Tsar Nicholas II and King George V

Yves Desrosiers: "Fumée blanche"

Yves Desrosiers: "Koni Preveredlivye" (from the album Volodia, Песни Владимира Высоцкого (songs of Vladimir Semyonovich Vladimirovich Volfovich Vysotsky, whose zhid father (1915–1997) was a Red Army colonel))


Vladimir Visotsky


Although several theories of the ultimate cause of the singer's death persist to this day (including a few rather sinister ones), given what is now known about cardiovascular disease, it seems likely that by the time of his death Vysotsky had an advanced coronary condition brought about by years of tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as his grueling work schedule and the stress of the constant harassment by the government. Towards the end, most of Vysotsky's closest friends had become aware of the ominous signs and were convinced that his demise was only a matter of time. A clear evidence of this can be seen in a video ostensibly shot by the Japanese NHK channel only months before Vysotsky's death, where he appears visibly unwell, breathing heavily and slurring his speech. What follows in the rest of this section is based on accounts by Vysotsky's close friends and colleagues compiled in the book by V. Perevozchikov

Vysotsky suffered from alcoholism for most of his life. Sometime around 1977, he started using amphetamines and other prescription narcotics in an attempt to counteract the debilitating hangovers and eventually to rid himself of alcohol addiction. While these attempts were partially successful, he ended up trading alcoholism for a severe drug dependency that was fast spiraling out of control. He was reduced to begging some of his close friends in the medical profession for supplies of drugs, often using his acting skills to collapse in a medical office and imitate a seizure or some other condition requiring a painkiller injection. On July 25, 1979 (a year to the day before his death) he suffered a cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for several minutes during a concert tour of Uzbekistan, after injecting himself with a wrong kind of painkiller he had previously obtained from a dentist's office.

Fully aware of the dangers of his condition, Vysotsky made several attempts to cure himself of his addiction. He underwent an experimental (and ultimately discredited) blood purification procedure offered by a leading drug rehabilitation specialist in Moscow. He also went to an isolated retreat in France with his wife Marina in the spring of 1980 as a way of forcefully depriving himself of any access to drugs. After these attempts failed, Vysotsky returned to Moscow to find his life in an increasingly stressful state of disarray. He had been a defendant in two criminal trials, one for a car wreck he had caused some months earlier, and one for an alleged conspiracy to sell unauthorized concert tickets (he eventually received a suspended sentence and a probation in the first case, and the charges in the second were dismissed, although several of his co-defendants were found guilty). He also unsuccessfully fought the film studio authorities for the rights to direct a movie called The Green Phaeton. The relations with his wife Marina were deteriorating, and he was torn between his loyalty to her and his love for his mistress Oksana Afanasyeva. He had also developed a severe inflammation in one of his legs, making his concert performances extremely challenging.

In a final desperate attempt to overcome his drug addiction, partially prompted by his inability to obtain drugs through his usual channels (the authorities had imposed a strict monitoring of the medical institutions in order to prevent illicit drug distribution during the 1980 Olympics), he relapsed into alcohol and went on a prolonged drinking binge (apparently consuming copious amounts of champagne due to a prevalent misconception at the time that it was better than vodka at countering the effects of drug withdrawal).

On July 3, 1980, Vysotsky gave a performance at a suburban Moscow concert hall. One of the stage managers recalls that he looked visibly unhealthy ("gray-faced", as she puts it) and complained of not feeling too good, while another says she was surprised by his request for champagne before the start of the show, as he had always been known for completely abstaining from drink before his concerts. On July 16 Vysotsky gave his last public concert in Kaliningrad. On July 18, Vysotsky played Hamlet for the last time at the Taganka Theatre. From around July 21, several of his close friends were on a round-the-clock watch at his apartment, carefully monitoring his alcohol intake and hoping against all odds that his drug dependency would soon be overcome and they would then be able to bring him back from the brink. The effects of drug withdrawal were clearly getting the better of him, as he got increasingly restless, moaned and screamed in pain, and at times fell into memory lapses, failing to recognize at first some of his visitors, including his son Arkadiy. At one point, Vysostsky's personal physician A. Fedotov (the same doctor who had brought him back from clinical death a year earlier in Uzbekistan) attempted to sedate him, inadvertently causing an asphyxiation from which he was barely saved. On July 24, Vysotsky told his mother that he thought he was going to die that day, and then made similar remarks to a few of the friends present at the apartment, who begged him to stop such talk and keep his spirits up. But soon thereafter, Oksana Afanasyeva saw him clench his chest several times, which led her to suspect that he was genuinely suffering from a cardiovascular condition. She informed Fedotov of this, but was told not to worry, as he was going to monitor Vysotsky's condition all night. In the evening, after drinking relatively small amounts of alcohol, the moaning and groaning Vysotsky was sedated by Fedotov, who then sat down on the couch next to him but fell asleep. Fedotov awoke in the early hours of July 25 to an unusual silence, and found Vysotsky dead in his bed with his eyes wide open, apparently of a myocardial infarction, as he later certified. This was contradicted by Fedotov's colleagues, Sklifosovsky Emergency Medical Institute physicians L. Sul'povar and S. Scherbakov (who demanded the actor's instant hospitalization on July 23, but were, allegedly, defied by Fedotov), who insisted that Fedotov's incompetent sedation combined with alcohol was what killed Vysotsky. An autopsy was prevented by Vysotsky's parents (who were eager to have their son's drug addiction remain secret), so the true cause of death remains unknown.

No official announcement of the actor's death was made, only a brief obituary appeared in the Moscow newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva, and a note informing of Vysotsky's death and cancellation of the Hamlet performance was put out at the entrance to the Taganka Theatre (the story goes that not a single ticket holder took advantage of the refund offer). Despite this, by the end of the day millions had learned of Vysotsky's death. On July 28, he lay in state at the Taganka Theatre. After a mourning ceremony involving an unauthorized mass gathering of unprecedented scale, Vysotsky was buried at the Vagankovskoye Cemetery in Moscow. The attendance at the Olympic events dropped noticeably on that day, as scores of spectators left to attend the funeral. Tens of thousands of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of his coffin.

Controversy surrounding circumstances of death

Some people[weasel words] felt that part of the blame for his death lay with the group of associates who surrounded him in the last years of his life. This inner circle were all people under the influence of his strong character, combined with a material interest in the large sums of money his concerts earned. This list included Valerii Yanklovich, manager of the Taganka Theatre and prime organiser of his non-sanctioned concerts; Anatolii Fedotov, his personal doctor; Vadim Tumanov, gold prospector (and personal friend) from Siberia; Oksana Afanas'eva (later Yarmol'nik), his mistress the last three years of his life; Ivan Bortnik, a fellow actor; and Leonid Sul'povar, head of division at the Sklifosovski hospital responsible for much of the supply of drugs.

Vysotsky's associates had all put in efforts to supply his drug habit, which kept him going in the last years of his life. Under their influence he was able to continue to perform all over the country, up to a week before his death. Due to illegal (i.e. non-state-sanctioned) sales of tickets and other underground methods, these concerts pulled in sums of money unimaginable in Soviet times, when almost everyone received nearly the same small salary. The payouts and gathering of money were a constant source of danger, and Yanklovich and others were needed to organise them.

Some money went to Vysotsky, the rest was distributed amongst this circle. At first this was a reasonable return on their efforts; however, as his addiction progressed and his body developed resistance, the frequency and amount of drugs needed to keep Vysotsky going became unmanageable. This culminated at the time of the Moscow Olympics which coincided with the last days of his life, when supplies of drugs were monitored more strictly than usual, and some of the doctors involved in supplying Vysotsky were already behind bars (normally the doctors had to account for every ampule, thus drugs were transferred to an empty container, while the patients received a substitute or placebo instead). In the last few days Vysotsky became uncontrollable, his shouting could be heard all over the apartment building on Malaya Gruzinskaya St. where he lived amongst VIP's. Several days before his death, in a state of stupor he went on a high speed drive around Moscow in an attempt to obtain drugs and alcohol – when many high-ranking people saw him. This increased the likelihood of him being forcibly admitted to hospital, and the consequent danger to the circle supplying his habit. As his state of health declined, and it became obvious that he may die, his associates gathered to decide what to do with him. They came up with no firm decision. They did not want him admitted officially, as his drug addiction would become public and they would fall under suspicion, although some of them admitted that any ordinary person in his condition would have been admitted immediately.

On Vysotsky's death his associates and relatives put in much effort to prevent a post mortem being carried out. This despite the fairly unusual circumstances: he died aged 42 under heavy sedation with an improvised cocktail of sedatives and stimulants, including the toxic chloral hydrate, provided by his personal doctor who had been supplying him with narcotics the previous three years. This doctor, being the only one present at his side when death occurred, had a few days earlier been seen to display elementary negligence in treating the sedated Vysotsky. On the night of his death, Arkadii Vysotsky (his son) who tried to visit his father in his apartment, was rudely refused entry by Yanklovich, even though there was a lack of people able to care for him. Subsequently the Soviet police commenced a manslaughter investigation which was dropped due to absence of evidence taken at the time of death.

Marina Vlady [most likely juive]

Marina Vlady (born Marina de Poliakoff-Baidaroff in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine on 10 May 1938) is a French actress.

Daughter of Russian immigrants, she won the Best Actress Award at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival for The Conjugal Bed. From 1955 to 1959 she was married to actor/director Robert Hossein. From 1963 to 1966 she was married to Jean-Claude Brouillet, a French "entrepreneur", owner of two airlines and member of French Resistance during the WW II. From 1969 until his death in 1980 she was married to Russian poet and songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky. From 1980's until his death in 2003, she lived with a famous French oncologist Léon Schwartzenberg. In 1965 she was a member of the jury at the 4th Moscow International Film Festival.

Marina Vlady is the sister of actresses Odile Versois, Hélène Vallier and Olga Baïdar-Poliakoff; her father was a noted artist of Russian heritage. Like her siblings, she began acting as a child and for a while pursued a ballet career. Projecting a more sensual, alluring image than her sisters, she gained international renown. She also starred alongside Jean-Luc Godard as the female lead in 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle (1967), and later portrayed the insightful and protective stepmother in the Italian film Il sapore del grano (aka: The Flavor of Corn) (1986). One of her few English-speaking roles was Kate Percy in Orson Welles' Chimes at Midnight (1966). Her TV credits include the 1983 mini series La Chambre des Dames.

She wrote "Vladimir, or the Aborted Flight" a memoir of her great and tragic relationship with Vladimir Vysotsky, translated into Russian, German, Armenian and many other languages. Marina Vlady was Vladimir Vysotsky's last wife from 1969 to his death in 1980.

Marina had been married before and had 3 children, while Vladimir had two. Fueled by Marina's exotic status as a Frenchwoman in the Soviet Union, and Vladimir's unmatched popularity in his country, their love was passionate and impulsive. They were married in 1969. For 10 years the two maintained a long-distance relationship as Marina compromised her career in France in order to spend more time in Moscow, and Vladimir's friends pulled strings in order for him to be allowed to travel abroad to stay with his wife. Marina eventually joined the Communist Party of France, which essentially gave her an unlimited-entry visa into the Soviet Union, and provided Vladimir with some immunity against prosecution by the government, which was becoming weary of his lyrics, which were satirical of life in the Soviet Union as well as his enormous popularity in Eastern Europe. The problems of his long-distance relationship with Vlady inspired several of Vysotsky's songs.

Vlady continues to take pride in her liberal views. For example, she and Léon Schwartzenberg participated in the protests against deportations of Arab workers from France. She also took a role in a movie about a male gay couple from Iran.

Vlady is also continuing her career, both as a writer and as an actress. Among others, she has published a book on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, a topic that was close to Vysotsky's heart. While she claims that the roles for an older actress are limited in the movies, she continues acting on stage. She also came out with a one-woman show based on her book about Vysotsky.

The Kike Prince

Kike Stephen Poliakoff (CBE, FRSL, "the prince of TV drama") wrote the kike-propaganda piece The Lost Prince about the Kike Revolution in Russia. The Kike Poliakoff places the blame for the kike-murder of the Romanovs on King George V.

Stephen Poliakoff: Anti-semitism will always be around

Stephen Poliakoff, the prince of TV drama, has made his first film in 20 years - about the British aristocrats who were happy to make peace with Hitler. He talks to Nigel Farndale

[Photo: Stephen Poliakoff: The BBC has increasingly come under fire stifling creativity in the name of compliance, in the wake of the Andrew Sachs furore when Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made prank calls to the actor.]

By Nigel Farndale, Telegraph, 15 Nov 2009

As I watch Stephen Poliakoff directing his latest film, on location in a country house in Norfolk, it occurs to me that he, like the actors around him, is playing a role. The bearded playwright. The tortured auteur. It is partly his appearance – the wild corkscrews of black and grey hair, the headphones around his neck, the mud on his bulky, parka. But it is also his distracted air and general twitchiness. As he paces, he mutters a mantra to himself: "OK, alright... OK, alright... OK, alright." He also worries away at a drinking straw between his fingers, twiddling it neurotically.

Nearby, the actress Romola Garai is shivering, hugging a hot water bottle to her summer dress. It is November but these scenes take place in August on the eve of the Second World War: Glorious 39 is about appeasement and a conspiracy by the British aristocracy and MI5 to do a peace deal with Hitler. David Tennant and Bill Nighy are standing around waiting for the next take, debating which is the best album by the Clash.

That night, in the pub, I ask Poliakoff if he ever catches himself playing the role of director. "No," he says. "I'm a dreadful actor. It's one of the reasons I became a director."

And the straw-twisting? "It's a genetic thing. It is just a way of externalising energy when I'm working. It's not to do with worry. When I'm worried I am dead still." It seems the 56-year-old inherited his fiddling gene – as well as his explosive temper – from his father, who ran an electrical firm, who in turn inherited it from his father, a monocle-wearing Russian émigré who came to Britain in 1924. One imagines he isn't much calmer at home in London working on scripts. After all, he has a habit of playing the same Joan Armatrading CD over and again to "block out the noise''.

Is he difficult to live with? "I'm married to a writer [Sandy Welsh, with whom he has two children] so she understands. We've managed to live together for quite a long time so I can't be that difficult. We read each other's scripts. Sometimes I just need her to tell me mine is alright before I send it out into the world."

It is nearly 20 years since Poliakoff directed a feature film, the unsettling Close My Eyes, starring Clive Owen. It was about incest. Since then he has become the darling of TV drama, some say the greatest practitioner since Dennis Potter. If he has elevated the genre to an art form, then its highest peak was surely scaled with the Emmy-award winning The Lost Prince in 2003. The casting of the diminutive Tom Hollander as George V was inspired – the perfect metaphor for the littleness of England as the sun began to set on the Empire.

''What I like about TV drama," he says, "is that it is truly democratic, because it reaches so many different people. I went to Windsor Castle to research The Lost Prince and met two policemen there who began quizzing me about why I always cast Timothy Spall in my dramas."

His dramas are distinctive: the languorous pace, the vague sense of disconnection, the hint of impending revelation, the suggestion of the past infecting the present. His critics say they are overly mannered, repetitive and stagey, the effects contrived, but even they would have to admit his work is always sumptuous and often mesmerising. Actors love him. Bill Nighy, another of his regulars, tells me his work with Poliakoff is a reward "for all the other stuff I do".

Given that Poliakoff has been able to produce epic TV dramas at the rate of about one a year, it is perhaps not surprising that rivals resent him, complaining that the BBC indulges him and has left him pampered and spoilt. When I put this to him, he grabs at his drinking straw and fiddles furiously. "My dramas do just as well as any others; in fact they win more honours. That's not pampered and spoilt. In television you are rewarded for success."

This conversation took place last year. We talked again on the phone last week, mostly about appeasement and anti-Semitism. "It was a close-run thing. There was a small band of young Tory politicians who were anti-appeasement and they were menaced by the Whips. The aristocracy, meanwhile, was largely anti-Semitic. I wanted to look at these events as a Jew."

Was anti-Semitism behind appeasement? "There was deep anti-Semitism among the upper classes. The diaries of Evelyn Waugh and Harold Nicolson give a sense of how venomous the aristocracy was. The Duke of Wellington on the day war broke out was quoted as saying: "It's all the fault of the anti-appeasers and the f---ing Jews."

Does he think there is still anti-Semitism in this country? "Clearly, anti-Semitism will always be around. Because we had our heroic time standing up alone to fascism we haven't had to confront what went on just before the war. In 1939 and 1940, Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, came within an inch of doing a deal with Hitler. If he had become prime minister then Britain would have become a puppet state to Germany and I probably wouldn't be here talking to you today."

Poliakoff's work is often about selective memory and our relationship with the past – he read history at Cambridge – and he finds the rise of the [Kike's] BNP "unsettling''. "It's extraordinary how the imagery of the Second World War continues to dominate political life. The BNP has been trying to appropriate Churchill. We should be proud of standing up to Hitler. But we mustn't misuse history."

Why has it been so long since he made a feature film? "I became disillusioned because Close My Eyes did better business initially than a Sylvester Stallone movie released the same week, yet we still couldn't get any major distribution because my film was considered art house. Unless you work with the American[Kike]s and have a big advertising budget you are never going to get any momentum in cinema. The British films that do make it have American backing, like Billy Elliot. Its publicity budget was several times bigger than that of the movie."

Why on earth was he filming scenes set in August in November? He gives a light and fluty chuckle. "That was down to money, too. Always with British films set in the summer the money never seems to come in time to start filming in the summer."

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Well, stop behaving as if you are still the chosen people and jobs for the boys/girls of Jewish background. There a number of troubling questions that need answering. Are you willing to debate it with me. Thought not.


yes we are still the chosen people, but i wish he had chosen some other buggers, let them get some of the stick we have had for a couple of thousand years, it is not a gift i would give to anybody,still with todays atomic weapons we wont go quitely into the mosque killing ground on a friday after prayers . we will talke a load of them with us.

Harold Stone:

The latest tiresome exercise in finger-pointing from the BBC-British Council of Jews sponsored holocaust industry. Cut to the Oscars if you want to know how the film ends. 'The aristocrats who wanted to make a deal...'

Pity we didn't. We'd have saved many white lives, saved our historical cities (before the planners got to them anyway) and done fatal damage to an evil banking system (er, the one Germany's defeat restored, the one we have now). This is the real reason organized Jewry declared war on Germany (in 1933, not 1939) and the real reason a deranged, hysterical people, with their enduring sense of entitlement, demanded to press ahead after the war with the Kaufman plan to sterilize all German males, evict German families from their homes.... (see Theodore Kaufmann's 'Germany Must Perish').

Neville Chamberlain complained that he was being pushed into war by relentless Jewish lobbying. It makes me laugh to be lectured by a Jew on selective memory, to be warned about misusing history. Here is some unmisused history for you Stephen: Jews have been ejected from almost every city and nation state in history. If I'd been barred from my local pub friends would sympathize. If I got barred from a second and then a third even they would start to think I'd done something to deserve it.

Paul G:

Unfortunately, Poliakoff's views on history just don't stand up to scrutiny.

It is absurd to say that the "appeasers" were all mad anti-Semites and Hitler worshippers who would have turned Britain into a puppet state of Germany. On the contrary, they were British patriots who thought that the war would be utterly ruinous for Britain.

They were right. We lost everything we had in that war and we gained nothing for it. Though we have constructed a colourful patriotic mythology to salve our national pride, the truth is that the performance of our armed forces in the war, and specifically the army as opposed to the other branches, was utterly abysmal.

We lost almost every battle we fought against the Germans. The only people we could beat were Italians. None of our military efforts made any difference to the outcome. The Soviets defeated the Nazis and would have defeated them in exactly the same way even if we hadn't been involved in the war at all.

The smart move for Britain was to divert Hitler into a war with the Soviet Union and let him slug it out with Joe Stalin. That shouldn't have been hard, since it was what he already wanted to do anyway. Indeed, he said publicly, both before and after the war started, that he did not want war with Britain and it was an act of folly for Britain to force it upon him. The Rudolf Hess flight was obviously a peace overture prior to his commencement of war with the Soviet Union. It should have been accepted.

The Final Solution didn't start until the Wannsee conference in 1942, the month after America declared war. In other words, Hitler only embarked on the extermination of the Jews once he had nothing else to lose: once all the countries that could be at war with him were at war with him. If Britain had made peace with Germany, we would have been able to negotiate terms, including humane treatment of the Jews. Hitler would have held back from his extermination programme for fear of provoking Britain into becoming a belligerent again. Paradoxically, therefore, appeasement would have saved the Jews.
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Since Churchill paved the way for war by ridding this country of its nazi monarch I cannot see that Poliakoff's view is in any way controversial. We must continue to keep a close eye on the monarchy and the aristocracy, if we cannot be rid of them completely.


So appeasement would have saved the Jews?

How? What would have been done to save them and what would have been the end position?

And why? They should never have been in need of saving, they had done nothing wrong, either legally or morally. Many had fought in the German army in WW1, they were good citizens. German Jews were kicked out of their houses and put into ghettos, or concentration camps. The same happened to Jews in countries Germany invaded, eg Czech Republic, Poland, Holland etc. What would have happened to the Jews in Britain?.

The BNP is the new Nazi party, and Britain needs to wake up to this very soon. They may pick on the newer generation immigrants first, but they are still antisemtic and the Jews will be included. Wake up before it is too late.

eric skelton:

What baffles this Gentile is this. Why do so many anti-semites view the Jews as a near invincible diabolically clever master race (cf the Daleks) yet incessantly want to pick a fight with them? Me, I'd pick a fight with the wombles.

new englander:

Americans have seen "Remains of the Day", The Duke of Windsor being saluted in Nazi Germany; And Prince Harry in a Nazi Uniform."

Anti-Semitism permeates British history, and continues today - where one has to read the British Obituary pages to find something positive about Jews.

Fortunately, most surviving European Jews are safe in America. (Most Israeli Jews Are Shephardic (Middle Eastern) or Russian.)


The chosen people refer to the covenant with Abraham [WHO WAS NOT A KIKE/JEW].

Any minister can tell you that the Hebrew and the Greek words translated Gentile mean tribe or nation.

Check it out Abraham is told He shall be a great nation, the same word is translated gentile in the majority of cases. Does it actually mean I shall make you a great non Jew?

In Issac's name shall they be called. There is a clue here as to the identity of the lost ten tribes of Israel and to the understanding of the prophets.

Hosea is fascinating.

The Girl from New York:

I am not Jewish. However, if I were, I would choose to be a Jew in the UK rather than be Jewish in just about any other country.

One other thing: for all the powerful anti-Semites in Britain at the time, and for all the anti-Semitism that we are told existed in British society, Britain was the only country that allowed anything like the Kindertransport, the immigration arrangement that saved the lives of approximately 10,000 Jewish children by providing them with sanctuary and homes in Britain. The US Congress refused to approve a similar arrangement when one was proposed.

Alfred Rosenberg:

Before you accuse me of being an anti-semite, I am Jewish myself. I would be surprised if this post gets past Mystery Babylon anyway. Jews are so protected from criticism, we cant even criticise ourselves!

When o when will Jews make self critical movies like everyone else instead of constantly pointing the finger? Whenever somebody else points the finger it is called 'hate'. Way to thank those who sacrificed everything to help you. Lets have a movie about the Jewish sex slave trafficking out of Eastern Europe or the rise of soviet communism or something.

This is just more wartime hate propaganda brainwash from the 'chosen ones'. Admit it, Europe was destroyed and enslaved because of Communist and Zionist Jew supremacists.

The Nazis did not want to take over the world like the Zionists and Communists do - they just wanted their own lands back and the unfair genocidal sanctions taken off them.

The master race theory was a matter of survival for Nazis. Its called fighting fire with fire.

At least the Nazis had a scientific rather than superstitious basis for THEIR master race theory.

Ian, there were anti-zionist and anti-communist Jews in Hitlers armies as well. Even though Jews switch between being a race and a religion when it is convenient, neither race nor religion are why they were targeted.

Rysk, those 'tropes' are the very real, very obvious afflictions that are the cause of anti-semitism. No foil hats needed.

Londoner432, Yes many are aware of the Samson option, where NO MATTER WHO attacks paranoid tin foil hatted Israel, they have nuclear warheads pointing at European cities ready to fire. You wonder where anti-semitism comes from? Jews will stop being the enemy when Jews stop being the enemy.

And Mr Skelton, in Europe, the stiffnecked Jews were and always have been, since at least the early 8th century, possibly stretching back to Roman times, the ones picking the fight.
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There's no need to distinguish between anti-semitism and general racism - favouring Jews and leaving behind other nations is morally inappropriate.

Brainwashing aimed to make us think that anti-semitism is something so much different and exceptional is a pathetic lie.

Notion of anti-Semitism became a weapon to eliminate people from public sphere, rather than a mean to describe reality. There's a racist premise of jewish supremacy behind it and that's a reason why all anti-racist folks should reflect a little before using it

Le Citoyen:

Why are works directed by Britain's TV drama 'princes' under the auspices of the BBC always so predictable? Why is it always the Tories/aristocracy/monarchy -- the upper classes in general -- who are (rightly or wrongly) tarred with the brush of anti-Semitism? Why this wilful insistence on ignoring the connection between Socialism and the 'progressive' political movements that gained power in Italy and Germany before the war? Why do British dramatists and filmmakers systematically fail to shine a light on the vicious anti-Jewish policies applied by the USSR not only in the thirties but also throughout the entire history of that unhappy empire?

Exercist's quotation from Brecht is salutary. But it must be emphasised that his 'bitch in heat' cannot be anti-Semitism, which is just a symptom of the sickness. Further, the disease is not just Nazism or Fascism or Marxism, but rather the insidious notion that society must have ascendancy over the individual - in short, any form of socialism.

It is the Jews who more than any other human group have taught civilisation the importance of individual thought and personal redemption. The current spate of anti-Semitism in Britain and elsewhere is proof that the left wing hasn't gone away.


If I had been surrounded by neighbours bent on my destruction for the past 60 years I would be getting pretty trigger-happy myself by now.

For all its faults, I don't believe Israel has ever encouraged the forced conversion of non-believers at the point of a gun or a sword, which is more than can be said for a few other places, so-called Christian ones included


in 1933 when hitler came to power world jewery declared war on germany, an organised boycott of german goods was fiercely enforced by jews in america. that is why hitler retaliated and shut jewish buissneses, hence kristel nacht.

Old School, Esq.:

A propos the Duke of Wellington (Jnr):

"The 6th Duke of Wellington could have had a very comfortable war had he chosen to be the functional head of his own regiment, The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regt. Instead, the Duke sealed his own fate when he arrived at 2 Wellington Square, the 2 Commando H.Q. in Ayr, May 1942. This rather chubby, unpretentious and likeable man turned out to be a great Commando Troop Leader who knew that leading from the very front of his troop was the only place to be. The Duke was K.I.A. 16 September, 1943 at Pigoletti in the Salerno beachhead. He was 31. It must have been in our minds when some Sgt. remarked that our Duke had paid a higher price than his illustrious ancestor. The 'Iron Duke' rests in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral. Our Duke is buried alongside many other men of No. 2 Commando in Salerno War Cemetery." (www.commandoveterans.org)

The facts rather speak for themselves, don't they?

Alfred Rosenberg:

Noble Lord, I have to disagree with some of what you are saying. You are a black man? Hamito-Semitic otherwise known as Afro-Asiatic Has nothing whatsoever to do with black people. It refers to the Middle East and North Africa, which have never been the domain of Southern blacks until recently. Just ask any archaeologist for the negro skulls in North Africa, they will get a good chuckle out of it. This comes from the mistaken belief that the Egyptians were black. The Nubians immediately to the south were the Southern blacks who overran Kush then, in the time of king Taharka, Egypt.

Hamitic = Nth Africa and Mediterranean.

Semitic = Middle East.

Yaphetic = Russia, Europe and Central Asia, The islands and coastlines.

No black people involved.

Canaan was a son of Ham whose curse may or may not have been black skin. That is debatable. It could have been big ears. I dont know.

Some logic here -

ALL Canaanites are Hamites.

NOT ALL Hamites are Canaanites.

Mizraim was a Hamite.

Mizraim was NOT a canaanite.

Therefore Mizraim did not have the curse of Canaan.

Some more logic:

Arphaxad was a SEMITE.

Abraham was son of Arphaxad.

Jews are descended from Abraham.

Therefore Jews are Semites.

Ham has nothing to do with it.

As for the whole Khazar origin theory, if you look at the 3,000+ year old Egyptian paintings of the Hebrews, we looked the same then as we do now. Khazaria did not exist until over a thousand years later.

Some more logic:

European and Ashkenazi Y-DNA Haplotypes are different.

Ashkenazi and Arab Y-DNA haplotypes are the same.

Therefore Ashkenazi are Semites just like Arabs.

On the other hand, 12% of Palestinian Y-DNA Haplotypes are Welsh.

Therefore Palestinians are more European than Ashkenazi Jews.

Nasty Celt:

Of course anti-Semitism will always be with us, Whoop Dee Do! So will Anti/ Black White Asian Irish Catholic Protestant Communist Democratic Socialist Young Old American Palestinian and everything else, yet it's Anti-Semitism that gets more press than all the others put together. If you go through life looking to take offence you won't be disappointed. My advice is to get over it and move on...like almost everybody else did.

Steve Rand:

The fact that a Jew (or someone who says he is a one) might say something against Israel doesn't automatically make what he says true. Any more than if a gentile had said it. So when anti-semitic posts, such as the one from the eyebrow-raisingly mis-named "fairplay", uses a Jewish name to legitimise something anti-Jewish, his comments should be laughed at with the contempt they deserve. As to his family being Jewish, pull the other one, fella.


Steve Rand: Spot on. Somewhere there's a corner missing it's speaker.

Reinhard Jaeger: An Antisemite - anybody the Jews choose not to like.

nicholas ellis: Regarding "mike" from 16 November, "In 1933 when hitler came to power world jewery declared war on germany..."

Apparently I have not yet lost the capacity for amazement. I would suggest that "Mike" take a look at little Adi's "Mein Kampf" which may enlighten him as to the author's plans for German Jewry.


mr ellis if you truly want to be amazed, read Douglas reeds book written in 1939, he was the times correspondent in berlin during the lull in the world war. part of what he stated was if you want to destroy a country you need to control the banks and all the media. nothing changes.

Fair Play:

@Steve Rand

"The fact that a Jew (or someone who says he is a one) might say something against Israel doesn't automatically make what he says true."

It doesn't make it a lie either. As in all things, truth should be determined from evidence (of which their is ample) to support the views expressed. I see you haven't tried to gainsay anything I brought up because, like all Zionist apologists, you know you can't win the argument.

"his comments should be laughed at with the contempt they deserve."


Wow, there's a brilliant and ENTIRELY novel ploy. Never saw that one coming! what a cunning argument, I'm utterly defeated and reduced to a crumbling wreck in the face of your eloquent advocacy! Just out of interest though, got anything to support that conclusion? Didn't think so, just the usual dismissive, empty crap used by the propaganda team to avoid having a rational debate in an open forum. Ad hominem attacks are so much more compelling aren't they 'Steve'. Why is what I'm saying rubbish then bigmouth?

As to the family, you'll just have to take my word for that. My brother and sister-in-law are both Jewish as are their children. He megyvered (or however you spell it) and she was born into the faith. My father was a Jew and my mother was a Catholic (they're both dead now). Given the somewhat opposing views my childhood exposed me to I am consequently an avowed atheist and consider both of the aforementioned religions dotty superstitions which belong alongside voodoo, paganism and the tooth fairy. However, it's nothing to do with me what people believe or don't believe. Whatever floats your boat as they say in the classics. I believe you, for example, are an ill informed imbecile who really ought to read up on this issue more thoroughly before expressing an opinion on it. However, some people may think (and are perfectly entitled to do so) that you have an inkling of common sense and compassion. If you knew anything about the matter at hand (over and above the standard propaganda of a racist government) you'd be falling over yourself to concur with me.

I'm not anti-semitic any more than I'm anti-ginger, it's an irrelevance. The fact that the Israeli government is Jewish is of no consequence or import to me whatever. In fact their 'Jewishness' only is for them because it's a handy flag of convenience to be flown whenever anyone criticises their propensity for genocide. They can play the 'anti-semite'/Holocaust card and everyone runs for cover.

Sorry 'Steve' nothing new in your posting either, just the same tawdry attempts to deceive and smear without any facts.


The overall flavor of the great majority of comments here, more or less prove the point that anti-semitism is alive and doing well.

"(Pre Israel) Jews declared war on German" ... Yeah right, please identify the 'Jewish Pope' who would even have the authority to declare war in name of Jewry in the 1930's?

The Khazaria myth, debunked by both DNS and linguistic evidence (What few Jews that might have been in Khazaria before it was overrun by the Mongols would have run south to 'friendly' Persia where they had long standing relationships rather to the 'unfriendly' west but the myth continues.

The complete acceptance of Arab propaganda and complete rejection of the Israeli narrative. Ironically calling all claims from Israeli sources 'propaganda' (ignoring that Israel has a free press which would itself quickly unmask such manipulations) but accepting every exaggeration, lie and manipulation of the Arab media as 'some golden truth' even when there photographic evidence they are lying. (the mental gymnastics anti Israeli posters go though to explain away the recent weapons boat seizures, or Lebanon cease fire violations, or weapon stashes found in mosques.)

I could go on point by point, but why bother, the anti-Israelis would reject my sources as 'propaganda' and just make up new fake stories since they have no shame.


Steve. Don't bother. It is impossible to argue with most of the posters on here. The problem with the anti semites, conspiracy theorists etc is that they will spout "facts" which they will not stand up to any rational argument but they think if they say them often enough will become the "truth". All very sad.

fair play:


"The complete acceptance of Arab propaganda and complete rejection of the Israeli narrative."

Sheer genius. The term 'Israeli Narrative' says it all really.

Personally I ignore the propaganda of BOTH sides which are inevitably coloured with considerable emotional and factual bias. However, if you consult reports by Amnesty International, The United Nations, The Red Cross (the 'Red Crescent' in Palestine of course), Jimmy Carter and a plethora of other impartial, disinterested observers (as I do), one tends to get a clearer picture of the truth.

And surprisingly it isn't the one your Zionist baby killer mates promulgate via Sky News and the Fox Network.

Harold Stone:

STEVE - a transcript of Samuel Untermyer's speech made on WABC, declaring a 'holy war' by the Jews against Germany, and appealing to the masses of non-Jewish humanity to boycott German-made imports and all merchants who have German-made items in their establishments was made was published in the New York times on the morning following the radio broadcast (August 7th, 1933). Had enough?

Noble Lord:


@Harold Stone

Well said Harold Stone and the more people we have that are prepared to say BOO to those who would have us jump around the better.

Take it from me, a little man around 2,000 years ago, said the truth will set/make you free and today we need more and more of it.

eric skelton:

Alfred Rosenberg : 'The Nazis only wanted what was theirs'? Mother Russia begs to differ. Nazisms rise was due to the craven sentimental generosity of the Versaille treaty and the apologies for German aggression from Fabian weaklings. Compare its terms to the real humilations lumped on France in both 1871 and 1940, or the true 'slave treaty' of Brest Litovsk. I have never been an anti-semite and will dismiss your rantings as those of an attention seeking self hater. A trait which Jews seem to share with 'Nordics'.


Palestinian Edward Said's the 'Other' comes to mind - The same may be said for nationalism, racism, anti-feminism etc. Zoroastrians took Jewish tribes out of slavery and inverted snobbery means those who control money and power will always be suspect. The shame is that compassion has been eradicated via paranoid 'those that are not with us are against us' glib argument.


I am shocked and appalled at the level of anti-semitic stereotypes and amount of stupidity I bear witness to in these comments. Clearly, very few of you subscribe to history based in fact. What is more clear is that most of you would prefer revisionist speculations (i.e. revisionist history) based on conjecture, falsehoods, and pure hearsay.

There are those here who would like to diminish the British military contributions to WWII. There are those here who want to further the ridiculous notion that a high cabal of Jews runs the world, while in the same breath referring to the Masons as a Jewish cult. I guess those same people are unaware that for centuries, Jews were banned from joining the Masons (oh, but of course, that's what they'd want you to think ;-)

Please, pick up a real book. Stop wasting your time and indoctrinating yourself with baseless drivel you find on the internet.


@Leftinshock - maybe reading the article - 'Poliakoff's work is often about selective memory and our relationship with the past -- he read history at Cambridge...' History is a narrative normally written/established by a dominant discourse to maintain hegemony. Anti-Other is not tolerance and the internet has many books on line and soon-to-be as well via those lovely Googlites.

Alfred Rosenberg:

Spoken like a true communist Eric. Not all Jews are part of the communist-Zionist axis. I dont see how not being a part of it, preferring truth over lies, is being 'self hating'. Are you sure the phrase you were looking for was not 'race traitor'?

They should have named you Red Skelton after that Jewish comedian who was the son of a circus clown.

The war of 1870 was about French borders expanding eastward into Germany. The Germans didnt cross the border the border crossed them. The French were the aggressors. The Germans were actually very gentlemanly about it when they kicked the French out - all they got was a small fine. They kicked the Roman rabble out of Alsace. The French have been trying to steal it ever since. Dont blame the victim.

The Brest Litovsk treaty 1918 once again, was a very gentlemany humanitarian agreement for all sides and they even did what was decent and right for the Armenians. It restored German lands to the Germans (but not for long). The Baltics were much happier out of the reach of the communists. Once again the Germans didnt cross the borders the communist borders crossed them. Russia was the aggressor. And as we know communist Russia went on to theive the whole of Eastern Europe going right into Berlin itself after WW2.

Any way the Zionists got America into the war so not long after that The Versailles treaty 1919 was genocide on Germans once again in the form of sanctions which could only lead to starvation, and the carving up of German lands. It was occupation by troops from French and Belgian colonies in Africa, where, as we know, in their culture, rape is a weapon of war. Troops who raped and murdered little girls. Die Schwarze Schmach? Repeated in Germany and Japan after WW2 btw. The whole country was a concentration camp and the Germans suffered the most terrible humiliations.

Which was followed by the deliberate starving to death, by communists, of 7 million ethnic German Ukrainians in the Holodomor and brutal oppression and atrocities in the Baltics and the Gulags and killing fields of greater Russia. How can you discount tens of millions of deaths?

Is that what you call the craven sentimental generosity of the Versailles treaty? I would hate to see what your version would have been.

You are completely arse backward and asinine. Why do you hate Europe, who took us under her wing, so much?

Noble Lord, I was merely asking a question. Dont get your knickers in a knot. Thats the type of thing you see on black racist supremacist websites. Which is why I asked if you were black. No need for ad-hominem attacks. As a fellow truth seeker I thought I was doing a favour and sharing information which contradicts your version of the truth. Jews can be truth seekers too.

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