Crimea 2014 03 06 Vote to Join Russia

The Guardian, 2014.03.07:

"Outside the parliament building in Simferopol, a group of about 100 people waved Russian flags and chanted as the Russian national anthem was played.

"The proceedings were interrupted by two topless demonstrators from the protest group Femen, who charged the stage with "Stop Putin's War" written on their torsos. They were beaten and screamed at by a crowd of elderly women before being dragged off by Cossack irregulars and taken away in a police van."


pagon001: I advise to go to the Crimea, more people escalate the situation in the internet and in the newspaper, in the cities of troops has already become gorozdo less. sometimes soldiers trying sprovatsirovat (example, one bisnesmen tried to poke a banana into a soldier, citizen drove bisnesmena), in general, all is quiet, surrounded by only two of territori, the soldiers on both sides smoke and talk together weekend in Crimea, easily translated by Google:

ngonyama: Surely Britain will not let this stand! Britannia rules the waves!

MarDguard: waives the rules more like

Justice53: Putin should orchestrate some regime change in US., UK, and Israel, problem solved.

pagon001: hey! do not touch Israel ( about the rest do not mind)

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