accusations of Russian illegality in the Crimea, dramatically whipped out an official Letter of Immunity provided him by the highly-esteemed and peace-loving former UK leader, Tony Blair. The IRA has no comment at this time.

Truth Stranger than Fiction: Uke Immunicantess Issues Marching Orders to "The West":

West must force Russians to withdraw, Tymoshenko says

KIEV — The Associated Press, Mar. 05 2014

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s former prime minister, urged the West on Wednesday to ramp up pressure on Russia to force it to withdraw troops from Crimea.

In an interview with The Associated Press two weeks after she was released from jail, Tymoshenko, 53, said the United States and Britain MUST engage directly with Russia and use “the most powerful tools” to ensure that Russian troops leave the Crimean Peninsula....

[Video: Obama says Russia is on 'wrong side of history']

Tymoshenko said that...the U.S. and Britain MUST now deal directly with Russia.
“It is up to them (the U.S. and the UK) to choose the methods to stop the aggressor. But they MUST do it immediately,” Tymoshenko said at her office in downtown Kiev. The West MUST do “everything that will stop the aggressor. Period.”

Tymoshenko spent 2 1/2 years in jail on charges of abuse of office that the West ["the West?" who is that?] condemned as politically motivated.

Tymoshenko [was] clad in an elegant grey jacket with her blond braid wrapped around her head in her trademark peasant style.
Once the Russia-Ukraine standoff is over, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which is currently based in Crimea as part of a leasing agreement [until 2042], MUST leave, said Tymoshenko.
Tymoshenko added that Ukraine MUST not make any compromises to appease Russia. “We believe that the aggressor MUST leave without any conditions,” she told AP.


Golden Ears12:

Oh, and could they force the Russians to give her monopoly rights on gas transmissions like she had before?

In many ways, Ms. Timoshenko as the leader prior to Yanukovich, was the reason Yanukovich got elected.

Slippery Slope:

She's proven herself to be an oligarch thief.

The Great Malumba:

She's Yulia Delusia if she thinks western lives should be spent on this.

Meanwhile, what an effin' disaster the security establishment/r ogue diplomats have made of this situation. Kerry is obviously completely incompetent as an administrator.


If this kleptocrat had not raided the Ukrainian pantry, maybe the country would not be facing this crisis. Yanukovych was no better of course but it is arrogant to say the least how these thieves can demand that cannon fodder be sent to protect their interests.


Those leaders calling outside interventions, you can guarantee that they normally sell out their own countries.


I believe Yugoslavia was destroyed the same way, completely illegally, and Kosovo was separated by illegal invasion by NATO, and Serbia was bombed against international law. The thing is most western politicians would agree and some of them say "yes it was illegal but justified". Than they pull "special case" argument and of course that can be done in any situation.

In the end I can only say the International Law does not exist no matter what we are served for our daily consumption to think. The law was replaced by interests of stronger. And that is my friend just a fact. There are so many examples from Vietnam till our days that one paper cannot hold all of them.

All that might be even OK if one of these days someone doesn't press that big red button! And than there will be only law of nature remaining. Considering how strongly one group of humans want to impose their interests, culture, way of thinking and everything else onto other group of humans, the apocalyptic outcome might not be that bad or avoidable in grand scheme of things.

Again my dear politicians, the Universe is waiting for us while we are fighting over this tiny spec of dust in space and who is going to have bigger .... Yacht that is.


Woman like Tymoshenko should be hanged for treason against her own country, for instigating hostile reaction from warring parties.

Republic of Saturn:

Another woman, LOL

It must drive some one crazy.


Koo Koo for Coco Puffs.

Look, we have to have some consideration for the fact hat she has lived in squalid conditions for almost three years, but is this really the state of the art when it comes to Ukrainian political thought?

People draw comparisons with the lead up to WW2. They're wrong. The parallel is with the lead up to WW1, and I really wish I were wrong. What ever you do, don't watch Nicholas and Alexandra, which gives a more or less accurate portrayal of events. Stick to Oprah if you want to sleep tonight.


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