Alex Salmond, RT, 2013.07.31, interview w Sophie Shevradnadze:

"The Bank of England belongs to Scotland as much as it belongs to the United Kingdom. It was a Scotsman who founded the bank of England."

"You can't have the bun without the penny. And that is why, after a 'yes' vote for independence, there'll be no trouble from London about sharing a common currency."

"Scots are a peace-loving nation. We want to get along with all our neighbours. That's why we want to join NATO, because all our neighbours are in NATO."

Nicola Sturgeon in various interviews since then has repeated Salmond's positions.

The SNP's position is that they want an "independent" Scotland, in a monetary union with the UK (or, failing that, within the Eurozone), within NATO and the EU, with Queen Elibeth II and her heirs as heads-of-state.

I think Scots are too cheap and cautious to vote for independence.

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