The problem with Operation Banner (1969-2007) is that it should never have been initiated.

Banner funding should have gone to the R.U.C. (1922-2001) and the U.D.R. (1970-1992), who would have been much, much more effective.

Only local (N.I.-based and Ulster-heritage) British Army and T.A.V.R. units [*] should have been deployed in Northern Ireland, as needed, in support of N.I. police and military. Over time, local police and military units should have been reinforced by transfers from the B.A. and T.A.V.R., and should have been tasked with the missions that ended up as part of Operation Banner, Operation Grenada and related operations.

One of the objectives of Operation Banner was to prevent Northern Ireland from becoming a sovereign state.

[* Local BA & T.A.V.R.: Under H.Q.N.I. at Newtownards, such as 107 (Ulster) Brigade, R.I.R. (1968-1992), 40 (Ulster) Signal Regiment, 121 Intelligence Section, Weapons Intelligence Section, 38 Sect of 1(Inv)Coy SIB Regt RMP, D (North Irish Horse) Squadron (The Royal Yeomanry Regiment), 206 (Ulster) Battery Royal Artillery (Volunteers), B Squadron (Londonderry), 69 (North Irish Horse) Squadron, 152 (Ulster) Transport Regiment, etc.]

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