I've read Saint Patrick's Confession, and he never said anything indicating he was in favour of promoting sexual and social perversion.

According to the Kike-Stream Media, the New York "Saint Patrick's Day Parade" bans queers, but in fact it does no such thing.

Nothing about queers here, just some bizarre ignorance of geography:

  1. All units must have two (2) flags. Irish & American flags or no flags at all. NO EXCEPTIONS!! An American flag on the right and an Irish flag on the left.
  2. A minimum of eight (8) abreast. Ten (10) if room is available. A unit with 250+ members MUST march 10 abreast.
  3. Two (2) marshals of each marching unit should bring up the rear.
  4. The only banners allowed are ones identifying the unit or “England Get Out of Ireland”. Only one identifying banner for each unit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  5. Green hats, sneaker , or other “odd ball” dress is not permitted.
  6. No animals or mascots
  7. No eating, drinking or smoking in the Line of March.
  8. No displays of any kind will be permitted. DO NOT ASK!!
  9. Units should make sure they are in proper formation before approaching Fifth Avenue.
  10. After units get on Fifth Avenue, no stragglers should be allowed to join the unit. Unit marshals should be on the alert for this at each intersection. Please be viligant.
  11. Leaders of organizations shall not delay the Parade by leaving their places for any purpose.
  12. Shirts with advertising are NOT an appropriate form of dress. No children's pull or push wagons permitted.
  13. Please remember, you are on Fifth Ave. for one hour once a year and you should march with pride in your heritage and dress accordingly, BUSINESS DRESS CODE IS REQUIRED.

Joan Burton declines New York parade invite over LGBT ban

Social Protection Minister refused to say whether Taoiseach Enda Kenny should also refuse invitation

Irish Independent, 10 February 2014

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton will turn down her invitation to attend New York's St Patrick's Day parade over its ban on posters and banners promoting gay rights or causes.

Minister Burton will be in New York on St Patrick's Day along with Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who will be taking part in the famous procession.

"It's a great, fun day, but to me it needs to be inclusive of the whole Irish cultural experience and the whole width and breadth and diversity of Irish people and descendants of Irish people who have gone to the United States," she said.

Ms Burton attended the festival two years ago and met members of the LGBT community, who felt at the time that change was coming.

"My understanding then was that there was quite a positive feeling and that some change was in the air. Hopefully, that is actually going to come to pass.

"I think it's such a great parade. Like the new mayor of New York has said, it should be for everyone. So I won't be going to the parade until it is more fully inclusive of all the different Irish experiences."

Ms Burton would not say what she thought of the Taoiseach taking part in the parade, saying: "The Taoiseach will make his arrangements and I'm sure he will talk to you about those," she said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he plans to boycott the parade because of the exclusion of LGBT groups. He is the first mayor in around 20 years to do so.

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore said gay rights groups had encouraged the Government to take part in the parade.

So Burton would be joining her fellow political parasites in New York if only they used Saint Patrick's Day to celebrate queerness.

Minister told to speed up help for flood victims

Limerick Post, February 28, 2014

Limerick Labour Party councillor Tom Shortt has called on Minister Joan Burton to speed up assistance for flood victims on King’s Island who own their own homes.

Schemes run by Joan Burton ‘cost more than Fás’

Government review questions ‘poor’ results of schemes to help unemployed

The Irish Times, Feb 14, 2014, 01:00

A Government review has questioned “poor” results from schemes run under the responsibility of Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton to help unemployed people into work.

The review also highlighted how initiatives in Ms Burton’s department cost more to run than those at Fás, the former State training body. Such schemes include Community Employment, which has a budget this year of €358 million.

The review was carried out by officials in the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service, which is attached to the Department of Public Expenditure.

While pointing out that their work does not necessarily represent the policy positions of departments, Ministers or the Government, the reviewers said exchequer spending on “active labour market programmes” amounted to some €1.5 billion last year .

“Expenditure of this size can only be justified if performance represents value for money,” they said.

“In the case of some of Ireland’s active labour market programmes, there is clearly room for improvement.

“Even for those better-performing schemes, the realities of resource constraints cannot be ignored and measurement of their performance must be cognisant of their costs.”

The reviewers expressed concern about the effectiveness of some schemes on offer from the Department of Social Protection. “Certain programmes, with high costs per participant, have poor employment outcomes when compared with Live Register claimants,” they said.

“Overall, despite their poor subsequent employment outcomes, the activation schemes provided by Department of Social Protection are much more costly to the exchequer with the cost per person on all Department of Social Protection schemes, with the exception of Back to Work, higher than those provided by Fás.

“This is despite the fact their performance outcomes are relatively poor.”

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