Ukraine leader warns of separatism threat amid fears over Crimea

By Howard Amos in Sevastopol and Shaun Walker in Kiev, The Guardian, 25 February 2014

Ukraine's interim president warned on Tuesday that the country faced a serious threat from separatism.


"We discussed the question of not allowing any signs of separatism and threats to Ukraine's territorial integrity and punishing people guilty of this," Olexander Turchynov said after meeting key officials.

The government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea should organize a referendum as soon as possible on the matter of
  • Crimea declaring independence as a sovereign state
  • Crimea seeking union with the Russian Federation
  • Crimea seeking to become a constituent part of the Russian Federation

Whether the ARC becomes a sovereign state or becomes part of the Russian Federation, the majority of citizens of Sevastopol Municipality would obviously vote to join up with the rest of Crimea. The weak, leaderless and divided regime in Kiev will of course not be able to effectively intervene.

It is obvious what the response of the Ukrainian "leadership" would be to the devolution of Quebec from Canada or of Scotland from the UK: bloody military assaults and police crackdowns, the arrest of anyone advocating devolution, and the summary execution of any unrepentant leaders of independence movements.

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